Induction Market Warlords Mixed War “king”


Recent years,


Its high efficiency, energy saving has been more and more accepted by consumers, so that the appliance into the small household appliance market, a dark horse. With industry experts, appliance sales in 2004 topped 11 million units, sales in 2006 expected to exceed 15 million appliance units, small household appliances will become one of the fastest growing product.

With China

Real estate

Industry’s rapid development, urban living in community-based development and city gas


Construction is not synchronized to the appliance manufacturers provide a broad market. In addition, improvement of living standard, “living in


“Concept to promote

Whole cupboard

Industry’s rapid development. According to statistics, basically 50% of consumers will buy the whole cabinet purchase of stove. Therefore, induction cooker enterprises and high-quality goods cabinet business alliance, using their own


Advantage of expanding market share, will be a win-win cooperation, on both sides to improve market share in both complementary role in enabling the entire stove


No longer monotone, creating highly efficient and orderly chain, in order to achieve common development.

Vast market for the appliance industry’s rapid development, but as the market cut into the low threshold, the appliance market has quite a mixed bag, the quality of stimulation.

The market is the pack melee, but there is no absolute


Brand, the appliance market expected, “King” appearance. In order to fight to the


, Manufacturers have in product development, industrial design, the appearance of increased investment to improve product quality, diversity and other aspects of growth a boost. Now the market in the United States, and other major brands separatist Supor country most of the time, also emerged a number of small brands, many of whom are strong momentum in the “different forces”, such as the induction cooker “dark horse” Sakata, known for induction cooker, just started recently Hebei open market, a market, opening to go on the achievements of high quality, low prices on a tremendous impact on the original brand.

Talk about the reasons, the industry simply summarized as “the new brand, new ideas, new markets.” Good products need good marketing, according to Sakata reputation electrical appliance agent responsible analysis, a brand agency is operating in the distribution of a train of thought, mode of operation as well as market positioning, as the key interface between the factory and the end, the agents must be able to terminal provides sales,


, Activities and other aspects of the guidance


Terminal inventory, while helping them deal with inventory, to break the traditional sales model, which is also known as “service terminal.” Common between the agent and the seller is only between accounts cargo business, marketing requirements and modern factories, agents, distributors, sales terminal to form a close


To create the best marketing companies. Terminal expansion at the same time, will break through traditional stores only the inherent mode of strengthening cross-sectoral cooperation and interaction between industry, driven by off-site non-store sales. Supplemented by a new brand new marketing model, will bring new market opportunities and changes.

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Jet Airlines – The King of Indian Skies

Jet Airlines is one of India’s most favorite and trusted airlines. The airlines is owned and managed by Naresh Goyal and his associates. The business is the oldest private player in the aviation industry and was formed in 1992 immediately after liberalization.

The airlines are headquartered in Mumbai and have two other low price brands viz. Jet Konnect and JetLite. The company has also produce Sahara Airlines for a humongous $ 500 million. The hubs of Jet Airlines are located Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other cities of India. It has its international nucleus at Brussels Airport in Belgium also.

Jet Airlines has been highly praised as the second best airlines of the globe by ‘Which?’ magazine. The cookery and the generosity of the airlines have been awarded by the magazine.

The airlines has more than 30 per cent share of the Indian aviation division and the company claims to have dish up more than 12 million passengers annually.

The airline aspires to become a associate of the One World grouping but it has signed a number of code share agreements with several famous airlines of the world like Etched, American airlines, Air Canada, Qantas and much more.

The cabin of Jet Airlines has been configured for the long drag as well as short haul flights. The company has best part of its aircrafts as Boeing 777 where the seats are arranged in 2-2 or 3-3 abreast pattern.

Domestic and International Short Haul: This class is for the small flights on all domestic and preferred international routes. The airlines have only two categories i.e. Premiere and Economy. Premiere has large seats with private LCD screens on the side but the Economy has seats with 30 inches and private LCD screen located on the back of the seats.

Premiere Class travelers are served with four course meals that are served on the fine Rosenthal crockery.

All the meals on the flight are equipped by the Oberoi Flight Kitchens.

