Finding dance studios that are easily accessible by road and public transport isn’t always easy.  Maybe you’re filming a dance sequence or you just need rehearsal space before a big show, you need a space that is central, outside the congestion zone with ample parking.

The advantage of hiring a space is that you get the equipment you need for rehearsals, if you’re filming you can enjoy a screen on site to place your dancers in front of, later placing a picture or movie over the green screen to create dramatic effects.

When choosing your space you need to determine the size you will need.  Six hundred square foot is ample for a smaller dance group, but larger groups will definitely benefit from one thousand square foot.

Studios come with backline amps, PA systems and microphones so you are already set up with major equipment before you start.  There is also equipment rental and repairs available on site to ensure your rehearsal or filming goes quickly and seamlessly.

What’s more there should be storage available for your expensive equipment, especially if you are using the space over a couple of days.  You also need to take into consideration if the studios are easy to load heavy equipment, are they on the ground floor and how many parking’s they offer.

Choosing the right place for rehearsing and filming can make all the difference, you pay good money for the space and then your dancers start calling due to public transport problems or being unable to access the studio by car.  This won’t happen if you’re in the right location close to major motorways and public transport.

It should also be ideally located close to hotels and bed and breakfasts, so if you are rehearsing over a few days you can enjoy a good night sleep before starting again the next day.

The advantage with already prepared studios is that they are fully equipped and ready for your arrival, unlike if you were to try and put together a studio at your local hall or in your home.  You will have ample space including a kitchen and shower area to make the experience enjoyable.

If you intend using the control room you will enjoy a choice of microphones and a trained engineer on hand to assist you with all your recording requirements.  The easy to load parking’s and ground floor access make studios easy to use and you don’t have to worry about carrying expensive equipment up and down stairs.

You may think that hiring a dance studio is expensive, but you will be pleasantly surprised.  When you work out what it would cost you to hire a local hall, kit it out with all the equipment you need and transportation charges, you will find that already prepared studios are the answer.

You also have the option of hiring the space for one or more days, you are not required to hire space for extended periods, but should you decide to there is storage facilities available to give you peace of mind when you go to bed that night.

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