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Maintaining a Clean Dishwasher

A clean dishwasher is likely one of the hardest household items to maintain. It will indeed clean your dishes, but it will not clean itself. This is fully your responsibility. A dirty dishwasher can become such a nuisance and ultimately poses a health risk if ignored. Foul smells are very easily developed if your dishwasher maintenance skills are lacking. However, there are a few simple things that you should pay attention to that will make your task a lot easier.

Dishwashers come with a minimum temperature requirement for them to run efficiently. Not only is the temperature vital to cleaning your dishes properly, but it also gets rid of any bacteria. Consumers are quick to bend this rule in an effort to save on electricity. However, the price you pay is that you leave your dishwasher as well as your dishes with a lot of live bacteria. Since the dishes will be dried, this will go unnoticed, but your dishwasher on the other hand will attain the foul smells that you loathe.

Many would argue that lower temperatures are environment friendly and also keep children safe from scalding from an overheated hot water tank. This is undoubtedly true, but there is a way to kill both birds with one stone. You can have a mixing valve added to your hot water tank. This way, you can have hot water mixed with cold water to keep the temperatures safe while still being able to have your dishwasher water hot enough. A clean dishwasher as well as a safe home is a good bargain.

Using the proper detergent to clean your dishes is critical. It is advisable to go for a brand name dishwasher detergent, as they are more effective. Cheap detergents may save you good money but they will not do much for you as far as a clean dishwasher goes.

Gel or crystal detergents are best. Gel will work well with water at lower temperatures, while crystal detergents are least messy.

It is also important to note that dishwashing detergent is not the same as dishwasher detergent. For a clean dishwasher, dishwasher detergent should be used every time you clean dishes in it. Dishwashing detergent is used for washing dishes in the sink. When used instead of dishwasher detergent, it will likely flood out the dishwasher and mess up your kitchen floor.

Cleaning the dishwasher is not an everyday task, but it should be done at least once a month or more. Many users do not know how to clean the dishwasher, but how you clean the dishwasher is just as important as how often you do it. It is quite simple to get your dishwasher cleaned, and material is readily available on the same.

Maintaining a clean dishwasher is dependent on how you use the dishwasher. A dishwasher always comes with a manual, so make sure you have read and understood all that is provided. At the end of the day, you will save on money you would have spent in making repairs and your clean dishwasher will serve you for a long time.

It can be tough to maintain a clean dishwasher. Check out for some great tips!

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How To Properly Clean A Wooden Dresser

When company is coming, it is customary to clean up before they arrive. When having overnight guests, it is nice for them to have a clean place to change their clothes, sleep and put their things. This means making all furniture in the guest bedroom presentable, including the dresser. Wooden furniture can be tricky to clean, especially the traditional dresser with a mirror attached. Taking a little bit of time to clean and polish the dresser or bureau will make the house guest feel more welcome and at ease, and keep the host from feeling embarrassed about a messy home. Consider using a bureau scarf to protect the surface.

Things Needed:
Trash can
Dry cotton towel
Lint-free clean cotton rags
Wood polish
Glass cleaner

The first thing to do is to clear the dresser top completely. Any items that do not belong on it should be put away or discarded in the trash can, recycling bin or shredded. Anything that will be returned to the cleaned surface should be set aside in a safe place until the job is done. Keep in mind that a dresser should have as few items stationed on it as possible.

Using a clean, dry cotton cleaning rag, swab the surface to remove any dust bunnies and thick layers of film from the dresser’s top. Discard any large clumps of dirt and dust in the trash can. Cover the flat wooden surface in front of the mirror with a dry cotton towel to protect the wood from moisture.

Spray some glass cleaner on the mirror following the manufacturer’s directions on the back of the container. Using one of the clean cotton rags folded into a soft pad, gently wipe down the mirror in a back and forth motion from top to bottom. As portions of the cleaning rag become dirty, change the folds in the material to a clean side. This will prevent dirt transfer to other parts of the mirror. Go over the area until all spots and streaks and clear and clean. Set the cotton rags aside on a surface that will not be affected by the cleaning solution.

Gently remove the towel from the dresser’s top. Spray the surface with wood polish by following the manufacturer’s directions on the back of the container. Fold a soft, clean cotton rag into three to four layers. Swab the wood in a back and forth motion to clean the surface. Change the folds in the material to an unused area as needed. Use an additional dry cloth to make the entire area shine without smears or streaks.

Place all items back on the dresser top. Arrange photos, jewelry boxes and trinkets so that everything can be seen. Launder all rags and towels used and put away any items used for cleaning.

If you are interested in shop rags or a bar towels, be sure to visit US Wiping Materials.

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Get Clean and Save Energy with Bosch Dishwashers

Bosch dishwashers constantly earn top rankings from the leading consumer publications, and their latest model is no exception. It gets our recommendation for anyone wanting to remodel their kitchen or looking for a new dishwasher. These dishwashers are ultra-efficient and ultra-effective at getting dishes clean and spot-free, even while using less energy and water.

The Bosch SHE3ARL2UC impressively exceeds the 2011 ENERGY STAR requirements with its advanced EcoSense Wash Management System, which measures soil levels and then adjusts water and heat usage automatically to reduce energy usage by up to 20%.

Arguably the safest on earth, Bosch dishwashers are the only ones in the U.S.

with AquaStop, the leak protection system that automatically detects any water in the base, shuts off operation, and pumps it out. On the outside, the ChildLock feature prevents little ones from opening the door or changing the wash program while a load is running.

We often recommend Bosch appliances, largely because each Bosch dishwasher is designed to maximize space and flexibility, giving you the space you need to organize your dishes effectively and clean them more efficiently.

Bosch is committed to the highest, most stringent quality standards, with 100% of dishwashers tested carefully at the factory. Every dishwasher undergoes 485 individual quality control tests before ever being released from the factory. Bosch also tests its dishwashers for life, with lifetime tests for up to 4,000 wash cycles or 10 years. Bosch dishwashers’ numerous awards attest to their quality and value.

Features for the new Bosch Dishwasher Bosch SHE3ARL2UC for 2011-2012

50 dBA – It’s the quietest in its class
Saves up to 280 gallons of water each year
Silver Painted Fascia in Stainless Steel
Express Wash – In 30 Minutes or Less
Stainless Steel Tall Tub
Red Remaining Time Display
5 Wash Cycles and 2 Options
Sanitize option eliminates bacteria and enhances drying results
Variable Spray Pressure
279 kwh/yr – Energy Star
Exceeds ENERGY STAR Requirements for Water by 69%
EcoSense Reduces Energy Usage by up to 20%
Bosch Exclusive 24/7 Overflow Leak Protection
3 h, 6 h, 9 h Delay Start Timer
Self-Latching Door Stays Put and Latches
12 Place Setting Capacity
Standard Racks
Manual Height Adjustment Upper Rack
Long Silverware Basket

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