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In recent years, regional economy, the phenomenon of industrial clusters in China’s economic development as the most interesting and most worthy of one of the topics. Especially the home appliance industry, the formation of industrial clusters in a region the phenomenon is very prominent, such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong China’s small household electrical appliance enterprises are the most concentrated areas.

Zhejiang Shengzhou was a world-renowned “

Tie Village “, has been formed

Kitchenware Scale production of industrial clusters. Recently, China

Hardware Products Association, the “kitchen of Chinese are the” title awarded Shengzhou.

Shengzhou is located in the Yangtze River Delta region

. Shengzhou the kitchen industry started in the early 90s of last century, after ten years of development, has formed a certain scale of industry and business clusters, kitchen companies and nearly 300 supporting enterprises, 1.5 million units annual output range hood, gas stove 200 million,

Disinfection Counter 800,000 units Sell Income of more than 3 billion yuan, kitchenware industry in Shengzhou economic rise has become a feature of industries.

After years of training and development, Shengzhou has emerged with a number of well-known in the domestic kitchen business, which the general field, Okuda, the United States more than double to key enterprises such as leading the entire industry. Pu Tian brand hood won the title of the first national free products; general field brand gas stove, Zhejiang Province, the U.S. multi-brand range hood was

Famous brand Title. These SMEs use flexible production and low cost advantages of participation

Competition Also attracted well-known kitchen companies, such as

Haier , Kelon , Aucma, Siemens Such as OEM partners. When you walk into general field of the Treasury is close to striking trademark of Siemens products, not only shows the strength of the enterprise. Shengzhou further enhanced the status of kitchenware industry in the country. Has always been known for its strict management of Siemens to OEM partners for the general field, sufficient to permit universal suffrage is the best field of technology.

Motor Shengzhou manufacturing industrial economy as the traditional advantage of features in the industry, for the kitchen industry in Shengzhou provide a solid basis for supporting such a good ability to have a cost advantage kitchenware companies.

China National Hardware Association Zhang Dongli analysis pointed out that China kitchenware market has a bright future in the past 5 years, kitchenware market has maintained a double-digit growth. In 2005, range hood, gas stoves, disinfecting cabinet, the market demand of 740 million, respectively, 1800 million, 400 million. In the next few years, kitchen products increased consumer demand will continue to maintain momentum, which is to build kitchen industry base Shengzhou provided “impetus.” Shengzhou industrial base to truly become a kitchen, and to promote local economic development.

Countries Electricity Device, said Chen Gang, Vice Secretary-General, to develop our kitchen industry, to form a local feature, you must design, research and development to create a comprehensive follow-up, make great efforts to form a complete industrial chain, launched a self-

Intellectual property rights Of Brand . China Standard

Standard Certification Institute of Tie-nan, director of the view that energy saving, environmental protection is the development trend of the manufacturing sector is also a market entry point for kitchen industry.

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