As all the fields have undergone tremendous changes, the field of painting has also undergone vast changes and is still changing with time. The earlier concept of painting only for maintenance purpose or protection purpose has given way to painting for presentation, decoration and artistic purposes. This has given scope for the raise of a huge business arena. Many people are taking up painting as profession which includes Kitchener painters, Waterloo Painters, Kitchener Painting Company.
The history of painting dates back to 20 to 25 thousand years for which there is evidence in the ancient caves in France and Spain. At those times, paint was made from naturally available materials and colors were limited to only the natural source of colors available. Some wood pieces have been found with painting which belongs to middle age. During this age, resins were boiled with oil to make pant. Thereafter synthetic paints were invented which is ruling even now. The machinery used to manufacture paint has also changed with time and the modern machinery is fast and gives quality product. The limitation of the color is gone and now you can get the paint of any color of your choice. You pick any color and the manufacturer will make the paint exactly the color of your choice. All this is done with the help of computers using perfect proportions to get the required result. Sometimes quality of paint will be water soluble and come in the powder form and this can be mixed with water to form paint of any consistency. There are also strainers available and these strainers can be mixed to the white base to get the requisite color which can be done manually also as per the choice of the consumer.
With the changing trend in manufacture and utility of the paint, the painting industry as a whole has seen huge development and this in turn has given way to development of many ancillary units which manufacture and sell the accessories required for painting.

Painting was being carried out with a brush earlier manually. The method of application of paint has also changed to a huge degree and machines like spray painters have been invented to facilitate painting. These machines apart from reducing the labor involved also give a better finish for the area. Spray painting is used to paint walls, buildings, furniture, automobiles and all machinery items. It gives an excellent smooth finish for the surface and elegant look. Painting has become a work of art rather than just a labor oriented work. It requires skills and application of thought to give a good finish. There is lot of scope for creativity and improvement. The painters have the responsibility to be creative and impress the clients with good workmanship.
All these developments have created many job opportunities in all the places of the world like Kitchener Painters, Waterloo Painters and many companies like Kitchener Painting Company have taken birth including renovation kitchener. This development has opened up many career opportunities and has given livelihood to many people.

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