The Anti-Social Network – Short Film

The Anti-Social Network is a comedic short film about a social media addict named Lucas (played by Sam Mac). He is so consumed, the boundaries between his real life and his virtual reality…

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Bosch Siemens Recall Kept Hidden “fire Dishwasher” – Siemens, Bosch – Hc Network Appliance

2009 1 16 German Bosch home appliances company announced the recall in the U.S. market in May 1995? In July 2005 by manufacturing a total of 476,500 units Bosch, Siemens, there is fire hidden in the dishwasher products and recall reason is that the company has received reports of 51 cases incidents, including 30 cases of fire damage to property report.

Yang White In overseas markets, the phenomenon of frequent recall instructions, electrical products, especially white
Home Appliances Product design flaws or aging components are possible fire safety problems, to the consumer’s property and even cause loss of life. Therefore, blindly believe that the quality of foreign white perfect and desirable.

Siemens, Bosch recalls “fire dishwasher”
Recently, some media reports, January 16, 2009 Bosch home appliances company announced the recall in the U.S. market in May 1995? In July 2005 by manufacturing a total of 476,500 units Bosch and Siemens washing a fire hazard Bowl Machine Products, recall reason is that it has received the accident report of 51 cases, including 30 cases of fire damage to property report.

For “dishwasher fires,” the recall, the reporter interviewed the person in charge of Siemens Mr.Yang Tianjin branch, according to his knowledge of the situation to headquarters, recalled dishwashers were manufactured in the United States, there is no sold in China. The dishwashers were sold in China are produced in Europe, not within the scope of the recall, he has not heard the fire happened. Reporters on the “Fire dishwasher” interview with The Municipal Marketplace, according to

Gome Of the responsible person, a small amount of GOME Siemens dishwasher sales, but he did not hear what the Siemens dishwasher recall. And

Suning Electrical charge others said they did not sell Siemens or Bosch dishwasher, and only a dishwasher in the sales of domestic brands.

According to a relevant source, dishwasher does not seem to quite meet the Chinese consumer habits, so little current dishwasher brands, only two or three, but a very small market, sales are not large, But higher prices on average have to 3000-4000 yuan, the highest price or even more than 8000 yuan dishwasher.

Foreign brands embarrassed, “recalled the door”
Brand has always been known for the quality of foreign brands to ensure the same quality problems occur. Siemens, Bosch “dishwasher fires” is not the case, there are many similar cases. For example called “luxury in the field doing my part of the global home appliances king” of Germany’s top home appliance brand?? U.S. promise on February 20, 2009 issued a recall notice that the presence of its two fire safety hazards of the dryer, the implementation of a free-repair general recall measures. In addition, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website information: the world’s largest white goods Group, a subsidiary of Whirlpool, Maytag on March 10 announced the recall of 160 million existing defects in the quality of fire safety hazards

Refrigerator ; U.S. AOSmith 2005, 2008, had issued a notice, the recall may cause some risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning

Water heater , Notice the user to immediately stop using the product and contact the company for free repair.

From the Japanese Ministry of Economy Product Safety Recall Information Box Display: Matsushita Electric Industrial May 30, 2007 announcement of its 5 aging properties due to the existence of electronic components of fire safety hazards in the refrigerator products, the implementation of zero change

Fitting Measures such as free repair. In addition, Sanyo, Daikin Industries, LG Electronics, Electrolux, Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba have released its existence had fire safety problems in the white goods products to recall.

Appliance recall is expected to introduce
In overseas markets, household electrical appliances in use if there is smoke, fire and other safety hazards, defects and product quality performance, both recall system to implement appliance. This has become an international practice. October 1, 2004, “Defective Vehicle Products Recall regulations” came into use, “recall” the words began to appear in people’s consumption of life. Since then, “children’s toys recalled regulations”, “food recall regulations,” “Drug Recall Management Regulations” has successively introduced, but until now, China has not formally set out the IT,

Household electrical appliances recall system. Why we have such as Toshiba LCD TV “vertical gate” incident caused great repercussions for consumers, enterprises have a tremendous impact on the brand.

