Finding the best providers of shaker kitchens or painted kitchens online

Shaker kitchens have an established heritage, and can be dated back to the Shakers, who were well known for a style of furniture that was unornamented, simple and functional, as well as finely crafted.

There are many good reasons to take a look online for a bespoke shaker kitchen or painted kitchen. The Internet offers a wide range of different companies offering bespoke shaker kitchens and painted kitchens, and certainly offers way more choice than you could hope to get by simply picking up a phone book or asking your friends for recommendations. The other big advantage of using the Internet is its sheer convenience. The Internet offers you a great means of finding providers of shaker kitchens at any time of the day or night, whenever it suits you.

What to look for in the best providers of shaker kitchens

If you are looking for the best provider of shaker kitchens, you are likely to have several key priorities. The right company will offer bespoke kitchens that combine traditional joinery with a design that is clean and modern, with the result of beautiful and functional woodwork.

The right company will work closely with clients at every stage of the design process, in order to create practical solutions that complement your space. The right firm should also show its environmental awareness by ensuring that its timber is sourced only from well managed forests.

When designing you a shaker or painted kitchen, the right company will consider every aspect of your kitchen from design and cabinet construction to lighting, tiling and flooring, ensuring that the perfect practical space is created.

Its features may include beautifully hand built cabinets and centre islands, chunky wooden worktops crafted out of selected European hardwoods and handmade accessories and storage details for extra user friendliness and efficiency.

The best company may also incorporate such features as FSC rated timber, ultra-low energy LED lighting, energy, and water efficient water appliances, zero VOC natural paints and recycled materials into its kitchens to ensure maximum eco-friendliness. The right company will also offer all of this quality and bespoke design for a price that is competitive. if you’re looking for Shaker Kitchen or Painted Kitchens look no further than It Wood Work; we’re specialists in our field. Visit us today for more information

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