PART 4: The country cottage kitchen using Dreamwall’s Rustic Brick

PART 4: BBC Big strong boys used Dreamwall’s rustic Brick panels to create a rustic brick wall in a home Kings Heath, Craig Phillips Big brother 1 installs t…
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2800 SF + Bonus 300 SF Patio.
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Using Glass and Crystal Cabinet Knobs in Kitchens and Baths

Glass cabinet knobs are a great way to add vibrancy and color to any room in your home. Glass knobs, in their many styles, were one of the first items to be produced in America during the nineteenth century. Originally the production of glass cabinet hardware required extensive manual labor as each knob needed to be cut, sanded and finally polished. With the invention of the glass press machine these knobs could be mass produced and quickly replaced the traditional cast and stamped metal hardware in the United States.

Glass cabinet knobs are timeless and welcome addition to any home. These design elements exemplify simplicity and beauty. Glass cabinet knobs come in a wide variety of designs and colors and can be incorporated easily into many architectural styles. From classic Victorian pressed glass patterns to Art Deco and Modern designs, glass knobs are a versatile way to redecorate.

Many glass cabinet knob designs are produced today and this allows you to incorporate their patterns into your kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and more. These glass knobs can transform a boring home into a showplace – but be sure to follow a few simple steps. First, use glass knobs and pulls throughout your for a more unified theme. Second, replace older and worn down furniture knobs with traditional glass knob styles. Note: The use of glass knobs will tie the look together for you. You can also incorporate glass into other areas of your home such as the lighting and doorknobs to further unify your theme. Use decorating magazines or ask an interior designer or other design expert for additional help if needed. By using glass knobs through the entire house you can vary the color or design – you do not need to use the same knob on cabinets, furniture, or drawers.

Glass cabinet knobs are readily available online as well as in many home decorating catalogs.

Search for glass or crystal knobs and make sure to ask questions. Will this knob fit on the cabinet or drawer? What is the best size knob for this application? Is it available in any other colors or designs? Many styles of glass knobs can be found online through LookInTheAttic & Company and they also offer free design assistance and help.

Kohn Coleman born in Michigan – received his Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 2000. He is president of LookInTheAttic & Company online at and authors numerous articles and publications on historical architecture.

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Using Bar Stools In The Kitchen

Although you may be in the market for a few stools for your kitchen counter and breakfast nook, consider the benefits of investing in bar stools rather than the formal kitchen counter stools that you may find on the market. There are many reasons for doing just that. Perhaps the best, though, is that you can easily choose between a huge range of style selections and really add some interest to the space by choosing from the range of bar stools on the market. Go ahead and get creative with these.

Choose The Right Stool

Before you do invest in these, do take the time to ensure that the stools will work in your kitchen. There are a variety of kitchen counter heights so your first step is to measure the amount of space under the kitchen countertop where you wish to position these to the floor. You do not want the height of the stool’s seat to come within at least six inches of the top of the counter if possible. If so, it will be difficult for people to sit there comfortably. If this is not possible because the counter top is lower, then ensure there is enough room for the stools to be comfortably pulled away from the counter.

Consider Your Style Options

Next, consider the space around you. What decorative items in the kitchen area can help you to choose the style of the stools? For example, you may have decorative pots and pans hanging from the ceiling. You may have other metalwork within the kitchen. If this is the case, pick up on this and invest in metal bar stools for the kitchen counter. On the other hand, you may have a color theme throughout the space. If that is the case, ensure you buy stools that work well with that color especially when it is prominent in the space.

The good thing is that you will find many options to select from in color.

That is not all there is to take into consideration, though. You also want to consider if you want the bar stools to have backs or not. In the kitchen area, having that extra support can be nice, but if there is limited room, those backless barstools will work exceedingly well. You may also want to choose a classic look or a more modern look, depending on the d├ęcor in this space of your home.

There are many exciting pieces to select from in metal bar stools, wooden options and even wrought iron bar stools. Take a few minutes to consider which look can work best in your space. On the other hand, you may want to invest in stools that you simply love and decorate your entire kitchen around this look. Just remember, you can find discount bar stools that look great and function well. You do not have to spend a lot of money on these stools to allow them to add both a functional and decorative element to your kitchen.

Ben Weissman writes about using Metal Bar Stools and Hillsdale Furniture to decorate your Kitchen beautifully and inexpensively. Make your Home a Personal Retreat!


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Using IKEA Coupons For Home Decoration

Household furniture performs a huge role in enhancing a location. Aside for the idea that furniture is used for a number of purposes, it’s also found in decorating every living room or area. Therefore, any space will usually fit furnishings.
In obtaining furniture however, there are numerous key elements to take into consideration. With today’s crisis, it is essential to meticulously consider any purchases. One from the critical factors would be the need. Is there a legitimate must find the piece of furniture? Is it going to be a replacement of a dysfunctional piece, or can it be an unique supplement to existing furnishings? If there’s no immediate need for you to buy furniture, you should neglected with the moment. But certainly, whether it is something which is critical, then there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t buy it by any means.
Another key to take into account could be the best quality. Since it is not practical to buy furniture that won’t last for very long, it is important to think about the standard of the pad. More than whatever else, quality needs to be the utmost thing to consider in ordering items that are needed. Although quality furniture may be more expensive than others with lesser quality, ultimately, it is going to still end up cheaper as it endures for a longer time. Furthermore, additionally it is not to useful to keep on changing furnishings.
The cost is also key point to take into account. Generally, many people would choose cheaper buy. Then again, while price is key point, quality really should not be compromised though. This does not mean that you can’t discover high quality furniture without paying excessive. There are a number of home and office furnishings which can be of proper quality, yet reasonable prices. If you should only understand how to seek out the best deals, there’s no reason why you couldn’t acquire affordable quality furniture pieces.
Finally, the style and design are also critical indicators to think about. Since one of many intentions in purchasing these items should be to enhance a space or room, it’s important for these pieces being good to look at. Furniture should complement space and blend in with the rest of the furniture and ornaments. Moreover, the look needs to be comfortable also. In short, in choosing furniture, you must pick one that you simply understand and something that could perfectly fit into the room or space.
Fortunately, there are plenty of outlets and stores that offer numerous furniture. These shops offer the best pieces around. Moreover, you don’t need to look far, amazing pieces of furniture have been online. Actually, one of the most popular internet vendors for office, bedroom, family room, kitchen, as well as storage furniture, Ikea Store is offering Ikea Coupons and also a variety of quality and stylish creations at cheap pricing. These Ikea vouchers are actually discount vouchers that can be used in paying for furnishings at Ikea. It is definitely one offer which you shouldn’t miss.

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