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Saving Superman, Return Of The King – Superman Kitchen Electrical, Gas Stove – Hc Network Appliance

?? Hu Jun signing Superman


Kitchen image voice conference success

Vase, Vientiane update. The afternoon of March 5, from


Superman Electric Co., Ltd. an exclusive seminar on “Energy Saving Superman, Return of the King?? Hu Jun signing Superman. Spokesperson released the image of energy-saving kitchen, the General Assembly” held in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Led by the chairman of Superman Superman electrical Luo Zijian group leadership, core distributors, famous brand consultants and other relevant staff attend the conference, while there are Sina, Sohu, HC, World Wide Web

Home Appliances

, Found room, modern appliances, such as China Business Times, dozens of media reporters to attend.

Was Mr. Hu Jun and Superman. Energy-saving kitchen formal contract, and will serve as public ambassadors Superman low-carbon two-year campaign. Meanwhile, 2010′s “saving China Superman in Action” at the national low-carbon community projects are fully launched. The conference can be called into the national energy-saving kitchen appliances Superman first brand in the field of a milestone.

Super energy-saving product features Superman. Superman chairman Luo Zijian presented: Superman brand has 19 years of history, won the national high-tech enterprise, China

Gas Appliance

Industry benchmarking products, innovation and enterprise in Guangdong gold, Chinese famous trademarks, brands, and many government procurement Ten honors. R & D is more than 50 national patents (Patent Office, according to national statistics, in China, kitchen areas, Superman is the industry one of the most patent applications). With

Gas stoves

For example, Superman has produced eight generations of “internal rotation of fire” products have received national patents. After repeated testing, Zhongshan City Technical Supervision, obtained, Superman “pronation fire” energy-saving products gas stoves up to 26% and 30%, far more than a lot of energy in the 8 to 15% of the line kitchen brand. Not only superior products, in 2009 Superman also established by the elite and the domestic kitchen and bathroom industry


Professionals team of professionals, and hired well-known brand planning agency One collusion, as Superman, rapid and healthy growth of the brand escort.

Hu Jun

Why? Superman electrical Valley Mr. Ma Chang, marketing director pointed out: First, Hu Jun is the undisputed front-line star, but also excellent work in recent years, filed one after another, “Red Cliff”, “October Besieged City”, “Mulan”, “My brother Tang Dynasty,” have received well received, the growing influence of China. Second, Hu Jun has always been

Environmental protection

Enthusiasts, the screen image of the positive health. Finally, Hu Jun is a tough guy on the screen, the hero, Hu Jun, under the screen is actually home, he is the eyes of his wife, model husband, daughter, fathers eyes. On the whole, Hu Jun, Superman buying population in the highly influential, enthusiastic environmental personal image fitting Superman product features, while the required set of super tough guy brand kitchen products necessary temperament and character and a home, which made him a superhuman voice appliances the best choice.

From China


Association, the Guangdong Association of gas with the leadership, Luo Zijian chairman, Mr. Hu Jun, chairman of the Joint One collusion Li Jinkui start “saving China Superman in Action” Programme national low-carbon public ceremony is the highlight scene. This Luo Zijian, chairman of the scene were interviewed, he introduced to: “Energy in China Superman in Action” is a public good nature of the enterprise with the annual theme, for not only the super-consumers, but also ordinary people . Activities include a series of small around the theme of energy saving activities. For example, Superman will be part of this year’s income to donate to the Conservation Foundation; will organize a group of people to afforestation; our products will be more stringent with the latest technology to reduce carbon emissions and so on. Luo Dong believes that public enterprises do not only do good things but also enhance the corporate image, is a win-win good significance.

Industry analysis, in 2009 China’s consumption of kitchen products more than 200 billion, China has become the world’s largest consumer of kitchen products. China’s environmental problems result in products of “energy saving” feature is deeply concerned by the vast number of consumers, although there are many kitchen and brands are sporadically introduced energy-saving products, but not professional energy-saving kitchen brand appears, the Superman, such as targeting huge blank market, will create a new situation in the domestic kitchen and bathroom industry, changing the competitive landscape of domestic brands.

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