Home Decorating Ideas: How to Make Your Own Curtain Rods – Home Made Simple

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Country Home Decorating Ideas - Old Crate

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Simple Home Decorating Things – Home Decorating Ideas – 03

Simple Home Decorating Things - Home Decorating Ideas - 03

How to beautifully decorate with ordinary things around your house – New Look.

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Color Scheming Made Simple

Beautiful color schemes can be easy and inexpensive.  A good color scheme brings happiness to an interior.  Color gives an interior life and personality.  A bad color scheme creates discord and irritability.  In a work environment a bad color scheme will lead to low productivity and unhappy employees.  Color matters on levels much deeper than esthetics.  You can create a wonderful interior color palette and beautiful rooms in your home with these simple scheming techniques.

There is a little more to it than just picking a room color, which is why clashing and harsh colors are commonplace throughout homes today. This is often the result of rugs, artwork, furniture and paint colors being chosen independent of each other.  It is not about just picking a color you like and going with it.  By following just one of these five simple tips, creating color schemes can be simple and beautiful.

 1. Minimize your color scheme to maximize your interest.  In a single room this is done by keeping the floors, walls and main furniture pieces in the same neutral hue.  All wood furniture must be the same color family, no mixing of pine and walnut.  By using one or two pops of color in a neutral dominant room the effect can be dramatic and inexpensive.

2. Layer two colors one solid color and a neutral solid color in repetition.  Think of your room in one dimension like a picture and alternate layers of color and neutral.  Walls and trim are color A, upholstered furniture color B, throw rug is A, throw pillows B, drapery A, lampshades B and so on.  The closer in tint the two colors are such as soft blue as a color and cream as a neutral the quieter and more soothing the room will be.

  3. Repetition is an easy element of uncomplicated interiors.  It is a timeless trick used by great decorators everywhere.  In the public areas of a home, at least those that connect to one another the same color or variation of can occur throughout.  If red is the dominant entrance wall color,  it may appear again in a patterned wallcovering in the powder room, in the drapery and furniture fabric in the living room, as an accent in the dining room rug, on dishes and accessories in the kitchen and on a piece of artwork and throw pillows in the family room.  This creates flow and continuity.  It also makes decorating very easy.  In a separate private area like the bedroom the same fabric (pattern or solid) can be used on the furniture, drapery, bedding and some times even the walls. 

 4. Solid colors are chic.  Solid colors are easy on the eye and wallet friendly when it comes to upholstery or drapery.

 Large patterned fabrics usually have a large repeat (how often the design is repeated on the bolt of fabric) and this translates in to waste and additional dollars.  A particular sofa might require 16 yards of a plain fabric and 25 of a patterned fabric.  Solid color fabric may also be less expensive than a multi-color fabric.  Using a solid color for all the upholstery in a room makes it very easy to give the room a quick update with the change of a back or throw pillow. The room becomes about forms and shapes and can be very sophisticated with the simple change of texture.  Luxury hotel lobbies are great examples of this type of scheme.

5. Use a color wheel for a foolproof scheme.  Color wheels solve the age old question of does this color go with that one.  They are available at any art supply or craft store.  Just turn the wheel to see what color goes with another based on the possible scheme types of Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary, Triad and Tetrad.  The description of each is on the color wheel.

Interiors with too many fabrics or colors can feel busy, restless and unfriendly.  In today’s world everyone seems to be striving for a balance between effort and ease.  Simple color schemes provide this.  Utilizing any one of these five approaches to color schemes can make for a happy, comfortable, and beautiful interior. You can do it!

Lisa M. Smith is an interior designer and owner of Interior Design Factory, Ltd. She specializes in creating beautiful and inviting residential interiors that are timeless and look collected, not like a showroom. Real design for real people. She produces individualized results using creative solutions and often designs furniture, cabinetry and lighting specific to her customers needs to create interiors that are liveable and tell a story. Good design is for everyone and available in every budget.

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Compact Cabins: Simple Living in 1000 Square Feet or Less

Compact Cabins: Simple Living in 1000 Square Feet or Less

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Moonrays 91515 Turtles on a Log Solar-Powered Outdoor LED Light

Moonrays 91515 Turtles on a Log Solar-Powered Outdoor LED Light

  • Great for any turtle lover
  • Solar fixture charges by day in the sunlight
  • Amber LED lights automatically glow at night
  • Made of durable Polyresin
  • Rechargeable AA NiCd battery (Included)

91515 Features: -Turtles light.-Solar powered.-Hand painted.-Charges using the sun’s rays and advanced solar technology to provide light for 8-hours on a full battery charge.-Turtles on a log will complement your garden by day and the (3) amber, led turtle shells will illuminate at night.-Eco friendly.-Bulb type: Led. Includes: -Includes 1 rechargeable battery. Construction: -Polyresin construction. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 5.51″ H x 11.02″ W x 5.35″ D. Warranty: -Manufacturer provide on

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