The industry class has been given three-star by self-governing agency Skytrax largely due to its service and ambience. The passengers in this class are served meals on very innovative tableware that is known as “The Landscape”.
So, if you are preparation a trip to some of the exotic destinations in India. Then make a reservation of Jet Airlines at the best possible fares that are available in the market.

Author is an article writer of  Jet Airways India and written few articles about cheap air tickets. Visit author profile for more articles.

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Elvis Gifts – A Piece of the King

There are so many Elvis gifts out there in the world that unless you know what you want, you will have a hard time deciding which to buy. If you can think of a type or style of gift, there is a marketer that has put an Elvis picture on it.


For your kitchen alone there are over 40 items to decorate it with. There are oven mitts and place mats along with plates, cups, bowls and napkin holders. For your spices there are the simple salt and pepper shakers or a complete rack of spices that have the King not only embossed on the bottles but on the shelf itself.

There are even a selection of aprons with the King on them and for when you are doing the dishes, you can look down and see the King in the strainer. There are seven different strainers to choose from, all for less than $ 20.00 each. One of the better sellers is the Elvis Presley cookie Jar jumpsuit style. This is available for less than $ 100.00.

Of course there are more common items like a license plate, clock, Zippo style lighter and cigarette case but to have the King close to you, the Elvis bathrobe is a must. It has embroidery on both the front and back for under $ 50.00.

If you truly wish to live back in yesteryear with Elvis, there is still the old style metal lunch box available with the King on every side.

For those of you that are true Elvis fans and wish to have him in your home, there are 15 different life size cardboard cutouts available. There is one in almost every imaginable style of clothing the King worn including him in a bathing suit on a surf board. My favorite is Elvis Presley the Gunfighter, from one of his movies.

There are so many

Elvis gifts

to choose from that there is something for every fan of the King.

The history of Elvis Presley is a long and rich story that most of us know well. What made Elvis distinctive right from the beginning was the way he moved, and few performers have had a more dramatic impact on peoples lives than Elvis Presley. Elvis will always be the King of Rock and Roll to many people across the globe. Remember the rich and exciting history of Elvis Presley with a visit to where you’ll find Elvis news, cool Elvis facts, and Elvis collectibles.

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The First King of French Chefs

Careme’s incredible good fortune, some might say “destiny”, began with the doorstep on which he landed. It belonged to a Monsieur Sylvain Bailly, a famous patissier, with a shop near the Palais Royal, who gave the nine year old Careme bed and board in exchange for general kitchen work. More than just a kind soul, Sylvain Bailly, was in, fact, Careme’s first mentor. Encouraging his young helper to advance and learn.

This combination of encouragement and Careme’s talent, culminated in the opening of Careme’s own pastry shop – at the ripe old age of eighteen. On his own, Antonin Careme was “on a roll”. Owing to the fact that pastry, particularly innovative creations, were Paris’ flavour of the moment.

And Careme’s creations were innovation on steroids. In fact, Careme was essentially a sculptor, using icing sugar, nougat and marizan as his materials. Inspired by architecture and famous monuments, Careme created and re-created pyramids, helmets, and waterfalls. Never intending that that they should be actually be eaten.

Happily Parisian Society was “eating up” Careme. He was truly the “Big Man on Campus.” And, his campus to boot! Clearly the teen-age Careme was the toast of Paris. Whether or not that was the height of his ambition, is open to speculation. No matter. Young Antonin was about to have, as the saying goes – “greatness thrust upon him.”

Careme’s talent and accomplishments had come to the attention of the man who would become his second, last, and most influential mentor. Prince Tallyrand. The consummate diplomat who survived  all that era’s political upheavals. Tallyrand was, or at least considered himself to be, a gourmet. He invited Careme to be his Chef.

On the condition that he prepare a year’s worth of menu’s without repeating himself. Dare I say – “a piece of cake” for Monsieur C?

His association with Tallyrand elevated Careme to the highest strata of European Society and Royalty. After Napolean met his Waterloo, Careme decamped for England, where he cooked for the Prince Regent. Later to become King George the Fourth. His culinary carousel continued with an invitation to St. Petersburg.(The one in Russia folks.) Although, for whatever reason, he never actually got to cook for the Tsar.(Preparing for the next revolution?) So – back to Paris. Firing up his stove for banker J.M. Rothschild.

