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Modern Wall Art Kitchen Design Ideas

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Kitchen Decor Rugs, Wall Decorations, Accessories & More 3)

interior home interior interior decorating ideas interior decorating interior design interior decorator home interior design interior design pictures interio…
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interior home interior interior decorating ideas interior decorating interior design interior decorator home interior design interior design pictures interio…

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Kitchen Wall

kitchen connection
by adem80

Kitchen Wall

Are you tired of being stuck in the kitchen while your guests and family enjoy time together in the next room? If so, you may want to consider opening a kitchen wall to create a pass-through. Pass-through is an area of the wall that has fallen into the kitchen and the adjoining room to create a slit-like window. They are rather easy for the homeowner experienced do-it-yourself “to cope, but there are definite pros and cons, and safety issues to consider.

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Vyara Gold Granite

The benefits of creating a pass depends on how you use your home. If you entertain a lot or feel connected to the next room, a pass allows you to do that. Open up the two rooms and create a more light and airy. Pass-through cooks also allow food to pass easily from one room to another. They are relatively inexpensive to create, if the right wall is chosen for the step-through design.

It may seem that there is no problem to create something that opens and lights up a room. Unfortunately, as with any project of home improvement, there are always drawbacks to changes in the structure of the wall.

With a pass-through, the biggest drawback is that the two rooms will be significantly altered to accommodate the length and height of the opening. It may be less problems in a living room or dining room where the wall cabinets come into play, but in a kitchen on the location of existing cabinets and appliances can make all the difference. If your range is limited by space and in fact there is no wall that is not being used by the cabinet or a large device, a step can be more difficult to install than worthwhile. Another drawback is that the limits of privacy for each room. No longer can have a private conversation with the guests of women in the kitchen while the men are watching a sports game. With a step, the talks are bound to be heard in both places.

Safety Issues
Cut in the drywall and the creation of an opening is not as simple as it seems. Be sure to check all existing electrical wiring or plumbing that are running through the wall at the location where the crossing is. Cut into existing drywall is a complicated issue and will not start, only to find that you have to repair the wall as a tube running along the area. Also be careful where you cut is not a load bearing wall for the house. If you are concerned about how to remove the studs from the wall, consult a professional builder and consider hiring a contractor to install the support beams if necessary at the top of the transfer.

Kitchen Connection interview at the HIA Home, Renovate & Build expo Brisbane 2010.

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Wall Paint Colors Schemes | Interior Paint Schemes

Wall painting is not only necessary to make the house look rich and beautiful, but also to keep it from damage. Walls play the biggest part in decorating the house and once they are painted, all you have to do is add the final touches for decoration. When light reflects on these walls they brighten up the entire room and make it look elegant and classy. You can give these walls whichever look and color you want and make them as personalized as you like. Choosing wall paint colors ideas can be quite a tough job as they are permanent at least till you decide to repaint them or go for renovation. Every room in the house has a particular color associated to it with regard to the personality of the room. Thus, read on to find out more wall painting ideas to make your home a beautiful place to live in. Also read more on wall art.

Wall Paint Color Ideas

Since the color palette consists of many colors to choose from, some of these need to be mixed and matched to get better shades. Your home should reflect your own personality, so the colors that you choose will represent you. You can make the walls as stylish and classy as you want with many various kinds of paints and paint combination available in the market today. Mentioned below are a few suggestions and wall painting ideas which you can refer to. More on wall painting designs and house paint colors – ideas.

Wall Paint Colors for Living Room
As mentioned earlier, every room in the house has a particular color attached to it’s individuality, thus there are a few wall paint colors and ideas you could choose from for your living room. Now, the living room is the first room in the house and is supposed to stand aside from the other rooms.

Since it is the representative of the entire household, you have to make it look the best in the house. When you are looking for wall paint color ideas for your living room, it is advised you go for light colors. Read more on wall design ideas.

