Jazz Up Your Kitchen With Trendy Kitchen Bar Stools

Although most people are well aware of the practical use of kitchen bar stools, not many actually consider their aesthetic aspect. Kitchen chairs are, in fact, neat decorative items that can provide extra seating and spice up the decor of your kitchen without taking up lots of space.

Kitchen bar stools blend in well with all kind of kitchen furniture – bistro-style tables, kitchen islands, and high counters. And with the wide variety of styles, designs, colors, and themes of kitchen bar stools available today, it definitely makes sense to choose a couple of them than the plain, old wooden stools.

If your kitchen sports modern décor, try adding a few sleek stools in dark wood, light wood, chrome, or aluminum. Painted bar chairs with comfortable rush seats greatly enhance the appeal of a country-style kitchen. For a themed kitchen, get some modern metal chairs with cut outs that suit the theme.

Choosing Kitchen Bar Stools

It can be a fun experience shopping for bench that will complement your kitchen. However, you must also be practical while making a choice. Understand your needs, and then, choose stools that best meet these needs. For instance, if you plan to spend lots of time eating and chatting at the stools, it is best to go in for stools with wooden seats or ones with heavy, scotch-guarded fabric.

Another fact to consider is the height of the chair. You will obviously be uncomfortable if the stools are too short or too tall. The height of stools generally ranges between 17 to 31 inches. To ensure the right height, pick the bar chair that maintain about 10 to 13 inches between the bottom of the kitchen counter and top of the seat.

There is a simple method to calculate this space difference.

First, measure the height from your floor to the base of the counter. When you are shopping for bar stools, measure the height from the floor to the top portion of the seat. Finally, calculate the difference in heights. If the difference is in the 10-13 range, you are looking at the right stools!

If you are still wondering if kitchen benches can actually transform the look of your plain kitchen, then the answer is definitely yes! Regardless of what the décor or theme of your kitchen is, with more styles of kitchen chairs in the market than ever before, you are sure to find the perfect bar stools that will enhance the look of your kitchen, and of course, fetch you plenty of compliments.

Kitchen bar stools are in great demand these days, these stylish stools comes in various designs and styles, and can easily blend with your existing kitchen décor. For more information visit http://www.crillyskitchenbarstools.co.uk

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Kitchen bar stools: Jazz up your kitchen

The day has now come when you have to do some shopping to make your small living room an extended place. Start with your kitchen this time and add the bar stool as one of the right furniture to make your home décor stunning.I know if you are browsing through this article then it’s pretty obvious that you are in need of some help in selecting the right bar stool.Would you be interested to add a nice and modern look at your kitchen? Invest on the barstools which are especially designed for your kitchen to add a bit of dash to your home décor.

You are right;there are many options, styles are also varied and fashion is also unlimited when it comes to the point of choosing the right barstools.If you love a more traditional look then choose from the wooden stools with a white seating area.Yes,the wooden stools range from light oak woods to darker woods like cherry.And if you have a lighter kitchen counter or a traditional wooden bar,these oak or cherry wooden stools can be a perfect match.For the less decorative kitchen bar stool however there are the wrought iron or wooden bar stools which adds an elegant charm to the room while adding simple and subtle designs on the backs.You are right;to add a rather contemporary touch the Kitchen bar stools with metal frames would be the best buy.

What’s more? Well,the white seats on dark metal frames look awesome and also render a major touch of sophistication,trend,style and ambiance to your home décor.Honestly,a design change needs not to be something that hits you right on your face however, often addition of a subtle element in the room can enhance the charm and the ambiance to the overall decor.

Are you an artist? Well,then the new age barstool with the swivel design is far more convenient because the swivel seats help you in moving as you paint.The bottom line is however simple and that is all about sitting at the comfortable position and getting such kind of stools indeed helps you in creating your master piece.If you want to add versatility to your breakfast table then it is perhaps the best time to invest on the stools in order to complement your morning habit.

Backless bar stools are available in metal and wood finish so make your choice only after you decide which one suits your requirement.

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