Tips to Organizing Small Kitchens

Learn how to Organize Small Kitchen designs in your home to create more space. Avoid home organization clutter by eliminating clutter and using your space wi…
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Home Organizing Tips – How to Organize Your Kitchen

Home Organizing Tips – How to Organize Your Kitchen – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. The Kitchen is usually where the family starts to gather some…
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Organizing – Get Your Stuff in Order

Why do we keep so much stuff? There are many reasons for it. Some things we keep for sentimental reasons, or we think that if we get rid of it we’ll need it the next day.

The truth is stuff is like a security blanket to us. We feel safe. We feel important. We feel worth because we have stuff. I’m not going to tell you to get rid all the clutter right now, but I am going to lead you to organize it.

I want to help you begin organizing so that you can see what you have, and then see what you don’t need.

In every room we have stuff that should be somewhere else, so let’s first start by getting things together in the rooms that they should be. Get that chain saw out of the bedroom closet and the clothes out of the kitchen. Whatever items that seem to be in a room where they would not naturally be used, move them out. Where should they go?

Well, the whole idea here is to, as best as you can, get items into their obvious rooms. Bathroom stuff goes in the bathroom. Tools should be stored in the garage or shed, if you have one. Kitchen stuff goes in that room where you prepare food and clean dishes- the kitchen.

The next thing to do is to do the same thing in the rooms. Think of where you do what with each item in your room. You change clothes maybe in your closet, if yours is big enough. You don’t, however, change clothes on the bed. You don’t even change clothes on top of the dresser. Clothes go in the dresser or the closet not on the floor, top of the dresser or on the bed.

In the kitchen you might designate a certain area of counter and cabinets to baking. Keep your mixer, flour and baking pans in that area. Remember that the floor is not a storage area.

You need to declutter if there are items stacked on the floor. Have an area for dishes- plates, cups and utensils.

The last part here is the hardest. Once you have designated areas in each room you’ll begin to realize that not everything is going to fit. What do you do with all the clutter that doesn’t fit? Box up the excess and get a storage unit to put it in. Keep it there, out of the way. If you need something, you can still go get it.

If you need something regularly keep them in the house, but trade it with something that’s in the house that you may not use as much. The truth is that you cannot keep everything and stay sane.

Close your eyes now and imagine the clutter free home that you’ve always wanted. It’s in reach. It will take some more work, but you finally can start. Let me invite you to for more articles, videos, and other resources to assist you in your quest to get free of the clutter

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