Ivory, cream, lemon yellow, peach, light orange and lilac or very light blue are the paint colors preferred for living rooms. The reason to have light paint colors for this room is that, it is the first room your guests visit and they can have different choices. Everyone has their own unique color choices, so if you have bright colors like red and violet as your living room walls, not everyone will find them impressive. You can have dark furniture and curtains if you want to brighten the room. Beige, fawn, light gray and other light colors can also be a substitute to ivory if required. Two colors in contrast with each other can also make great modern ideas for painting walls. For more read on house paint colors.

Wall Paint Colors for Bedroom

Unlike the living room, your bedroom is completely a personal place and you can decorate it however you like it. If you like bright colors like yellow and orange, you can use two shades and apply them on two walls each. Violet and pink are very lady colors and can be a great choice for women bedrooms. Lemon yellow, beige, cream, green, etc. can also look very impressive in bedrooms. Men like it classy and royal, so blues, red, teal and shades of green can make good wall paint color ideas for them. These can also be considered as wall paint colors for kitchens. More on bedroom wall painting ideas.Having furniture in the bedroom which is a total contrast with any of these colors accentuates their appearance. Bright colors for the bedroom with a sparkling effect to it, will make your bedroom one of those classy, elegant and modern bedrooms which have a certain attitude to them. Another one of these interesting wall paint color ideas is to make combination of various colors and roll them in together. They look absolutely stunning with the right kind of lights reflecting on them and make your bedroom the place to be. Read on house paint color combinations.Wall Paint Colors for Kids Bedrooms Kids bedroom is supposed to be the most fun place in the house. Since it stands for childhood, you can have all the bright colors which you haven’t used for any other room. Bright orange, metallic blue, moss green, teal, and all the rainbow colors can be used in this bedroom. To make it even more impressive, you can paint the walls in multiple colors and have flowers, cartoons and images painted on them. Use as many colors as you can to make your kids room beautiful and attractive. The furniture in this room could be as colorful as the wall paint color ideas, so that your kids love to spend time in there. More on wall painting techniques and interior paintings.With these unique and colorful wall paint colors ideas, I am sure you’ve made your choices for the best colors that suit you. So, take you time to come up with designs and ideas for your walls as they define who you are! Most paints usually come in the following types – Flat, Satin, Gloss, Semi-Gloss. Flat Paints, which have a low sheen and sober appearance, are the most commonly used. Satin, as the name indicates, have a distinct sheen and are one better than Flat Paints in being much easier to keep clean. Gloss and Semi-gloss paints are even more durable. The former is usually used to paint doors, door-frames, windows, window-frames, wall-trims, and so on. The latter is used to paint bathrooms, kitchens, and other places requiring easy and frequent cleaning.Decide on the interior painting techniques to be used.Most people just use a brush and roller to get the color on and that’s it. Then there are those who believe in adding texture and depth. You can do this by Wall Stenciling, Faux Painting, Rubber Stamping, Cloth Stamping, and so on. In Wall Stenciling, you paint through design cutouts to reproduce the design shapes on your wall. In Faux Painting, you try to recreate the appearance of wood, marble, etc. In Rubber Stamping, you create the shapes you want to reproduce, dip them in the color, and simply stamp them on the walls. Cloth Stamping is imilar, just put a cloth over your hand, dip into color, and start stamping the walls. Again, remember, think it through before going for these interior paint ideas. Using different techniques may seem fun at the time. Living with them on a long-term basis may not be so hilarious.A wall can be painted using many different ideas. Different factors have to be considered while designing a room. Colors, patterns and their suitability for different rooms have to be considered while painting a particular room. Rooms have to painted with bright and inviting colors while other areas of the house need pleasant but simple and soothing colors/shades. There are many uch wall painting ideas which enhance the appearance of a room. Let’s understand more about interior painting through the following paragraphs.Painting is one of the common and easiest ways to change the look of your interiors. If you want to make it special or artistic, then, extured paint is one of the options. While, it can be more special than ordinary paint, it is also less expensive than wallpaper. Apart from giving that special touch, textured paint is also good for hiding the imperfections on the wall. This paint has emerged as one of the popular means of home decor and is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Above all, some types of textured paint can be applied by yourselves. Let us take a look at the various aspects of textured paint for walls. Textured Paint for WallsTextured paint is perfect for creating the special effect you need in your interiors. Once you decide to go for this paint, the next step is to select the one best suited for you. There are various options, as far as textured paint is concerned. You may either go for the premixed varieties, that have small particles mixed in it or the smooth