Man turns 500 sq ft into a mansion – room idea video

The interior design of this offbeat space is sure to inspire some room ideas. James Hong’s home and office fit in a 500 Sq. ft. apartment in the East Village…
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A French Country Kitchen Comes Into the 21st Century-HGTV

The cabinets aren’t the only things that are distressed in this kitchen. A kitchen gets a vintage look — but with all the comforts and conveniences. This vi…

For more details click here: 8 N 3192 E Idaho Falls, ID 83401 8000, 6 bed, 3.5 bath, 4200 SF, MLS# 177515…

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How to transform your kitchen into a bright modular kitchen design

Modular kitchen is increasingly becoming popular and has become a vital part of the modern kitchen design. Kitchen is undeniably the heart of the house where you cook, eat, chat, greet your morning and end your evening. With recent trends in designing it is outgrowing the dull and dreary image linked with only store and oven. Modern kitchen designs are conceived and applied to transform your kitchen into a bright, lively and spacious place where you would love to cook and spend time as well. It also ensures that the kitchen facilitates your working and storing besides being easy to maintain and clean. An unorganized and untidy kitchen could spoil the picture of even the most tastefully done house.

Modular kitchen comprises of modules and sections of cabinets, shelves, work top and other hardware allowing ample storing space. It also includes an array of fixtures like dish washer, chimney and various other kitchen appliances to enhance efficiency and comfort. It is termed as modular because it consists of various modules assembled together to offer maximum manageability and accessibility to your kitchen items.  Modern kitchen designs are conceived keeping in consideration all the aspects from storage to appliances and washing space to looks, everything is well thought of and planned. Cabinets are the primary storage space in a modular kitchen and their designs are selected to optimize the available space and sort out the storage of kitchen items as per their use and sizes.  Fridge, microwave, cooking range food processor etc are various appliances which are now found in nearly every kitchen.

Modern kitchen designs allocate specific places for each gadget, sorting out power switches, electric wiring and space issues .The big appliances like fridge, microwave and dishwasher require ample space where as gadgets like mixers and gas burner ought to be easily accessible.

Kitchen work tops are also a crucial part of kitchen and are chosen on the basis of sturdiness as well as the texture and color blending well with the kitchen theme.

The current trend favors granite tops amidst the vast array of acrylic counter tops, designed stones, wooden counter tops with laminations and stainless steel tops. Where the kitchen counter tops are small an island can be introduced to complement the top, at the same time enhancing the storage area. Flooring, whether ceramic tiles or wooden with laminates also play an integral part in the entire set up of the kitchen. Tiles are also employed in the back lash highlighting the entire kitchen. The color of the tiles or the laminates is thus selected to further enrich the chosen theme and enliven a sense of unity.

Modular kitchen besides organizing and updating also facilitate by its unique capacity of being taken apart and easy re assembling in an instance of relocation. The modules could also be done one at a time, bliss for the budget conscious people.


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6 rooms into 1: morphing apartment packs 1100 sq ft into 420

In 2010, we met Graham Hill- the founder of and a serial entrepreneur. He had just bought two tiny apartments in a century-old tenement buildi…
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Light Your Way Into Magic

Beauty is incomplete without adornment, so they say. In the same way, no matter how beautifully a house maybe decorated, it is the right kind of lighting which adds to its real worth. A diamond, when polished, sparkles the most. A home, in the same way, is something equally precious to its members. Taking steps to complete its beauty is every homemaker’s dream.

Light up your homes in the most beautiful way possible. Of course, architecture is important. And interior decorators make hell of a lot of money out of designing plush homes. But to add a finishing touch to all those expenses in the form of an extra bright light bulb or a boring cylindrical tube-light is just so yesterday. Do something different. Add that extra zing to your interiors.

To people who love a cozy atmosphere, wall sconces are a great choice. They are so shaped so as to direct all the light upwards, thus giving a dim and comforting appearance to the whole room. This kind of lighting helps create a soothing aura to the room and helps relieve a tired mind. Entering a bright room in the evening, after a day’s work can be irritating. But these lights provide just enough light for vision, at the same time, giving an aesthetic appeal to the whole room. A person entering the room for the first time would be awed by the simple yet suave taste of the homemaker.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but to be honest, not everybody has the knack for identifying beauty unless it’s thrown smack on their faces. Holtkotter lighting provides a range of lighting filled with such beauty that even the simplest of people would be awed.

