www.wangsnessconnections.com Interview Part 1 – Luxury Home Design Ideas Welcome to this edition of Northwest Real Estate Forum. I’m your host, Patricia Wangsness. Our mission is to bring you experts and relevant topics that will help you understand the art, science and timing of real estate because after all, your home is your biggest asset. Patricia Wangsness Joining me today is Owen Roberts of Roberts Wygal. Owen is a third generation carpenter-builder who learned the construction trade at an early age and knows every aspect of contracting first hand. Continuing a family theme Owen partnered with his son-in-law Brian Wygal a few years ago and they continued today to be an award winning builder of awe inspiring homes. Roberts Wygal has again been listed in the Puget Sound Business Journal as one of the top builders for 2011. Patricia Wangsness: Welcome Owen. Owen Roberts: Thank You. Patricia Wangsness: You build awe inspiring custom homes, I’ve seen your work – it’s absolutely amazing. One of the things I want to talk to you about is what should people come to you prepared with? OK they’ve decided they’re going to build a custom home. They’ve picked you as their builder. What else do they need to have to make it a successful process? Owen Roberts: Well they be to start with their own vision of how they want the house to feel, not necessarily look but how it should feel and what it should do for them when it’s done. How it should work, how it should function, how much
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