ones, that have to be applied with special tools, for achieving the desired patterns. Most of these paints come with an agent, which can be used along with the paint, to alter the smoothness or roughness. Textured paint is also available as durable synthetic resin, alkyd or flat finish latex. Usually, flat finish latex versions are used on ceilings and this can be applied without primer. Textured paint finishes include metallic shades too. You can select from finishes, like, gold, silver, copper, etc. You may also mix different paints to create an unique one, but, seek the advice of the manufacturer before that. Faux finishes can also be created with textured paint, but, for that purpose, different tools are used. The most popular among textured paint finishes are the granite crystals finish, sandstone, smooth texture paint, venetian plaster, etc. While, granite crystal finish is achieved by adding the granules to the paint, before application, sandstone finish comes as premixed ones, which has to be applied as per the manufacturer’s instructions. With smooth texture paint, you can create either high peaked stipple effects or heavy ridge swirls. The venetian plaster look is obtained by applying three layers of this paint in three different techniques. Read more on faux painting.Textured Paint TechniquesBy now, we know that application of textured paint involves different techniques, as per the desired effect. However, before applying the paint, the walls are prepared. It involves cleaning and drying, after removing loose wallpaper and paint peels. Prepare the wall for painting as per the instructions of the manufacturer. One of the basic methods of textured paint application is to apply it like any other ordinary paint. Start with cutting in the corners and later apply the paint with a roller. In case of stucco paint, you have to use a trowel for application. By using trowels for applying textured paints, you can also create circular swirls on the wall. Textured paint can be applied in such a manner, so as to form small peaks. This can be achieved with the help of a rubber trowel. One of the popular texture painting techniques is stippling, which is done by using textured rollers. These are some of the common textured paint techniques, which are used as per the nature of the paint. Read more on interior painting.In short, textured painting technique is used to redefine the looks of interiors. It is claimed that these paints are long lasting and are easy to use. Apart from that, it has insulating properties and needs less preparation. If you are interested in using this paint, it will be better to seek the opinion of those people, who have already used this product. This can give you a real idea about the pros and cons of this paint. Visit a paint store and take a look at the different options, they can offer. Gather some textured paint ideas and select the best-suited one for your home. You have bought a house and want to repaint it, but are very much confused regarding which would be the best suited colors for the interior and the exterior. Well, picking paint colors is not that hard. Let us proceed with it!Earlier, when there were limited choices in paints and colors, it was somewhat easy for people to choose appropriate colors for their house’s interior and exterior. But nowadays, as technology has advanced and peoples’ preferences have changed, there are many choices and theories available, of which you can get to know by simply dropping in your nearest paint supply stores. You will certainly be amazed to look at the varieties in colors and shades.Picking Interior Paint Colors When choosing colors for interior painting, you need to consider many important points. You have to select appropriate colors according to the function or use of the room you want to paint and the lighting conditions. If it is the bedroom that you want to paint, you should choose softer and lighter colors that will bring relaxation to your mind and eyes. If you want to paint a kids’ room, you have the choice of opting for a combination of any fancy and bright colors that your kids will love. In case of a living room, choose those that will have a welcoming touch to them. When deciding on interior paint colors, you may also need to consider the color of your flooring and furniture.Since green is a relaxing and restful color, it is one of the best colors for painting the home’s interiors. It is mostly used for painting the walls of bedrooms or any place meant for resting. White is another popular interior paint color, as it relates to peace and serenity. It can be used in almost any room; be it the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or drawing room. Moreover, white also allows you to add any shades of accents to the walls. Other good colors are light shades of yellow, blue, purple, and similar others. Extremely dark interior color schemes of black and brown are not at all suitable for interiors. Nevertheless, some accents of these colors can be added up on the primary colors.When it comes to choosing paint colors for the house, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind. Firstly, the room colors and combination that you opt for will define the look that you want your room to exhibit. So, the choice of interior painting colors will depend on whether you want to give your room a classy look or a modern look or a sophisticated look. Secondly, each and every color lends a particular mood to the room. For example, bright colors such as red are believed to add energy to the surroundings while cool colors like blue make the room atmosphere relaxing and comfortable. Depending upon the mood that you want in the room, you select the interior wall paint colors. And lastly, the most important thing to consider, your