Collecting Composure Through Composting

I couldn’t wait for the chance to finally move out of the city and have my own little spot of land again. The memories of my childhood have always been set in hazy greens because I spent so much time out in the gardens with my grandparents picking raspberries or radishes. School called me into the city where I got stuck for several years grinding away paying the bills, while longing to get my hands dirty in the actual dirt of the fields I grew up in. In a time where everyone is talking about being green, I just felt like I was kidding myself without having my garden at my fingertips. Then I got fired….

There is always a silver lining in every gray cloud and I knew exactly what mine was… home to the gardens, back to reliving my memories of weeding, tilling, composting. Huge changes in life are never easy, but gardening has always been a way for me to collect my composure and take the time to relax in the simplicity of growth and recycling of nutrients. Maybe those thoughts are what really drew me to composting that summer. I could take the scraps of what I couldn’t use and find another use for them that would aid in the growth and renewal of another living thing. Since this is such a simple idea that has such a positive impact on the environment and the pocketbook why wouldn’t everyone who could do it?

As a fun side project I decided to build my own composter after doing a little bit of research online. I found some promising videos and took to work. Collecting supplies was simple enough – one trip to the hardware store and I was all set. For a gal on a budget this project was great and effective. I was composting in no time at all – the same day as the hardware store visit in fact.

Once my project was underway I did decide on investing in a compost pail for the kitchen – a convenient purchase worth the buck that should be an absolute for any committed composter. Sometimes it’s raining and I just don’t want to run out to the compost bin after every trip to the kitchen. This compost pail is small enough to fit right next to the sink and sealed tight enough to keep out the foul odors long enough for the next trip to the outside bin.

I really am lucky to have found some great projects and products back home in the gardens of my childhood. I’m glad to say that the months back home gardening, growing, composting have allowed that chance for me to clear my head and bring me back to that place I missed. Who knew that there were so many more positive aspects to growing roots again?

Find a great compost tumbler that will help you make perfect compost for your yard or see how to build your own composter as an alternative.

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