Understanding DishwashersThe dishwasher is a mechanical device used to wash dishes. It works by spraying hot water on the dishes. Detergent is added to this water. Afterward the dishes are sprayed with clean water to remove any residue. The whole process is mechanical, hence strong detergent can be used. Josephine Cochrane, a wealthy woman from the USA, is credited with its invention.

Dishwashers come in standard sizes and can be fitted in kitchen cabinets. They are rated as wash plates per hour. Let us now take a careful look into the dishwasher’s cleaning compartment.

A typical dishwasher has a tub inside, made of either plastic or stainless steel. It is believed that the latter is more resistant to hard water and provides better sound dampening. Some dishwashers have garbage disposals units installed inside them. These units help in collecting food residue. However, it is advisable to empty utensils of their food contents before loading them into the dishwasher.

The dishwashers available in the market today have micro-processor controlled wash cycles. This helps the dishwasher to adjust its wash duration to the quantity of dirt in the rinse water. The dishwasher has an in-built capacity to sense this chemically.

A typical dishwasher directs water from the bottom up through a conical structure to an upper wash room to spray water on the dish rack placed above. Some models have a tube attached to the rack that connects to a water source. This fundamental principle lies behind the working of every dishwasher.

Many modern dish washers make use of blankets, panels and other sound absorbing materials to dampen sound to 44 decibles. One can use bio-degradable washing agents instead of conventional detergents for dishwasher machines.

Sometimes components in certain detergents can cause “scouring” of glassware, making it cloudy in appearance.

Items made of plastic, silver, aluminium or lead crystal should never be loaded in a dish washer as they may spoil the dish washer. Only ordinary household items such as plastic, cutlery, cups and mugs may be used.

Once considered the preserve of the upper class, dishwashers are available today to suit every budget. They are considered a boon for busy homemakers as they take away a cumbersome chore off their hands. Many varieties of dishwashers are available in the market. There are Portable dishwashers, built-in models (that can be fitted neatly into kitchen cabinets) and Table-Toppers. Choosing an appropriate dishwasher to suit you family and its unique needs will help you to save time and energy, two invaluable elements that seem to be in such short supply!

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