Founded in 1911, Whirlpool was the first commercial manufacturer of motorized washers and currently worlds leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances. The company is headquartered at Benton Harbour, Michigan, USA with a worldwide presence across 170 countries and manufacturing operations in 13 countries.

Whirlpool in India

Whirlpool ventured into the Indian market in late 1980s through a joint venture with the TVS Group and established its first manufacturing facility in Pondicherry. Later on, it acquired Kelvin India Limited in 1995 and thus expanded its operations to refrigerator market as well. In 1996, Kelvinator and TVS acquisitions were merged together to create Whirlpool India. At present the company holds a market share of over 25% and as of March 2009, the annual turnover of the company was Rs.1,719 Crores. The companys product lines comprise of washing machines, refrigerator, microwave ovens and air conditioners.

Whirlpool washing machine

Powered by the 6th sense technology that captures a womans intuition by adjusting the water level and detergent quantity as per the wash load and fabric type, the Whirlpool washing machines truly ease it all for a housewife. It offers thorough stain wash that is triggered by the unique properties of a hotwash and the 1-2, 1-2 handwash to remove the most common household stains. The whirlpool washing machines come in three ranges:

Semi Automatic: These Whirlpool washing machines offer a super wash that is not so heavy on your pockets. The range comprises of 11 different models with a load capacity between 6-8 Kgs.

Price Range: Rs.6,700 to Rs.10,600

Top Load: These fully automatic Whirlpool washing machines can come with various features such as 1-2-3 control panel, dual action agitator, 6th sense, 8-9 wash programs, in-built heater, wool cycle and more. Frome nine different models to choose from, the range comes with a load capacity between 5-8 Kgs.

Price Range: Rs.11,500 to Rs.21,600

Front Load: The fully automatic front load Whirlpool washing machines allow their little users to conveniently load the clothes through the front door. The range comprises of 5 different models that can bear a load between 5.5 to 7 Kgs and include features such as water saving wash, in-built anti-creasing cycle, 6th sense, woolmark approved, anti-bacterial wash, no permanent plumbing, multiple wash programs and more.

Price range: Rs.20,740 to Rs.29,650

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