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Cake Decorating ? The Magic of Cake Decorating

Cake decorators are not born; you too can learn how to decorate a cake like the professionals. Have you ever watched Cake Decorating shows on TV and had that “walking into a home smelling of freshly baked goodies feeling”?

“Cake Decorating Is An Art…And You Are The Artist.”

An Expression of Art
Even if you have never decorated a cake, I am sure that you appreciate and enjoy some of the beautiful mouth-watering masterpieces created on shows like “Cake Boss”, “Charm Cakes” and others. The creations improve year after year and one sometimes can not believe that underneath those incredible models is a ‘lump’ of sponge cake. Some of them even appear to be animated. These are artists expressing and displaying their talents.

You can learn how to incorporate awesome design elements into transforming any mundane baking into a creation to be admired by all. More importantly, it can be your very own creation and bring you a sense of fulfillment and pride. Learn how to craft those romantic Fondant Roses, realistic leaves and fruits to adorn an Anniversary Cake. You can make that Spaceship for your son’s birthday and Ken’s car for your daughter’s sleep-over.

Throughout our lives, we laugh, we cry…we eat cake!

Don’t just get a kick out of watching how Cake Boss makes these masterpieces but learn how they do it and experience the same enthusiasm and pleasure that they display. Besides starting a new hobby or putting extra joy into your cake-decorating hobby, you can amaze your friends with your new-found creativity. Become responsible for the physical manifestation of pure joy in your family – give them cake.

Just imagine being responsible for the cake decorating for all the functions which you attend in the next year. Weddings, birthdays, graduations and a host of other special occasions could all be centered on one of your creations. All celebrations could have one of your beautifully decorated and sculptured cakes as the centerpiece. If you have the desire to decorate cakes; go ahead and learn.

Monique Morgan works from home as a internet marketer. She does website testing and enjoys writing articles. She is pedantic about her research and tries to give the best content she can both in her articles and the products that she markets. Monique enjoys outdoor life, bird-watching and exploring remote natural areas.

I have become addicted to cake decorating. I am so attracted to all the brilliant colors and wonderful designs that can be used in the art of Cake decorating. It makes me crazy! Each cake seems to improve on the last one. I love the whimsical designs just as much as I love the beautiful, elegant traditional wedding cakes. You too can create almost anything out of a cake, take a look at some of the course.

Learn how to become a cake decorator Also learn how to make Vegan Cupcakes and Vegan desserts

A Brand new Cooking Reality Show with different Style and Taste. Monday to Thursday at 7:30 Pm only on Kairali Tv.
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Light Your Way Into Magic

Beauty is incomplete without adornment, so they say. In the same way, no matter how beautifully a house maybe decorated, it is the right kind of lighting which adds to its real worth. A diamond, when polished, sparkles the most. A home, in the same way, is something equally precious to its members. Taking steps to complete its beauty is every homemaker’s dream.

Light up your homes in the most beautiful way possible. Of course, architecture is important. And interior decorators make hell of a lot of money out of designing plush homes. But to add a finishing touch to all those expenses in the form of an extra bright light bulb or a boring cylindrical tube-light is just so yesterday. Do something different. Add that extra zing to your interiors.

To people who love a cozy atmosphere, wall sconces are a great choice. They are so shaped so as to direct all the light upwards, thus giving a dim and comforting appearance to the whole room. This kind of lighting helps create a soothing aura to the room and helps relieve a tired mind. Entering a bright room in the evening, after a day’s work can be irritating. But these lights provide just enough light for vision, at the same time, giving an aesthetic appeal to the whole room. A person entering the room for the first time would be awed by the simple yet suave taste of the homemaker.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but to be honest, not everybody has the knack for identifying beauty unless it’s thrown smack on their faces. Holtkotter lighting provides a range of lighting filled with such beauty that even the simplest of people would be awed.

They provide a range of lights for the ceiling which would give your upper wall an enchanting look. Filled with a circle of many tiny lights, the ceiling would be converted into another dimension altogether. The onlooker would think they are amidst the Milky Way. The consequence is tantalizing. Likewise, it lights up all the dim areas of the house. Have a library? What can look dimmer than one’s library? But not anymore because these lightings are designed in every form imaginable. They can be used to light up the nooks and crannies of the bookshelves giving the whole room a cheerful appearance.