They provide a range of lights for the ceiling which would give your upper wall an enchanting look. Filled with a circle of many tiny lights, the ceiling would be converted into another dimension altogether. The onlooker would think they are amidst the Milky Way. The consequence is tantalizing. Likewise, it lights up all the dim areas of the house. Have a library? What can look dimmer than one’s library? But not anymore because these lightings are designed in every form imaginable. They can be used to light up the nooks and crannies of the bookshelves giving the whole room a cheerful appearance.

Ever been bored of the same old boring utensils you cook in? The same boring kitchen to spend each pre-meal time of the day in? To add something different and chirpy to the monotonous kitchen, hubbardton forge provides a range of lighting to direct specifically on the utensils in a way that makes cooking fun. You can cook your meals with a ‘twist’. And not just the kitchen, even the dining or the living room, it just adds to the fun. Lights were never so much fun before. Amazing to look at, emanating a soothing aura, lights have turned a new dimension today.

There are so many options to choose from. All you have to do is logon to and look at various designs to choose from. Turn your home into a magical arena today!

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Bosch Into Everything, Bosch Into Fridges

Bosch has been a key pioneer in the field of consumer household devices (and not only!) for many years. During the last years, Bosch has not only managed to keep up with the stiff competition of the field but they have also managed to stay on the top spots, innovate and always with the ability to deliver top quality products. Below, I’m going to tell you about 2 of Bosch’s best consumer fridges, the Bosch KGU31125g and the Bosch KVG28325.

Starting off with the KGU, the first thing that you would be surprised off about this fridge is that it’s really, really silent! This fridge is so silent that you would hardly notice its presence if it wasn’t for its vast, physical existence. The fridge by itself is divided into 2 ‘floors’ with 2 doors positioned in a vertical setup. Although the size of the fridge is considerable, it’s pretty easy to install and use. The size also accounts for a very satisfying interior space witch will fit the needs of the most demanding customers. Some good extra points about this fridge are brought by the fact that it comes with a 2 year warranty by the manufacturer and you can also purchase additional warranty for the coming years. Another special feature that you will not miss for sure is a useful bottle rack that this fridge comes with. Regarding the price, this is a very affordable fridge and if you don’t mind the fact that it doesn’t come with a fancy color then this is something you should definitely keep your eyes on when the time has come to buy a new fridge.

Jumping on the KVG now, there are many things to tell about this fridge. First of all, like the KGU this is a very silent fridge. The KVG features a large – capacity interior design witch is divided into different temperature zones.

Apart from that, the KVG features a fantastic fast freeze switch witch will cool the freezer up to -35 degrees C. Another good point about the KVG is that it has 6 shelf slots and 3 shelves. The shelves are made out of glass and this is something that will help you a lot when you a


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Turn Your Kitchen into a Dream One with Ikea

Working in a neat modular kitchen is indeed a dream come true for most women. Now you can change any ordinary looking kitchen into a stylish one by adding suitable Ikea cabinets and cupboards to it. Ikea offers readymade cabinets and cupboards of various sizes and styles to match your kitchen counter tops. So just browse through the site and choose cabinets which match your kitchen. Place an order online and make your dream kitchen a reality with Ikea cabinets and cup boards.

Ikea cabinets come with lots of features which make more and more customers go for it. A common problem with cabinets and drawers is that they make much noise when you open them. Ikea cabinets are fitted with a damper, so they open smoothly without any noise. Another plus point of Ikea cabinet is that they come with extensible drawers. Literally, you can store all your kitchen tools and even small utensils in these drawers. One of the most popular series is Bravard and many people prefer this series which consist of handy cabinets. One of the most popular series is Bravard and many people prefer this series which consist of handy cabinets

Bravard cabinets are available in several styles and designs. If you want to store more items at a single time, then you can go for a Bravard wall shelf. If you fit with glass door, you can easily keep crockery in it. This shelf is very economical with a price tag of about $ 49.99. Ikea cabinets are quite affordable and can be easily purchased from an Ikea store nearby. No more waiting for that modern kitchen of yours. Just log on to the site, choose the style you want and make your kitchen look the way you want.

Ikea cabinets are strong and durable.