Without a doubt – Antonin Careme was the first “Celebrity chef.” But it is his contributions to the art of French Cuisine that has (justly) earned him the title : “King of Chefs.”

Here they are:

1.His book on pastry -  Le Patissier Royal Parisien.

Only the third book of that time to be devoted exclusively to the patissier’s art. And the first one to have extensive engraved plates.  Careme’s designs for these engravings resemble more elaborate architectural constructions, than pictures of food.

2.His book on Cuisine – L’art de la Cuisine Francaise au XIXe siecle. Here he extends his wild, wacky, weird, and way out imagination to the preparation and presentation of meat, poulty and seafood.

But, he also did some more serious stuff – like giving future chefs the ability to create an almost unlimited variety of dishes by utilizing a series of basic prepartions Careme developed. He also classified all sauces into groups, based on four main sauces.


Careme is credited with ending the practice of serving all the dishes at once(“Service a la Francaise”), and replacing it with the one we know today. (“Service a la Russe”) Where the grub arrives in the order on the menu. Careme also gets a “tip o’ the hat” for inventing it. The chef’s hat(toque) that is.

Sorry to say – no happy ending for Antonin Careme. After blazing across the culinary heavens, rubbing shoulders with the high and the mighty of nineteenth century Europe, and leaving an enduring legacy – he joined his pal La Varenne at that big stove in the sky – at the tender age of forty eight.

Better to burn out than fade away? (as Neil Young would, and did, say)







Christopher Strong(The BICYCLE GOURMET) is the Creator/Director/Host of the
Multi-Media Lifestyle/Adventure series – “Bicycle Gourmet’s Treasures of France“, and the Author of “Gliding to the Bonheur.” His behind the scenes story of that filming.

Share more of his incredible French Adevntures HERE

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Botox: King of Wrinkle Treatments

Botox is the King of Wrinkle Treatments, a title that has been supported time and time again by the millions of treatments performed every year worldwide (5.4 million in 2010 to be exact, according to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) – and the numbers are consistently rising. So many men and women have been treated with Botox injections that it is really is a common, household name for “wrinkle fighter”.


Do you want to witness the stunning results that Botox can achieve for you? Do you want to see how your wrinkles can disappear after a relatively short period of time for recovery? Are you a man or woman who is tired of seeing a tired face in the mirror that needs rejuvenation? Talk to your cosmetic medical pro about Botox!


What You See After Treatment

After your relatively quick procedure, which typically lasts around 15 to 20 minutes, you probably won’t notice anything except for some redness, swelling and a bit of bruising that may come in a few hours afterward. Don’t be disappointed! Botox needs a bit of time to get really into the muscles to start working its magic. You’ll need about a week or so, a period of time over which the treated muscles will relax and then BAM…your wrinkles disappear! The process is gradual but it can be quite dramatic when you finally get to see the smoothness you’ve longed for all this time.


Results are temporary, as you probably already know, due to the naturally occurring protein Botox is composed of which the body reabsorbs.

However, most patients believe it’s worth it, especially when you consider the alternative: painful surgery involving knives and a longer recovery period.


Your Next Appointment

Your medical pro who performs the treatment will let you know when you should schedule your next injection, as this depends on your body, the extent of your concern and how you take to the injected Botox. On average, however, you should expect to schedule a subsequent treatment within a few months, especially if it’s your first treatment. It’s incredibly important to follow this schedule, since it will help maintain the desirable effects of treatment and keep you looking fabulous!


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Martin Luther King

As Bubba told us not too long ago, or was it Hillary, Obama is not Martin Luther King. And the point is? Obama is now feeling a bit more of the HEAT from the political kitchen as Hillary and crew throw everything at him including the kitchen sink. Welcome to politics. Everyone has a cross to bear and so far I think Obama has done well.

I’ve said that I think Obama is a symbol for restoration between blacks and whites and a renewal of dialogue (as best that can be done) between Christians and Muslims. No he’s not a Muslim. That is urban myth gone wacko.