Ever been bored of the same old boring utensils you cook in? The same boring kitchen to spend each pre-meal time of the day in? To add something different and chirpy to the monotonous kitchen, hubbardton forge provides a range of lighting to direct specifically on the utensils in a way that makes cooking fun. You can cook your meals with a ‘twist’. And not just the kitchen, even the dining or the living room, it just adds to the fun. Lights were never so much fun before. Amazing to look at, emanating a soothing aura, lights have turned a new dimension today.

There are so many options to choose from. All you have to do is logon to and look at various designs to choose from. Turn your home into a magical arena today!

Crescent Harbor online specialty shops including Chandeliers and Holtkotter lighting and hubbardton forge how you can easily furnish and decorate your Home. Come to our site

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The Magic Interior Decorator

magic kitchen
by DerekL

Nobody can really determine how interior designing started but by looking at how Egyptians design their houses, you will have an idea that they are already familiar with interior designing. You can see this just by looking at their furniture. This may prove that they really have a great interior decorator.

Ever since the dawn of civilization, designing continue to remain a common thing among wealthy families who always want their houses decorated. Even the Romans started to consider putting designs in their homes. It is even believed that this was influenced by the Egyptians when they started to put accessories in their homes. Matter of fact, they even designed their walls. Doing this is actually considered a great skill. It is a skill of combining different accessories and designs.

An interior decorator is one of the skilled people with a creative mind. Those who work designing have very artistic minds, especially when it comes to combining different types of designs and decorations, even the blending of different colors together. They even do the matching of lights inside a house using the color of paint inside a house. Thus, it seems that their minds are not limited to one idea only. They are also keen observers as they observe every space inside the house and then, they start thinking of a design that suits the house. They are good in putting together every idea they collect.

Decorators are not only designers. These days, designers have more developed skills. They are also into architectural jobs today. They also have ideas on putting up buildings like how to design a building that is being put up. They can even put up shelves with different designs. These are just a few architectural jobs that a designer can also do. This means, these days, their skills are not just limited to decorating a house; they are also talented and skilled like architects. They have also started to do renovation of buildings and they can even do the lay outs of a building plan. Their job also includes choosing a location for an escalator, elevator, stairway/s and the windows. Thus, some designers today are really so blessed with this kind of skill.

They meet face to face with clients in order to discuss and consider even the minutest factor. It is also their job to meet with their client to ask several questions. This way, they can get ideas in doing a design. Before proceeding with the design, they get a lot of information from their client so that they will know the kind of attitude their family has. Then again, one of the questions they usually ask is “what are your cooking habits?” With this question, they can have an idea about the kind of kitchen design their clients want. A lot of questions can be asked to lead them to the kind of design they are supposed to do. This way, they can to capture their client’s attitude.

Being an interior designer is one great job to have. Being in this field, a designer can earn a lot of money. At the same time; they can be of big help to their clients who are having problems figuring out a suitable design for their house. Do not experiment too much with the design of your home. A decorator can help you with these issues. By getting one, you will not be spending too much time planning the design of your house alone. Online information regarding designers is actually more available now. You can also ask your friends and family for some recommendations (if they know of a great interior decorator).

Expert Home Decor Opinions by Top Interior Designer from Interior Design Singapore

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Magic Kingdom – Unforgettable Landmarks

It is undeniable that the landmarks around the Magic Kingdom are definitely the most spectacular areas giving colors to this place, though they might not be so suitable for small children or exhilarating sites. Below are some most beautiful landmarks which make Magic Kingdom famous.


Mickey’s Country House – It may not be the White house but the most famous mouse’s house is always open to the public. The young ones have the opportunity to discover how does Mickey Mouse live. You can play with his appliances, look at some photo memorabilia, and learn to discover what hobbies does he enjoy. You can even drop by his yard and find some Mickey shaped flowers and plants. The famous Mouse might not be at his home all the time, but you can easily find him at the Judge’s Tent all the time taking photos and signing autographs.


Donald’s Boat – Be a captain of your own ship for a day, as you go on onboard Donald’s Boat. The S.S. Miss Daisy gives kids the chance to steer the captain’s ship, ring the bell, and even pull the whistle that would spout water on the ship’s deck. Stay away from the lily pads or you might get wet as they spurt out water unexpectedly.


Tom Sawyer Island – The kids would love this as this playground is based from Mark Twain’s novels. You have that obstacle course feel of going through suspension bridges, trails and even caves. Kids can even relax on the frontier fort built with timber. They can even view the Liberty Square Riverboat as they cruise along the river passing this island.


