Dornbracht Kitchen – professional faucets and pot fillers for the home

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Modern Kitchen Faucets Idea Ultra Modern

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Kitchen and Bath Faucets in Agoura Hills, CA

kitchen and bath
by rabble

The kitchen and bath faucets that you choose to place within your home will impact your home’s overall look. This is because they are not only functional but there are a lot of different styles and finishes available today too. For this reason you will want to make sure that you choose the right type – ones that reflect your taste and your home’s design. Of course, if you want to stay well within your budget, you will also want to make sure that these faucets need replaced before you purchase new ones.

Tips For Replacing Your Kitchen And Bath Faucets

Whenever you are ready to replace your kitchen and bath faucets, keep the following tips in mind:
• If you think there isn’t a lot of water pressure from your faucet, pry the cap off of it.
• If you need to get deep inside of your faucet to look for a blockage, make sure that you unscrew the handle first. Don’t forget to clean the aerator too.
• Bathtub repair kits exist to help you fix a leaky faucet. These can be purchased at your local hardware store.

You only need to replace a faucet when you try all of these things and the pressure doesn’t improve or there is still a leak occurring.

Going For The Vintage Look

There is no sign that this vintage look is going to go out of style any time soon. In fact, it is actually one of the most popular designs that people go for today. While some of these fixtures are designed for installation directly on your bathtub, ceiling or wall, they are not always easy to find. You will probably only find a couple of stores that offer you a good selection of vintage faucets to choose from.

Choosing An Art Deco Theme

The art deco theme looks both glamorous and stylish.

It has been around since ancient times but still fascinates a lot of people today, which is why a lot of homeowners are now incorporating it into their faucet fixtures. If you want something that is both vintage and art deco too, then you should check out the California Faucets Art Deco Collection, which have been inspired by the 1920 and 1930′s eras. This puts a very modern twist on these old-fashioned kitchen and bath faucets. Most of them are available in nickel with black highlights.

Having A Touch Of Asia In Your Bathroom

If you want an Asian theme, then you will want an open top faucet. This will provide you with a dazzling waterfall that is both peaceful and natural.

Creating Something A Bit More Modern

Dream Line also makes waterfall faucets that are a bit more modern. They are available in rustic or glossy brass with a chrome finish. Not only will these add a touch of Zen but they will last for quite a while too.

In Conclusion

While it can be a lot of fun to shop for kitchen and bath faucets, it is important to remember to stay well within your budget. Make sure that you also check out the store display to ensure that the faucet you choose has handles that are easy to manipulate, that it is in good condition, will fit into your home’s overall design and that the sink bowl will fit properly.

For more information call:

Agoura Home Hardware
29348 Roadside Dr.
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(818) 865-0452



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Kitchen Faucets with Sensor for Elegant Kitchen Interiors

The kitchen faucets with sensor are a type of kitchen faucet that uses the electrical sensor to make it function more efficiently. The faucet is usually fixed on the kitchen sink. The most suitable style of faucet is the one that matches the sink perfectly. A faucet that has a singular hole should fit a singular-hole sink. One that has a center set should fit a center set sink. Faucets that do not match the sink will not function properly. These different types of kitchen faucets with sensor are easily available in the stores.

The finishing of the kitchen faucets with sensor matters when you are purchasing one for your kitchen. The finishing should look great. A chrome-plated that is well made looks dignified and when used in the kitchen, it makes the kitchen look great. The faucet should not look pale. Low quality kitchen faucets have low density plating. This is not attractive to the eye especially when the faucet gets pale. The texture of the kitchen faucets with sensor also determines how good it looks. It should not have scratches, oxidized spots and sand holes. When these features are present on the kitchen faucets with sensor, they look very unattractive.

When it comes to operation, the best kitchen faucets with sensor must have very smooth handles and they should be have ease of operation. When there is tightness and sticking as the faucet handles move, then the faucet either has a problem or it is low quality. Faucets are supposed to have high quality valves. The best valves are known to be the ceramic valves. These ones can attain over 6000 cycles. They are also very durable. When purchasing the kitchen faucets with sensor, these features must be properly inspected.

Before installing the kitchen faucets with sensor, you should first clean up all the debris, residual dirty water, impurities and sand.

This is done in order to prevent foaming, valve damage and obstruction. The parts must also be assembled tightly so that no problems can arise in future. These faucets are available in all the stores that sell kitchen hardware. They can also be bought online. The best way to purchase them is physically so that you can inspect them thoroughly before buying them. Some online stores are famous for selling faulty things. The kitchen faucets with sensor are known to be one of the best kitchen faucets in the market. If you do not own one, you should consider buying one.


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American Standard Faucets: A Review Of The American Standard Pekoe Semi-professional Kitchen Faucet

american kitchen
by avlxyz

I believe that every part of the home is just as important as the other and no item should be taken for granted, especially when it comes to quality. If you want your household items to be long-lasting, you should invest in quality materials and equipment. This is exactly why I make sure that I only use American Standard faucets in my home. And for my kitchen, I bought the American Standard Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet. I wrote this review so you can also decide if you want to buy it, but I have to speak ahead and say that it’s really worth the money.

General Description

This is a very classy faucet. It’s definitely deserving of the throne as main kitchen faucet and it looks stunning in my kitchen. What a wonderful addition to my home dcor! It has a forged brass body that’s completely designed to be durable and long-lasting so you have no fears of replacing it from time to time. The swivel spout and swing arm are also made of brass. The lever handle is made of metal which is also very durable.

The lever is unlike other faucet operators which you push down, lift up, or twist with effort. All you have to do is pull the lever away from the faucet body and it smoothly glides through the stainless finished metal valve and allows the water to flow. It’s definitely beautiful and elegant and I can no longer count the many compliments I received from friends who have seen this beautiful piece in my kitchen.

Product Features

The spray is designed to be pull-down for easier manipulation, and you can use this function to reach different areas which ordinary faucets usually cannot. There are two different spray patterns so you can change them depending on how you want to use the faucet. The single flow pattern is best for washing hands, dishes, and collecting water. On the other hand, the shower flow is great for rinsing, washing foods, and better water distribution.

The ceramic disk valve is washerless, which means that it is smoother and easier to manipulate. This valve is designed for lifetime use and is perfectly engineered to be drip-free and maintenance-free for easier and more secure performance. These excellent features are what make me stick with American Standard faucets regardless of the price.

Other Features

For additional security, the faucet is designed to have less than or equal to 0.25% of total lead content in its entire body, making it very safe and toxic-free for wholesome family use. There are two integral check valves included in the faucet which secure the water from back flowing. There are also two different finishes which you can choose from to better match the faucet with your home dcor: polished chrome or stainless steel finishes. The polished chrome I think is much better finish because it has this silver color that’s very elegant in appearance, as compared to the stainless steel which looks as bit bare and not so elegant.


This faucet is one of the most beautiful American Standard faucets that I have ever had in my home, and I have to admit I was never wrong in sticking with the brand. This is a perfect kitchen faucet. It optimizes work and makes maintenance so much less of a worry for homeowners. So if you’re planning to get a good kitchen faucet, whether you’re renovating, building a new house, or replacing your broken one, the American Standard Pekoe Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet is the best recommendation that I could give you.

You can find additional reviews and information relating to toilets from American Standard at my website, I am going to furthermore let you in on a small secret: How to get them cheaper than anyplace else on the net ;) Many thanks for browsing, and best of luck!

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