Using Glass and Crystal Cabinet Knobs in Kitchens and Baths

Glass cabinet knobs are a great way to add vibrancy and color to any room in your home. Glass knobs, in their many styles, were one of the first items to be produced in America during the nineteenth century. Originally the production of glass cabinet hardware required extensive manual labor as each knob needed to be cut, sanded and finally polished. With the invention of the glass press machine these knobs could be mass produced and quickly replaced the traditional cast and stamped metal hardware in the United States.

Glass cabinet knobs are timeless and welcome addition to any home. These design elements exemplify simplicity and beauty. Glass cabinet knobs come in a wide variety of designs and colors and can be incorporated easily into many architectural styles. From classic Victorian pressed glass patterns to Art Deco and Modern designs, glass knobs are a versatile way to redecorate.

Many glass cabinet knob designs are produced today and this allows you to incorporate their patterns into your kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and more. These glass knobs can transform a boring home into a showplace – but be sure to follow a few simple steps. First, use glass knobs and pulls throughout your for a more unified theme. Second, replace older and worn down furniture knobs with traditional glass knob styles. Note: The use of glass knobs will tie the look together for you. You can also incorporate glass into other areas of your home such as the lighting and doorknobs to further unify your theme. Use decorating magazines or ask an interior designer or other design expert for additional help if needed. By using glass knobs through the entire house you can vary the color or design – you do not need to use the same knob on cabinets, furniture, or drawers.

Glass cabinet knobs are readily available online as well as in many home decorating catalogs.

Search for glass or crystal knobs and make sure to ask questions. Will this knob fit on the cabinet or drawer? What is the best size knob for this application? Is it available in any other colors or designs? Many styles of glass knobs can be found online through LookInTheAttic & Company and they also offer free design assistance and help.

Kohn Coleman born in Michigan – received his Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 2000. He is president of LookInTheAttic & Company online at and authors numerous articles and publications on historical architecture.

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Bring A New Life to Your Home with Decorative Hardware Such as Closet Rods and Dresser Knobs

If you like to take your home to a new level of elegance and style, then the most cost-effective approach you can take is to install decorative hardware to your closet and cabinets. These simple touches can definitely make a difference to your room. From stylish dresser knobs to stainless closet rods, all these can bring a fresh look to your house.  Decorative hardware can bring a new life to your kitchen. Install classy cupboard knobs with the theme you want. If you want something formal, choose the classic knobs that fit this theme such as those with silver finish. If you opt for something warm and rustic, you can choose wooden pulls and knobs. The hardware will exude that homey feel that will surely bring a country vibe to your kitchen space. If you want the more contemporary look, then you can select hammered iron knobs to suit your decors.


Another part of the house that can be improved is the bathroom. This room is often used but often ignored when it comes to proper decorating. To spruce up your bathroom, change the hardware with decor accessories such as closet rods and decorative knobs for cabinets. You can be whimsical or classic with your taste. You can choose a modern theme or the Oriental feel with the use of home accessories such as toilet paper holder, towel rack, and handles. These decors can be found in your local hardware store for cheap prices. The problem however is that the choices can be limited to only a few styles. If you want more choices, the online hardware stores may be the better choice for your shopping. Decorative hardware pieces can truly create that special ambiance in a room.


The best places where you can apply these decorative elements are in the kitchen and the bathroom.

With the use of a screwdriver, you can change a dresser knob or a handle and make a big difference instantly.  Aside from the bathroom and the kitchen, you will be able to find places throughout your house where you can apply your design skills and creativity. With a critical eye, these small touches can interject your very own personality to any room in the house. Changing these small pieces of decorative hardware can turn a plain room into something you truly desire, even with a small budget. Even those who have not yet done any home improvement projects in the past can now make a room suit his or her individual style.


By simply changing a few knobs and rods, one can quickly introduce a simple but noticeable change that can truly make the difference in the overall feel of the room. But there is a problem? What if there are limited decorative hardware pieces in the local hardware? Where do I find the pieces that will be appropriate for my theme?

To find the best selections on decorative hardware such as Knobs and Closet Rods, check out this website: Dresser Knobs.

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A World of Kitchen Cabinet Door Knobs

It is a sad fact of my life that I recently spent two days trying to decide on the exact style of kitchen cabinet door knobs that would complement my new kitchen. Yes two days, and I now have cabinet door knob fatigue and probably post door knob stress syndrome. What do I have to show for all this exploration of the World of cabinet door knobs? Well I have some excellent door knobs of course and I saved some money by buying my hardware at a discount price.

I also have my personal top five, all time favorite, door knobs. None of which actually found their way onto my new kitchen cabinets but all of which find their way into my conversation at the first mention of kitchen remodeling.

At number five are the most beautiful and colorful glass hands full-style blobs. I never chose them myself but the idea of making your kitchen look like the entrance to King Solomon’s mines with these primary colored jewels just crying out to be snatched, makes me think twice about my actual choice.

At number four are the incredibly quaint insect themed satin nickel caterpillars on a half-eaten leaf. These antique entomological drawer handles are not cheap but surely you have to have more money than sense to give your kitchen a garden pest theme? They were more attractive than the bronze or brass snail knobs though.

At number three I was very drawn by the light diffusing crystal prisms that send little rainbow spots all over the kitchen when struck just right by the sunlight. But I think they might drive the cat crazy.

At number two were the Knob Hill ceramic porcelain sunflower design (it was a toss-up between these and turtles) but they were just so decorative and cheerful I bought some for my bathroom cabinet to replace those dull old chrome square ones.

It was like having a whole new bathroom makeover.

At number one though is the whole of the Amerock range of cabinet door knobs, just because it gave me such pleasure to flick through all those gorgeous little pictures of lonely single knobs looking for a date. They have fifty-three and a half pages with 12 knobs on each and they will compare their prices for you. I can recommend the Amerock experience if you have a few hours to spare one day and you want to give your kitchen cabinets a treat.

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