Swiss Family Treehouse – If you were able to watch that classic Disney film Swiss Family Robinson during the 1960′s, then Disneyworld built its own replica of the famous tree house.

Imagine they were able to house in six family members into this home which is fully furnished complete with a bucket pulley system to bring water to the house. Who thinks houses could only be built with cement and concrete? This tree house sets them apart from the rest.


Cinderella Castle – The Magic Kingdom would not be complete without Cinderella’s castle. Located at the center of the theme park, this castle is amazing inside out with its glamorous interiors complete with small designs coming from the 1950 animated movie, Cinderella.


If you are looking for Disney Vacation Packages that save you money, we have just what you are looking for. Our packages save you up to 40% on your Disney vacation. Our packages come complete with your theme park tickets and your choice of accommodations. You can choose to stay in a quality hotel, condo, villa, town home, or single family home. All of the lodging options are located close to the Disney World Resort. Stay just minutes from all the Disney “Magic.”

If you would like larger accommodations, be sure to look at our Disney Vacation Homes that are over twice as large as the standard Disney hotel room. These vacation homes offer their own private pool, a fully equipped kitchen and all the conveniences of home.

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Magic Chef Appliance Parts

When it comes to appliances, those of us who use them know that we use them often and wouldn’t be able to do without them. Appliances come in handy, especially in the kitchen. The worst thing that can happen is when your favorite appliance breaks after some time and you have to run around finding a part for it. If you are able to determine what the part is that you need to get then it makes the hunt slightly easier, but if you know nothing about appliances take it to someone that does and they can tell you what you need to get.

Magic Chef appliance parts can be obtained in stores but you might find it easier to search for the part online. You could drive around with the broken part and stop at every store you think might sell them, but that will be very time consuming, energy wasting, and definitely a waste of gas too. It would be so much easier to get the technical information of the part you need and search for it online. You are more than likely going to find it cheaper online anyway. However, you are recommended to first find other websites that sell it and compare prices as you might find it even cheaper at the next website.

Some of the Magic Chef appliance parts that are available come from appliances like air conditioners, cooktops, dehumidifiers, dishwashers, dryers, freezers, garbage disposers, ice makers, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, stoves, trash compactor, washers and many more. Magic Chef has a wide range of appliances that are made of good quality and made to last long. No one wants to spend money on a dishwasher only to have to replace it in a years time, that is why Magic Chef makes sure the appliances they manufacture are nothing but excellent.

They are a popular brand that one should look for when interested in appliances.

Even if you have had your appliance for a good couple of years and its performance seems to be slowing down, you might just need a new part. There are websites online that will help you find the parts you need quickly and efficiently. If you have noticed your appliance has slowed down, you should first have it seen to and find out if it isn’t just a part that needs to be replaced, rather than you going out to buy a whole new appliance. In many cases there is a part or two that has become worn just through general wear and tear and don’t perform like they used to.

Magic Chef appliance parts are available for any appliance you may have of theirs. It doesn’t matter if it is an older model or one of the new ones; they should still have the parts you need so that you can get your appliance up and running again. Life can be difficult without the dishwasher or microwave, so rather have it sorted as soon as you can – the quicker the better!

Eric Stein is the eCommerce manager for Midwest Appliance Parts, which specializes in helping people find the Magic Chef appliance parts they need to cost effectively repair their appliances by themselves. MAP has a huge inventory of new appliance parts for all the latest models and also obsolete appliance parts. So next time your machine has a problem, save time and money by starting your search for appliance parts at Midwest Appliance Parts!

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Orbeez Magic Maker Review

If you are on the look out for a toy that inspires the creativity and imagination of your child then you need look no further than Orbeez.  What they basically are tiny beads that swell up to small colorful and squishy balls that are just fun to play with.  Most Orbeez come in a kit, but this is really a starting point as your child will soon be making up games to play with them.  There are many activity kits for Orbeez, but here in this review we will take a closer look at the Magic Maker.


The Orbeez Magic Maker can be considered the starter kit for all the other Orbeez line of toys.  Basically what you are getting with this kit is a water tank to grow your Orbeez, and air pump to energize them.  The Orbeez are very small when dry, but when you place them in water they grow to many times their original size.  They are bouncy, slimy, wacky, silky, colorful, and just fun to feel and play with.  The it also comes with a play and display collection tray to keep track of the little balls.  Your child will find many games to play with using the sixteen page activity book that comes with the kit.


