Modern French Kitchen

Modern french kitchen on pinterest . , . . . . the mood board above includes pictures of french country kitchen designs along with more modern french kitchen…

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2014 French country kitchen interior

2014 French country kitchen interior.
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A French Country Kitchen Comes Into the 21st Century-HGTV

The cabinets aren’t the only things that are distressed in this kitchen. A kitchen gets a vintage look — but with all the comforts and conveniences. This vi…

For more details click here: 8 N 3192 E Idaho Falls, ID 83401 8000, 6 bed, 3.5 bath, 4200 SF, MLS# 177515…

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French Butchers Tables: For Classy Kitchen Interiors

The beautifully crafted French butchers tables add a classy and elegant touch to your kitchen. A butcher block table is a working piece of furniture. These sturdy pieces of furniture are equipped with strong legs and frames. These legs and frames are designed to support a durable work space placed on the top. Most of the butcher block tables feature open shelves for storage purposes. Some of them are also equipped with bottle racks, utensil and towel holders and drop-leaf breakfast bars. You can conveniently store chopping knives, peelers, scissors and sharpeners in the storage drawers of the butcher block tables.  

French butchers table have become extremely popular because of their exquisite designs, traditional look and durable practicality. They can be used to serve a variety of purposes. The butcher block tables are especially designed to meet the requirements of meat-cutting industry. These tables enable people to chop meat, fruits, vegetables, cheese and breads quickly and conveniently.

In case you perform chopping activities on the kitchen table, you are likely to feel very uncomfortable. Kitchen tables are not designed for performing chopping activities. Also, you will have to spend a lot of time cleaning them up. Further, the marks of peelers and knives can make the kitchen tables lose their aesthetic appeal.

A person who uses butcher block table to carry out chopping and peeling feels very comfortable. These tables are manufactured in such a way that the knife marks do not cause a great impact on their surface.

The thick countertops of butcher block tables are made from high quality material. These table tops remain intact and allow you chop away comfortably.

The countertops of the French butchers tables are available in a variety of styles, patterns, sizes, shapes and thicknesses. They are usually made from stainless steel, granite, copper, glass and wood. Different types of wood used to manufacture the countertops of the French butchers tables are hard maple, red oak, poplar, walnut and beech. These countertops are either painted or powder coated.

One of the most important things to consider before purchasing a French butchers table is the look of the table countertop. It is preferable to choose a table countertop, which goes well with your kitchen interiors. This will give a unified look to your kitchen. If you want a table with long lasting countertop, it is advisable to opt for a reputed manufacturer, such as Boos Blocks. You may have to pay a little more for these branded countertops but you will get a top, which will last for a longer period. 

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The First King of French Chefs

Careme’s incredible good fortune, some might say “destiny”, began with the doorstep on which he landed. It belonged to a Monsieur Sylvain Bailly, a famous patissier, with a shop near the Palais Royal, who gave the nine year old Careme bed and board in exchange for general kitchen work. More than just a kind soul, Sylvain Bailly, was in, fact, Careme’s first mentor. Encouraging his young helper to advance and learn.

This combination of encouragement and Careme’s talent, culminated in the opening of Careme’s own pastry shop – at the ripe old age of eighteen. On his own, Antonin Careme was “on a roll”. Owing to the fact that pastry, particularly innovative creations, were Paris’ flavour of the moment.

And Careme’s creations were innovation on steroids. In fact, Careme was essentially a sculptor, using icing sugar, nougat and marizan as his materials. Inspired by architecture and famous monuments, Careme created and re-created pyramids, helmets, and waterfalls. Never intending that that they should be actually be eaten.

Happily Parisian Society was “eating up” Careme. He was truly the “Big Man on Campus.” And, his campus to boot! Clearly the teen-age Careme was the toast of Paris. Whether or not that was the height of his ambition, is open to speculation. No matter. Young Antonin was about to have, as the saying goes – “greatness thrust upon him.”