own personal choice in colors. So, if green and blue color combination is your choice, then go for it. Need some more ideas on best paint colors for your house? Simply, scroll down…Best Paint Colors for Living Room Living room is the first place people see when they enter our house. So, be very careful while selecting living room color schemes, as first impressions are very important. Living rooms are used for a variety of activities such as socializing, watching TV, spending time with the family, etc. Bright colors like red, orange, dark green, maroon, brown and gray make a good choice for a living room as these colors make the room look warm and intimate, perfect for carrying on your social activities. Best Paint Colors for Bedroom For most of us, bedrooms are our personal sanctuaries, where we can just relax and unwind after a grueling and tiring day. This makes bedroom wall colors like blue, light green, white and grays an appropriate choice as these colors lend tranquility and sereneness to the environment. When it comes to bedroom colors always go in for cool, soothing colors. Warm and bright colors like red and orange should be avoided. BestPaint Colors for Dining RoomThe dining room should look very inviting, warm and comfortable. The dining room colors should be such that your guests feel welcome in the room. If you have planned a traditional décor for your dining room with a wooden dining table, choose bright colors such as red and yellow on the walls. One dining room paint color that looks good, irrespective of whether the room is big or small, is golden. It lends the dining room very cozy, yet royal look. Some other colors which go very well in dining rooms are copper, orange and all earthy colors like brown, gray, terracotta and forest green. You may read further on choosing interior paint colors. Some colors to be avoided in a dining room are pink, blue, purple and violet as they are believed to be appetite suppressants. Best Paint Colors for Kitchen Similar to the dining room, the paint colors for kitchens should be stimulating and cheerful. Red, yellow, orange and all other warm colors are very well suited for kitchens. The choice of kitchen paint colors depend upon the colors of the shelves, cabinets and appliances in the kitchen as well. So, if majority of the appliances are silver, an off white and aqua color scheme will go very well in such a kitchen. Best Paint Colors for Bathroom Dark colors should be avoided in bathrooms as they can make them look very small. Yellow is a good choice for painting bathroom walls, especially if it gets enough natural lighting. Yellow lends a cheery, natural, sunshine glow to the bathroom. Cool colors such as blue, light green and white are some of the other choices for bathrooms as they give it a very soothing and relaxing atmosphere. If you wish to get out of the contrast color ideas for interior painting, then this article will help you in the best way. Many of you might be wondering to have a single color highlight your home, having most of the items in the same color. There are many options in which you can go for matching paint colors. But the primary part of the exercise is to find the right paint color or its shades to match an existing object. Well, a little know-how and ideas can help you do this. Here are some tips on matching paint colors and creating an amazing effect.Matching Paint Colors: IdeasWhen you think of having matching paint colors, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Well, probably the best piece in your home! Yes, that’s true up to some extent. While you decide to skip the idea of contrast color, its time to to decide amongst the various options in matching paint colors. Now, if you are working on the living room decoration, then the best idea is to opt for matching paint colors to the furniture. After all, furniture is the highlighting part of the living room. While working on the kitchen decor you can opt to match wall paint color with the kitchen cabinets. You can also match it with the base color of the countertop.One of the bedroom wall painting ideas is to opt for a color matching the bedding or curtains. Another room painting tip is to match the paint colors with furnishings. A copy of design pattern on the curtains, over the walls is a classy idea, of course not for all the walls. This can go for the focal wall of the living room. It will also make the best bedroom painting design. Make sure the curtains are not part of this wall. In this case the designs in darker shades like red and black will look amazing with rest of the walls colored white. Read more on wall paint ideas.Well, let me tell you that opting for exactly matching colors is only right in case the object color is not too dark. Else you can have a single wall in this dark shade, exactly matching to the dark furniture or dark kitchen cabinets and other walls in a lighter shade to create a perfect effect. In case of dual colored cabinets, the paint color can be matched with the lighter shade. In case of dark colored furniture, cabinets, countertop or any other object to which you are planning to match the wall color with, go for a lighter tone in the same color. While choosing matching paint colors you can opt for lighter shades if you want to add size to the area. The darker shades are best to create a dramatic look. While matching exterior paint color, you can opt to match it with the exterior furniture or the flooring. Know more about the various interior painting techniques.How to Match Paint Color?Now, how to find the matching paint color is a task you need to do carefully to get the desired look. Many a time you need to find a paint color to match your existing wall paint color for touch up. All you can do is get some sample