American International Kitchen Exhibition K / Bis For The First Time Landing In China

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Kitchen industry in China is a rapidly growing territory. In recent years, sales of kitchen products in China is 35% a year rate rapidly. It is estimated that in the next 5 years, annual sales will reach nearly 10 billion to 20 billion yuan; kitchen products has become a hot consumer goods on the domestic market and to promote the rapid development of Chinese industry economy.

Changing modern concept of consumption, in respect of new things faster and faster speed. The whole concept of the kitchen electrical kitchen, kitchen cabinets and other products closely linked, integrated kitchen, integrated kitchen appliances, the new concept of intelligent systems has now become a real product into a lot of families, for people’s lives more convenient and fun. In recent years, China’s real estate industry, with rapid drive business growth in China Kitchen. The industry is entering a rapid growth to maturity from the qualitative stage.

Order to conform to the kitchen, bathroom rapid development of the industry trend, as the world’s largest Kitchen & K / BIS’s organizer, VNU Exhibitions and the American Kitchen & Bath Business magazine (Kitchen + BathBusinessMagazine) jointly launched the “China International Kitchen & Bath Business Exhibition “, will be the first time in China, it takes the industry’s top brands for Kitchen & Bath Design boutique.

Hereby scheduled for 29-31 March 2007 held at Shanghai Exhibition Centre, China International Kitchen & Bath Business Expo will bring together a number of top interior designers, architects, developers, engineering companies, dealers and other professional audiences, and to demonstrate its full range of industry best products, including: bathroom, kitchen appliances, cabinets, sinks, hardware, decorative material.

Focus on kitchen and bathroom design and engineering support, business development orientation of China International kitchen and high end, unique and accurate, and is committed to providing for our exhibitors a unique opportunity to explore domestic and international markets.

At present, the exhibition has attracted many international famous enterprises looking kitchen. Geberit may and up, TOTO addition to identifying the participants, the kitchen will become a business with the China International Exhibition held in conjunction with the Shanghai Design Week and the Shanghai International Conference of the major sponsors of real estate.

Variety of on-site activities will be another highlight of this exhibition, to meet the diverse needs of exhibitors and visitors. K + BB star of the annual Kitchen Design Award will be chosen by the Chinese kitchen and bathroom market with the most innovative kitchen products. The awards are specifically for interior designers, architects and design firms to kitchen space experience to carry out the theme of design awards. Aimed not only to enhance the award-winning products in the Chinese wholesale and retail market and end consumer brand awareness and, more importantly, will the Chinese kitchen and kitchen products market with the most innovative design and engineering recommendations to the Chinese market matching, and by hosting side of the world’s media resources, enhance the brand’s international image.

U.S. K + BB publisher LyleLandon President will serve as jury chairman. In addition, the award-winning international design Ten Outstanding Designers Mr. Liang Zhitian and the United States IIDA International Interior Design Association, the Chinese senior architectural interior designer Mr. Lin Xueming be accompanied by two other international jury composed of top interior designers . Assessment will focus on “innovation, aesthetics, technology, value,” the four criteria taken into account. Awards will be set to: Integrated Quality Award a value of 6 Award, Honorable Mention 10-12.

Addition to domestic and foreign professional and mass media publicity, award-winning products will also be at the China International Kitchen & Bath Business Expo opening ceremony presentation, field area show, the audience manuals published and can be allowed to use K + BB Awards honor mark.

Business information industry as a pioneer in the world, VNU group of 20 dedicated business co-design, architecture, interior design, environmental and real estate business exhibitions and publications. China International Kitchen & Bath Business Fair will leverage these global resources VNU Group, presented to the participants in the world’s leading manufacturers and design companies latest products, valuable information and insights.

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The First King of French Chefs

Careme’s incredible good fortune, some might say “destiny”, began with the doorstep on which he landed. It belonged to a Monsieur Sylvain Bailly, a famous patissier, with a shop near the Palais Royal, who gave the nine year old Careme bed and board in exchange for general kitchen work. More than just a kind soul, Sylvain Bailly, was in, fact, Careme’s first mentor. Encouraging his young helper to advance and learn.

This combination of encouragement and Careme’s talent, culminated in the opening of Careme’s own pastry shop – at the ripe old age of eighteen. On his own, Antonin Careme was “on a roll”. Owing to the fact that pastry, particularly innovative creations, were Paris’ flavour of the moment.

And Careme’s creations were innovation on steroids. In fact, Careme was essentially a sculptor, using icing sugar, nougat and marizan as his materials. Inspired by architecture and famous monuments, Careme created and re-created pyramids, helmets, and waterfalls. Never intending that that they should be actually be eaten.

Happily Parisian Society was “eating up” Careme. He was truly the “Big Man on Campus.” And, his campus to boot! Clearly the teen-age Careme was the toast of Paris. Whether or not that was the height of his ambition, is open to speculation. No matter. Young Antonin was about to have, as the saying goes – “greatness thrust upon him.”

Careme’s talent and accomplishments had come to the attention of the man who would become his second, last, and most influential mentor. Prince Tallyrand. The consummate diplomat who survived  all that era’s political upheavals. Tallyrand was, or at least considered himself to be, a gourmet. He invited Careme to be his Chef.

On the condition that he prepare a year’s worth of menu’s without repeating himself. Dare I say – “a piece of cake” for Monsieur C?

His association with Tallyrand elevated Careme to the highest strata of European Society and Royalty. After Napolean met his Waterloo, Careme decamped for England, where he cooked for the Prince Regent. Later to become King George the Fourth. His culinary carousel continued with an invitation to St. Petersburg.(The one in Russia folks.) Although, for whatever reason, he never actually got to cook for the Tsar.(Preparing for the next revolution?) So – back to Paris. Firing up his stove for banker J.M. Rothschild.

Without a doubt – Antonin Careme was the first “Celebrity chef.” But it is his contributions to the art of French Cuisine that has (justly) earned him the title : “King of Chefs.”

Here they are:

1.His book on pastry -  Le Patissier Royal Parisien.

Only the third book of that time to be devoted exclusively to the patissier’s art. And the first one to have extensive engraved plates.  Careme’s designs for these engravings resemble more elaborate architectural constructions, than pictures of food.

2.His book on Cuisine – L’art de la Cuisine Francaise au XIXe siecle. Here he extends his wild, wacky, weird, and way out imagination to the preparation and presentation of meat, poulty and seafood.

But, he also did some more serious stuff – like giving future chefs the ability to create an almost unlimited variety of dishes by utilizing a series of basic prepartions Careme developed. He also classified all sauces into groups, based on four main sauces.


Careme is credited with ending the practice of serving all the dishes at once(“Service a la Francaise”), and replacing it with the one we know today. (“Service a la Russe”) Where the grub arrives in the order on the menu. Careme also gets a “tip o’ the hat” for inventing it. The chef’s hat(toque) that is.

Sorry to say – no happy ending for Antonin Careme. After blazing across the culinary heavens, rubbing shoulders with the high and the mighty of nineteenth century Europe, and leaving an enduring legacy – he joined his pal La Varenne at that big stove in the sky – at the tender age of forty eight.

Better to burn out than fade away? (as Neil Young would, and did, say)







Christopher Strong(The BICYCLE GOURMET) is the Creator/Director/Host of the
Multi-Media Lifestyle/Adventure series – “Bicycle Gourmet’s Treasures of France“, and the Author of “Gliding to the Bonheur.” His behind the scenes story of that filming.

Share more of his incredible French Adevntures HERE

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