Careme’s talent and accomplishments had come to the attention of the man who would become his second, last, and most influential mentor. Prince Tallyrand. The consummate diplomat who survived  all that era’s political upheavals. Tallyrand was, or at least considered himself to be, a gourmet. He invited Careme to be his Chef.

On the condition that he prepare a year’s worth of menu’s without repeating himself. Dare I say – “a piece of cake” for Monsieur C?

His association with Tallyrand elevated Careme to the highest strata of European Society and Royalty. After Napolean met his Waterloo, Careme decamped for England, where he cooked for the Prince Regent. Later to become King George the Fourth. His culinary carousel continued with an invitation to St. Petersburg.(The one in Russia folks.) Although, for whatever reason, he never actually got to cook for the Tsar.(Preparing for the next revolution?) So – back to Paris. Firing up his stove for banker J.M. Rothschild.

Without a doubt – Antonin Careme was the first “Celebrity chef.” But it is his contributions to the art of French Cuisine that has (justly) earned him the title : “King of Chefs.”

Here they are:

1.His book on pastry -  Le Patissier Royal Parisien.

Only the third book of that time to be devoted exclusively to the patissier’s art. And the first one to have extensive engraved plates.  Careme’s designs for these engravings resemble more elaborate architectural constructions, than pictures of food.

2.His book on Cuisine – L’art de la Cuisine Francaise au XIXe siecle. Here he extends his wild, wacky, weird, and way out imagination to the preparation and presentation of meat, poulty and seafood.

But, he also did some more serious stuff – like giving future chefs the ability to create an almost unlimited variety of dishes by utilizing a series of basic prepartions Careme developed. He also classified all sauces into groups, based on four main sauces.


Careme is credited with ending the practice of serving all the dishes at once(“Service a la Francaise”), and replacing it with the one we know today. (“Service a la Russe”) Where the grub arrives in the order on the menu. Careme also gets a “tip o’ the hat” for inventing it. The chef’s hat(toque) that is.

Sorry to say – no happy ending for Antonin Careme. After blazing across the culinary heavens, rubbing shoulders with the high and the mighty of nineteenth century Europe, and leaving an enduring legacy – he joined his pal La Varenne at that big stove in the sky – at the tender age of forty eight.

Better to burn out than fade away? (as Neil Young would, and did, say)







Christopher Strong(The BICYCLE GOURMET) is the Creator/Director/Host of the
Multi-Media Lifestyle/Adventure series – “Bicycle Gourmet’s Treasures of France“, and the Author of “Gliding to the Bonheur.” His behind the scenes story of that filming.

Share more of his incredible French Adevntures HERE

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Tiny, portable, prefab cube shelters in medieval French town

They’re just 3 meters (9.8 feet) by 3 meters and just about as high. They’d make great tiny homes, but these portable cube prefabs- they can be moved on a fl…

Kalindi Mid-Town - Bypass Road, Indore

Visit: Kalindi Mid-Town – Bypass Road, Indore – Residential Apartments 3 bhk, video security phone , modu…
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The Sims 3- French Country Home

This 2-story home boasts an exterior adorn with dark wood and old New Orleans-style brick. The interior has a large, brick-paved foyer with multiple french doors to the front porch. The entire house has a bold and elegant wallpaper with formal yet inviting furnishings. The master suite is also located downstairs and has a large bay area overlooking the expansive backyard with a pool and an outdoor kitchen. Upstairs is an office, two bedrooms and two bathrooms (one exclusive to one of the bedrooms). Thank you everyone for your views and subscriptions, and amazing comments. I know it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a house and I apologize for that. Due to the extensive use of custom content, this home is not on the exchange. Song: Waking Up by OneRepublic

Our blooper reel from Cook’s Country. Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen uncovers the best of American home cooking. Our recipes are tested not once, not twice, but often as many as 20, 30 or even 40 times. The result: foolproof recipes you can trust to work the first time—and every time. Our show, now in its third season, is filmed in a renovated 1806 farmhouse with a full working test kitchen. To watch full episodes, visit Twitter: Facebook:
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