Once the Orbeez are swelled up in the water, you activate the aerator and get them swirling inside the tank.  There are small red hoops inside that you can try to make baskets with as the Orbeez swirl around inside.  The air pump handle can then be raised up and you try to swich the orbits out to exit port and send them swirling down the exit ramp.  Send them flying down one by one or all at once and watch them collect in the tray below.  One outside the tank in the tray your child can begin to play different activities and games with the Orbeez.


You will find that the Magic Maker kit comes with easy to read and detailed instructions.  The tank come with several different pieces to assemble.  The plunger is installed inside the tank, then the base is fitted to the bottom.  The top is then set in place and the exit ramp to the side and the Orbeez Magic Maker is ready for business.  The finishing touch is to screw in the plunger handle and you can then begin to fill the tank with water.  It will hold up to two quarts of water and about three thousand Orbeez inside.


This kit includes the water tank, aerator plunger handle, hoops, spiral ramp, and collection tray.  There are over three thousand Orbeez balls included in nine different colors.  We highly recommend you purchase a bead refill pack with this kit as balls will magically disappear here and there.  The play and display tray is absolutely essential to help you from losing the slimy balls off the playing surface.  A very well written sixteen page activity book is included with your purchase.  You can find this Orbeez kit at all the major big box retailers and online retailers for around twenty five dollars.

If you are looking for a unique creative toy for your children then you should consider Orbeez. Find out more information, reviews, and availability for Orbeez by visiting

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Samsung microwave: Magic in the kitchen

Samsung microwave ovens have been simplifying the housewife’s time in the kitchen for many years now, and the OmniPro convection microwave oven is just one example of how technology can be used to help one in day to day tasks. The Auto Menu feature is certainly the most interesting one, since it allows for the cooking of delicious meals at the touch of a button. This is most helpful when one does not have the time to look over the recipe, or has too many things to take care of at once. Also, in case the food is frozen, there is no need to wait for hours for it to thaw, as the Rapid Defrost feature allows for quick and even defrosting to return foods to their pre-frozen state in no time for preparing that perfect meal.

Coming to the design part, the OmniPro has the traditional design, albeit with all the latest features, to bring about convenience while maintaining that same warmth, so to speak. The two dials bring back memories of the conventional ovens; and the intuitive icons allow for quick identification and manual selection oven settings like time, cook mode, etc. so that your meals are cooked exactly how you want them. The door of the OmniPro is a drop down version, which is also in line with the conventional oven design, and allows for easy access. Also, one can rest larger dishes on the door when he/she is alone, owing to the design and strength of the oven.

In spite of the fact that the OmniPro packs in a mammoth capacity of 36 litres, it is very compact on the outside, with the minimum possible space left for machinery. Hence, one does not have to allocate too much space for it, something that is certainly a boon, considering the fact that open kitchens are the latest trend, besides being far more convenient.

Cleaning the oven is one of the most difficult tasks, but the OmniPro manages that quiet well too, as the Steam Clean system gives a one button resolution to the task.

One just needs to fill the Steam Clean container with water, place it adjacent to the wall of the oven and press the steam clean button. Within a few moments, just a wipe of a dry cloth is all it would take for all the stains and bacteria to be eliminated, resulting in a hygienic cooking environment. There is no need to even minutely scrub or use a detergent!

People using conventional ovens often have doubts regarding the capability of a microwave oven to  bake a pizza with a crunchy crust are in for a surprise with the OmniPro, since the Crusty Plate feature transforms the oven into a conventional oven that can bake and brown both ends of frozen foods like quiche, pizza, baguette, etc. without any oil. Hence, there are no soggy bottoms or hard and soft spots. Just mind-blowing pizza! The OmniPro is certainly a great boon for kitchens of all kinds.

For more information on microwave visit:

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Evriholder Magic Holder 5-Position Wall Organizer

Evriholder Magic Holder 5-Position Wall Organizer

Evriholder Magic Holder 5-Position Wall Organizer

  • 5-position wall organizer for handled tools
  • Rolling balls automatically adjust to each handle’s thickness and grips it securely
  • Easy release by lifting the handle
  • Each ball holds up to 7-1/2 pounds of weight
  • Compact sizing and clean design

A “wall” organizer designed to hold various household objects with handles of varying thickness. Simply insert a handle into a slot and a rounded, gravity controlled, rolling ball automatically adjusts to the handle’s thickness and grips it securely. Use in the laundry, garage, garden, utility room, offices, and more.

List Price: $ 17.99


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