What I’ve seen in Obama is a softer tone and a demeanor that doesn’t attack- when I would, when politicians have. His line of HOPE is mroe than rhetoric, but a way of life that he embraces. So, while he is not Martin Luther King (no one is) he protrays some of the restorative ambience that not even the Christian church represents.

While the press rails on his pastor (even if there is good reason to do so), that’s not how it’s to be done, except maybe in politics.

Let me lift a quote from MLK from Strength To Love.

“We shall match your capacity to inflict suffering by our capacity to endure suffering. Do what you will and we will continue to loae you. Throw us in jail, and we shall still love you. Bomb our homes and threaten our children, and we shall still love you. Send your hooded perpetrators of violence into our community at the midnight hour and beat us and leave half dead, and we shall still love you. But be assured that we will wear you down by our capacity to suffrer. One day we shall win our freedom, but not only for ourselves. We shall so appeal to your heart and conscience that we shall win YOU in the process, and our victory will be a double victory.”

Where’s the modeling of such character Christians?

It’s the WAY of Jesus, not Jesus as one minute confessional WAY.

Ah, but this is politics after all.

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Saving Superman, Return Of The King – Superman Kitchen Electrical, Gas Stove – Hc Network Appliance

?? Hu Jun signing Superman


Kitchen image voice conference success

Vase, Vientiane update. The afternoon of March 5, from


Superman Electric Co., Ltd. an exclusive seminar on “Energy Saving Superman, Return of the King?? Hu Jun signing Superman. Spokesperson released the image of energy-saving kitchen, the General Assembly” held in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Led by the chairman of Superman Superman electrical Luo Zijian group leadership, core distributors, famous brand consultants and other relevant staff attend the conference, while there are Sina, Sohu, HC, World Wide Web

Home Appliances

, Found room, modern appliances, such as China Business Times, dozens of media reporters to attend.

Was Mr. Hu Jun and Superman. Energy-saving kitchen formal contract, and will serve as public ambassadors Superman low-carbon two-year campaign. Meanwhile, 2010′s “saving China Superman in Action” at the national low-carbon community projects are fully launched. The conference can be called into the national energy-saving kitchen appliances Superman first brand in the field of a milestone.

Super energy-saving product features Superman. Superman chairman Luo Zijian presented: Superman brand has 19 years of history, won the national high-tech enterprise, China

Gas Appliance

Industry benchmarking products, innovation and enterprise in Guangdong gold, Chinese famous trademarks, brands, and many government procurement Ten honors. R & D is more than 50 national patents (Patent Office, according to national statistics, in China, kitchen areas, Superman is the industry one of the most patent applications). With

Gas stoves

For example, Superman has produced eight generations of “internal rotation of fire” products have received national patents. After repeated testing, Zhongshan City Technical Supervision, obtained, Superman “pronation fire” energy-saving products gas stoves up to 26% and 30%, far more than a lot of energy in the 8 to 15% of the line kitchen brand. Not only superior products, in 2009 Superman also established by the elite and the domestic kitchen and bathroom industry


Professionals team of professionals, and hired well-known brand planning agency One collusion, as Superman, rapid and healthy growth of the brand escort.

Hu Jun

Why? Superman electrical Valley Mr. Ma Chang, marketing director pointed out: First, Hu Jun is the undisputed front-line star, but also excellent work in recent years, filed one after another, “Red Cliff”, “October Besieged City”, “Mulan”, “My brother Tang Dynasty,” have received well received, the growing influence of China. Second, Hu Jun has always been

Environmental protection

Enthusiasts, the screen image of the positive health. Finally, Hu Jun is a tough guy on the screen, the hero, Hu Jun, under the screen is actually home, he is the eyes of his wife, model husband, daughter, fathers eyes. On the whole, Hu Jun, Superman buying population in the highly influential, enthusiastic environmental personal image fitting Superman product features, while the required set of super tough guy brand kitchen products necessary temperament and character and a home, which made him a superhuman voice appliances the best choice.