chips of the paint colors and match them with your wall paint color. Make sure your wall is clean. Touch up for high gloss paint, even just after a few days of applying this color can be difficult. Gloss finishing makes finding matching colors really a tough task. That’s the reason it’s easier to match flat colors. So, matching paint colors with objects that have a matte finish is much easier. Here’s a guide on choosing interior paint colors for your home.For coordinating the matching paint colors with your existing wall paint or any other object like furniture, cabinets, etc., you need to follow this procedure. Get the sample chips of paint colors, hold them one by one against the walls or the object on different spots on a bright sunny day. Match the chip with that patch which is getting indirect sunlight. Never hold the color chip on the object or wall that is illuminated by a sunbeam, do remember this. Keep trying till one of the chip matches exactly. Once you buy the color, just paint a small patch. Wait and apply the next coat. Most of the time the color deepens as it dries and of course, with more coats. Now look at the result and then you can go for final painting. You might be definitely interested in virtual interior painting.Find Metal Wall Mfrs, AIA/CEU units Designs, Projects, Industry Info  www.DesignandBuildwithMetal.com If you are thinking of doing a painting job on the interiors of your house, you most crucially need to consider the interior painting cost estimate. For getting a rough evaluation of the overall cost of the project, it is better if you calculate the interior painting cost per square foot. Many a times, people decide on a rough estimate, and then end up paying an additional amount for the job, just because they did not think over the cost minutely. Moreover, you can save a substantial amount by doing the job yourself. Lets us discuss the professional interior painting costs in the following article. Read more on interior painting preparation.Depending on a few factors, the cost of interior painting can differ. The two most important factors that decide the cost are, of course, if you plan to get it done professionally or you plan to do it yourself. If you are adventurous and have free time to paint the house yourself, then the DIY method will definitely save you money. On the other hand, professional interior painting, though more expensive than the DIY method, leaves you hassle free and ensures that a good job will be done. The following are the estimated costs of both the methods.Professional Interior Painting CostsIf you want to get the interior painting job done on a contract basis, you need to understand that professionals fix their costs on several different determinants; like size of the room, how much trim is to be painted, and how much preparation the surfaces would require prior to painting, etc. Other price determinants include the type and quality of paint to be used, how many coats of paint are to be put on, and how many furniture items need to be moved, covered, or worked around.The interior painting costs may even differ from job to job, contractor to contractor, and location to location. So for getting the best affordable prices, you need to conduct an exhaustive survey of quotations in your neighborhood. Typically, a better method to shop for home improvement is to ask three separate contractors to assess your project. After they are done with the evaluation, ask them for written quotations, including the scope of work to be carried out, and the particular materials and items to be used. This is the most efficacious technique to get your project researched, determine the approximate cost, and find out which contractor would be most suitable for the job. Even if you avail the services of the contractor, you still have to buy the paint. Getting a 12 by 12 foot room painted would cost you somewhere around $ 200-$ 400, and for a 15 by 12 foot room, the cost would be about $ 300-$ 700. If you want all rooms painted in a 1,500 square foot house, you would need to pay approximately between $ 1,200 and $ 2,000.DIY Interior Painting Costs If you are planning to take the job as a DIY task, you need to pay attention to few simple things that relate to the overall cost. The best results come from employing quality tools and equipments, so you have the option of hiring or buying similar tools which a professional crew would work with. Moreover, you also need to get information pertaining to the various kinds of colors, shades, and brands of paint which you think would work best according to your personal preferences. Few of the cheaper paints may need multiple coats, and some colors may need a primer coat. Alternatives to these can cost a bit extra at first, but have the advantage of looking good just after a single coat. You also would need to pay heed to the durability level.After totaling up the expenses of equipment hire, the time it would take to ready the room and surface for painting, the time it would require to research and decide on the best interior house paint, and the amount of energy needed in the job; the professional interior painting costs, though slightly on the higher side, may seem to be the best option. The DIY interior painting cost includes buying two gallons of primary color paint for a 12 by 12 foot room. Here, you may have to pay $ 30 to $ 50 for a gallon of paint. For a typical 1500 square foot house, the supplies may take $ 250-$ 350 for average paint, and $ 400-600 for paint of higher quality. Also be ready to spend $ 10-$ 50 for other essential accessories like primer, brushes, rollers, drop clothes, etc. Including other knick-knacks, the total cost for a DIY interior painting job for a 1500 square foot house should be around $ 700-$ 800.


