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Plan for kitchen garden | kitchen garden Decor

If you are one of those who absolutely love to spend their time in the kitchen, as you experiment with different ingredients and herbs and invent new recipes, then you are obviously interested in making your work area more delightful and interesting. Ever thought about having an outdoor kitchen? Well if you have made up your mind about having an outdoor kitchen or are contemplating the idea, this is the article that will help you make up your mind and finalize your outdoor kitchen plans.

Outdoor Kitchen Plans

Before building an outdoor kitchen you will have to ensure that your outdoor kitchen plan fits the legal constraints. Make sure you check the zoning requirements in your country so that you can ensure that your outdoor kitchen is at a legal distance from the property lines. Although a permit for the kitchen construction wont be necessary, you will have to acquire permits for the plumbing and electrical fittings.

Remember that an outdoor kitchen is not merely an outdoor barbeque station; it is a complete kitchen with all the grills, cookware, storage cabinets, a dishwasher, oven, and also the refrigerator! While making your outdoor kitchen plans make sure to pick a spot that is not exposed to too much wind, snow or rain. Shelter the spot adequately to provide shelter from the weather but keep it open enough, so that you can roast your delicious barbeque and bake your mouth watering apple pie, even when you can enjoy the sight of drizzles. Usually a patio area is the perfect spot for an outdoor kitchen.

A washing sink is a must for any kitchen. Ensure you have an adequately large sink with undisturbed water supply.

The height and the placement of the sink should be such that it is comfortable for the person who is cooking, to reach out to the sink for disposing used utensils. Plumbing work needs to be done for this and hence it would be a great idea to inform the plumber and hire his services with prior intimation.

Depending on the space available, incorporate other useful elements like a storage shelf to store your cookware, a rod with hooks to hang your pans comfortably. In case the space and electrical fittings allow you, incorporate other electrical appliances like a refrigerator, or a blender to assist you while you are cooking outdoors. In case you can’t get enough electrical fittings, try and use the conventional grinding tools like a mortar and a pestle, it is said that a puree of herbs made in a blender can never match the crude and mesmerizing aroma of herbs ground using the mortar and a pestle.

While designing the kitchen, make sure that you get the perfect countertop. It is advisable to get a countertop with inlaid grills for cooking. If you are planning to use an electric grill, the electricity connections need to be in place. Make sure that the counter top is wide enough and comfortable high for you to work in the kitchen. A barbeque will be a must-have for an outdoor kitchen, since outdoor cooking is almost synonymous with barbeque parties.

In case gardening is also one of your hobbies then you can enhance your outdoor kitchen further. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have home cooked meals with fresh vegetables and herbs from your very own garden? Yes, plant a vegetable and herb garden right next to your outdoor kitchen. Every time you decide to cook, all you need to do is pick up some fresh veggies, and aromatic herbs from your very own garden, put on your apron and get started!


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Open Plan New Kitchens

When the owner of a home likes their property and all the rooms in it, it certainly puts a smile on their face. The reality is that everyone is different, which means that each person’s wants, needs and desires are different; especially when it comes to renovating a home, or rooms within the home. New kitchens are not something we, as homeowners, install every day, so they are certainly worth taking particular time and consideration over.

For people that are looking to install new kitchens, they certainly have a mammoth task on their hands. It might look from the outside that this process is going to be easy, but there is a lot more to picking new kitchens than the majority of people think. Price, style, colour and the size all comes into play and it means that there are a lot of decisions for a consumer to make.

One of the things a lot of people do not tend to think about, is having an open plan kitchen. An open plan kitchen can make a whole house feel a lot more spacious. The fact of the matter is, opening up just one room in the home makes the whole place feel a lot less cramped and can put a home owner at a serious advantage.

The problem with a lot of people that make their new kitchens open plan, is that they do not think about where all the specifics and appliances in the kitchen will go. Home owners do not tend to realise that by opening up a kitchen to be completely open plan, they will have much more space, space that inevitably, will need to be filled.

Alongside filling the space, ventilating the space is certainly just as important. The smell of cooking can quickly spread through a house, something which is not really ideal. Previously, home owners would have probably opened a back door, and shut the door leading to the next room.

As there would be no doors with these new kitchens, they need to ventilate in some other way.

Looking around at the different types of ventilation systems is certainly a worthwhile procedure. Remember, a lot of venting systems are simply overpriced because of their brand name, so try and find a happy medium between high quality, and great value for money. The right ventilation can literally finish off most good open plan new kitchens.

For the best kitchen quotes around, search online where you will find the best way of improving your home by looking for a new bedroom and style to match your kitchen.

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