Remodeling For Retirement – Universal Design

Retirement… the word may conjure up visions of living it up in Florida, but 70% of senior Americans decide to spend the rest of their lives in the same place they were when they turned 65. If you’re planning for the future, think carefully about your home. How easy will it be to climb multiple staircases? Could you open doors and turn knobs? Will you be able to reach the necessary things in your kitchen?


If the answers to these questions are mostly “no,” you should consider remodeling your house with easy living in mind – and it’s better to make these renovations before you need them. Universal design takes into account the needs of all of a home’s occupants. Below are some principals that home remodelers consider.


• At least one entrance to the house should be “barrier free.” Not only does this mean ramps but also paying attention to curbs or doorframes that might trip someone up. Outside lighting should be good.


• The best easy living design puts all the rooms you need – kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room-on one level. Or consider installing an elevator. You also need wider corridors and doorways. Floors should be made of non-slip materials.


• A kitchen remodeling project should plan to lower the stove, cabinets, and counters to bring them within reach of someone seated. You should have floor space for maneuverability.

Pull-out or pull-down fixtures in cabinets also help.


• Not only do showers and bathtubs need handrails, but consider installing a seat. Bathroom remodelers also recommend a walk-in shower or even a walk-in tub. Toilets should be lower than standard and the room should have plenty of floor space. Faucets should have easy-to-operate levers.


Universal design helps ensure your home is comfortable at any age.


Joaquin Erazo, Jr. is the senior vice president of marketing and public relations at Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. Find a home remodeling company near you or read our home remodeling tips blog.

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Universal Solution with Kitchen Universe

For cooks, the recipe to the perfect dishes is more than getting the right ingredients – they will need the right cooking tools to assist in making the ingredients complement one another. Hence, getting the right kitchen tools is important to ensure that the dishes turn out well. However, if one were to break down each tool into their individual costs, they would find that buying kitchen tools can be a costly affair. This makes smart planning an important attitude to follow by. As there are many kitchen lovers out there, Kitchen Universe has become their universal solution.

Founded in 2003, Kitchen Universe became a reliable alternative to look for products related to anything to do with the cooking process at reasonable prices. While they have a physical store in Florida that is opened Mondays to Fridays, they also have an online store that is opened 24/7. This makes it convenient for people from anywhere to do shopping at anytime of the day.

The great thing about Kitchen Universe is what they have to offer. With over 50 world-class kitchen brands such as Peugeot, de Buyer, All-Clad, Mauviel, Jura Capresso, Breville, and Rösle, Kitchen Universe is set to get the best quality products available. They have a catalog in which is updated frequently, in items available, and price. They also have a knowledgeable customer service team that is dedicated to help their customers as well as they can. As for the smart consumer, this is a fantastic place to spot great deals as there is more than one way one can save money on their purchases or future purchases.

Ways Kitchen Universe help you save money:

Free ground shipping on all orders above $ 69.95

Occasional sales

Only need to pay sales tax if located in same state as their warehouse

Collection of current Kitchen Universe MyRewards points can be used in subsequent purchase

Use of Kitchen Universe gift certificates to enjoy price deduction

Use of Kitchen Universe coupons code to enjoy deal offered

Indeed, Kitchen Universe offers the most delicious offers. Even making orders with them is easy.

To make a purchase with Kitchen Universe:

Select the items you would like to purchase and add to cart.

View your cart and make sure all details like item and quantity are correct.

If you have Kitchen Universe coupons, enter the coupon’s code in the Coupon Code box.

If you are a returning customer, you can sign into your account and checkout instantly. However, if you are new, you can sign up for an account to make future purchases easy, track your order, and receive future offers. On the other hand, if you would like to purchase the product anonymously, you can checkout right away and fill up your payment method, and billing and shipping information.

Order process is completed.

Everyone deserves a Kitchen Universe!

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