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Create Magical Look in Kitchen With Kitchen Wall Tiles

For ladies, kitchen is the place where they love to spend their time in preparing food for husband, kids and other family members. But, if the area is shabby one do not feels to work or do experiments on cooking. Neatness is very much dependent on tiling and flooring of areas and it would not be wrong to say that same shabby area can be changed to attractive one with application of right tiles meant for walls and floors specifically.

Well, this is true that kitchen wall tiles which are getting used these days have been playing a significant role in enhancing the beauty of overall place. Adding to it, modern wall tiles options present in the market are known to win hearts of homeowners with additional features other than eye-catching looks and colours.

This article will help the readers to understand more about advancements of kitchen wall tiles available with leading tile suppliers. Check out the points below:

Influential types

As compared to availability of limited tiles options for kitchen few years back, modern suppliers can be seen offering a range of options for the same. From marble to mosaic, travertine and various other types, cooking areas can be decorated well with the type that suits the appearance of entire home area.

For example, if you go for travertine tiles, you can make selection among various patterns and colours that are available under the same option.

All such options are known to come with enough appealing looks to add charm to beauty of entire area.

Cost-effective rates

If kitchen can be decorated easily well with quality kitchen wall tiles, then cost-effectiveness is also one of such favourable reasons. Moreover, it would not be harder to find the availability of tiles with certain exclusive deals and discounts with suppliers. Comparing deals can save more your hard-earned money.

Plenty of features

Earlier, tiles were mostly known for eye-catching features but the world has changed several folds and tiles can be seen coming with a range of features that support the homeowners to make best use of such options.

Main features that can be noticed with modern kitchen wall tilesinclude they are easy to install and easy to clean as well. Other than these, you can expect better results from them in terms of durability. They do not receive cracks or chips with time and thus they need less maintenance efforts to maintain their natural brightness.

There are many other quality features and aspects of modern tiles available for kitchen decoration projects. Take help of leading tile suppliers and get to know more about such aspects.


Magic Kitchen 魔幻廚房

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