KITCHEN KITCHEN KITCHEN KITCHEN KITCHENKITCHEN KITCHEN KITCHEN KITCHEN Overview I had a lot of plans for this past summer of 2012. It all started two years ago as a sketch I made. Since I had a nice long summer vacation, it was cost effective to be an ALT lackey with no work for six weeks. I used that time to renovate my kitchen. I have done or dabbled in all the trades at one point or another but this project drew on all of my knowledge and I actually learned a thing or two on the way. There was a lot of planning, measuring and internet research that went into selecting and purchasing all the right materials and equipment here in Japan. My wife took care of the research and I did the designing and installation. It was a labor of love for both of us and we enjoyed the entire process aside from a few snags it went rather smoothly. Doing things yourself means there is more room in the budget for nicer things and far less third parties to screw up your schedule. With that said we only needed three other contractors to come in and do certain items. A flooring guy, the LP gas company we have a contract with and a stainless steel fabricator who blew us off for two weeks and then bailed on the install. They did attempt to redeem themselves by giving us all the custom cut panels for free and quick delivery on them. The hood was the only part we had to pay for. The other two contractors were in and out in a day or two depending on the work. The rest of the work which entailed
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Please remember to like,comment and favourite this video, it really helps me going :) Also please let me know if there is a game for any platform that you would really like to see a lets play of by me, i of course will keep doing sims 3 houses and sims lps but i want to branch out to other games also, let me know what you would like me to lp? Download: Forget ordinary in every way!. This exclusive home is simply luxurious inside and out. The design offers a strong mountainside appearance. The effectively arranged three-car garage provides space for three custom designed sports cars. Features include: 5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Nursery, Kitchen, 5 piece Dining, Living room, Hobby room, Laundry, Expansive balcony + landscaped pond and pool, children’s play-area and much more to offer. If need-be this home can accomidate up to 11 sims!. “Audio file(s) provided by”.