They are made up of strong wood and will last for many years. Moreover they are coated with melamine which makes them scratch proof. Cleaning these cabinets is easy. Clean with a wet cloth using a mild cleanser. You can also add glass to your Ikea kitchen cabinets. This will give your kitchen a classic look. Ikea cabinet not only makes your kitchen handy and convenient but changes the look of the whole kitchen. Before going ahead with your plan of renovation and remodelling, make sure to plan your budget. Cabinets are available at various prices. You can even avail some discount on special models.

If you do not have special model in your mind, you can browse through the guide available on the net. Specifications like size, width and length will be provided under each cabinet. So, you can decide on which suits your kitchen best. Most cabinets come in sizes like 18”, 24” 36 “etc. you can make your kitchen a quite spacious one with these cabinets. Cabinets make kitchen a pleasant place to work in.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the theme and colour of the cabinets and make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality with Ikea.


Paula writes for a professional Ikea Cabinet Installer providing Ikea Kitchen Design and installation services in all Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.

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Disinfection Cabinet King Combo: Industrial Expansion Into Complete Kitchen

In the just concluded the first half of 2008, “China Famous Brand” selected activities, Kangbao Xi was privilege to become one of the few areas of the kitchen appliances have the honor of the company. Identified as the time in the strict honor and authority, the brand value of the “pole” seems to “disinfect counters King” Herbalife has a more complete set of self-confidence to go into the kitchen appliances market.

“Disinfector King” Baodaobulao

“Got the title of our 20 years to nurture and develop the Disinfection cabinet industry recognition.” Herbalife chairman Luo said with a sigh.

It is reported that Herbalife as the world’s first electronic sterilizer, the inventor, the disinfection cabinet Product share of global production and sales for many years the first, this “Chinese Famous Brand” and win, it is long on Herbalife Disinfection cabinet leader in the field of recognition.

Relevant information, even in recent years, many other kitchen electric field of brand extension to the sterilizer, the sterilization container market, adding more competitors, Herbalife is still firmly occupy the market share of first place, his advocacy of “Two Star” sterilization indicators have also become a late-coming brand imitation.

Gonglue kitchen electricity market a foregone conclusion

“Just eat disinfection cabinet savings, inevitably one day rest on its laurels.” Luo did not cover up his A complete set of kitchen appliances into the market, hidden secrets.

Recent years, and Galanz into life by the small household electrical appliances, like microwave ovens, Herbalife also find a way for their own industrial expansion.

It is understood that started out as a professional disinfection cabinet kitchen appliances brand, Herbalife across the board in 2003 had set foot hood, gas stoves, water heaters and other fields, and has made remarkable achievements in these areas. Since 2003, into the hood, gas stove industry since Herbalife has maintained around 100% growth in the traditional kitchen has created a great impact on the market in 2006, Herbalife in the kitchen to achieve sales of 500 million yuan electricity, 2007 re-invested tens of millions of years, Herbalife, Herbalife was established appliance product development centers.

The Herbalife

and get the “China Famous Brand” title, in brand value to achieve a leap forward, tends to be more high-end brand image positioning.

Said, according to Luo A, Herbalife is vigorously building specialty stores nationwide, open up new marketing model, so far, Herbalife number of national specialty chain has more than 800 throughout most of the central city.

Healthy Kitchen

create a new label

Gradually into mature with the kitchen appliances, kitchen electric consumption is also faced with upgrading, it will bring opportunities to the enterprise.

And air conditioning energy consumption trends in the transition to health by the same current consumption of kitchen appliances is no longer considered only the price level and style of beauty.

Industry believes that, due to family living environment and quality of high demand, health spending has become the main theme of the modern kitchen, complete kitchen appliances consumers buy more time will take into account the health function. And the other by a smoke machine or cooker complete kitchen appliances started to extend the enterprise is different from the professional as disinfecting cabinet Herbalife field requirements in the field of health is far higher than the gas stove or range hood class, so more representative of the Healthy Kitchen concept.

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Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors

Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors

Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors

When author Andrea Nguyen’s family was airlifted out of Saigon in 1975, one of the few belongings that her mother hurriedly packed for the journey was her small orange notebook of recipes. Thirty years later, Nguyen has written her own intimate collection of recipes, INTO THE VIETNAMESE KITCHEN, an ambitious debut cookbook that chronicles the food traditions of her native country. Robustly flavored yet delicate, sophisticated yet simple, the recipes include steamy pho noodle soups infused with t

List Price: $ 35.00


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