From China


Association, the Guangdong Association of gas with the leadership, Luo Zijian chairman, Mr. Hu Jun, chairman of the Joint One collusion Li Jinkui start “saving China Superman in Action” Programme national low-carbon public ceremony is the highlight scene. This Luo Zijian, chairman of the scene were interviewed, he introduced to: “Energy in China Superman in Action” is a public good nature of the enterprise with the annual theme, for not only the super-consumers, but also ordinary people . Activities include a series of small around the theme of energy saving activities. For example, Superman will be part of this year’s income to donate to the Conservation Foundation; will organize a group of people to afforestation; our products will be more stringent with the latest technology to reduce carbon emissions and so on. Luo Dong believes that public enterprises do not only do good things but also enhance the corporate image, is a win-win good significance.

Industry analysis, in 2009 China’s consumption of kitchen products more than 200 billion, China has become the world’s largest consumer of kitchen products. China’s environmental problems result in products of “energy saving” feature is deeply concerned by the vast number of consumers, although there are many kitchen and brands are sporadically introduced energy-saving products, but not professional energy-saving kitchen brand appears, the Superman, such as targeting huge blank market, will create a new situation in the domestic kitchen and bathroom industry, changing the competitive landscape of domestic brands.

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Disinfection Cabinet King Combo: Industrial Expansion Into Complete Kitchen

In the just concluded the first half of 2008, “China Famous Brand” selected activities, Kangbao Xi was privilege to become one of the few areas of the kitchen appliances have the honor of the company. Identified as the time in the strict honor and authority, the brand value of the “pole” seems to “disinfect counters King” Herbalife has a more complete set of self-confidence to go into the kitchen appliances market.

“Disinfector King” Baodaobulao

“Got the title of our 20 years to nurture and develop the Disinfection cabinet industry recognition.” Herbalife chairman Luo said with a sigh.

It is reported that Herbalife as the world’s first electronic sterilizer, the inventor, the disinfection cabinet Product share of global production and sales for many years the first, this “Chinese Famous Brand” and win, it is long on Herbalife Disinfection cabinet leader in the field of recognition.

Relevant information, even in recent years, many other kitchen electric field of brand extension to the sterilizer, the sterilization container market, adding more competitors, Herbalife is still firmly occupy the market share of first place, his advocacy of “Two Star” sterilization indicators have also become a late-coming brand imitation.

Gonglue kitchen electricity market a foregone conclusion

“Just eat disinfection cabinet savings, inevitably one day rest on its laurels.” Luo did not cover up his A complete set of kitchen appliances into the market, hidden secrets.

Recent years, and Galanz into life by the small household electrical appliances, like microwave ovens, Herbalife also find a way for their own industrial expansion.

It is understood that started out as a professional disinfection cabinet kitchen appliances brand, Herbalife across the board in 2003 had set foot hood, gas stoves, water heaters and other fields, and has made remarkable achievements in these areas. Since 2003, into the hood, gas stove industry since Herbalife has maintained around 100% growth in the traditional kitchen has created a great impact on the market in 2006, Herbalife in the kitchen to achieve sales of 500 million yuan electricity, 2007 re-invested tens of millions of years, Herbalife, Herbalife was established appliance product development centers.

The Herbalife

and get the “China Famous Brand” title, in brand value to achieve a leap forward, tends to be more high-end brand image positioning.

Said, according to Luo A, Herbalife is vigorously building specialty stores nationwide, open up new marketing model, so far, Herbalife number of national specialty chain has more than 800 throughout most of the central city.

Healthy Kitchen

create a new label

Gradually into mature with the kitchen appliances, kitchen electric consumption is also faced with upgrading, it will bring opportunities to the enterprise.

And air conditioning energy consumption trends in the transition to health by the same current consumption of kitchen appliances is no longer considered only the price level and style of beauty.

Industry believes that, due to family living environment and quality of high demand, health spending has become the main theme of the modern kitchen, complete kitchen appliances consumers buy more time will take into account the health function. And the other by a smoke machine or cooker complete kitchen appliances started to extend the enterprise is different from the professional as disinfecting cabinet Herbalife field requirements in the field of health is far higher than the gas stove or range hood class, so more representative of the Healthy Kitchen concept.

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