When company is coming, it is customary to clean up before they arrive. When having overnight guests, it is nice for them to have a clean place to change their clothes, sleep and put their things. This means making all furniture in the guest bedroom presentable, including the dresser. Wooden furniture can be tricky to clean, especially the traditional dresser with a mirror attached. Taking a little bit of time to clean and polish the dresser or bureau will make the house guest feel more welcome and at ease, and keep the host from feeling embarrassed about a messy home. Consider using a bureau scarf to protect the surface.

Things Needed:
Trash can
Dry cotton towel
Lint-free clean cotton rags
Wood polish
Glass cleaner

The first thing to do is to clear the dresser top completely. Any items that do not belong on it should be put away or discarded in the trash can, recycling bin or shredded. Anything that will be returned to the cleaned surface should be set aside in a safe place until the job is done. Keep in mind that a dresser should have as few items stationed on it as possible.

Using a clean, dry cotton cleaning rag, swab the surface to remove any dust bunnies and thick layers of film from the dresser’s top. Discard any large clumps of dirt and dust in the trash can. Cover the flat wooden surface in front of the mirror with a dry cotton towel to protect the wood from moisture.

Spray some glass cleaner on the mirror following the manufacturer’s directions on the back of the container. Using one of the clean cotton rags folded into a soft pad, gently wipe down the mirror in a back and forth motion from top to bottom. As portions of the cleaning rag become dirty, change the folds in the material to a clean side. This will prevent dirt transfer to other parts of the mirror. Go over the area until all spots and streaks and clear and clean. Set the cotton rags aside on a surface that will not be affected by the cleaning solution.

Gently remove the towel from the dresser’s top. Spray the surface with wood polish by following the manufacturer’s directions on the back of the container. Fold a soft, clean cotton rag into three to four layers. Swab the wood in a back and forth motion to clean the surface. Change the folds in the material to an unused area as needed. Use an additional dry cloth to make the entire area shine without smears or streaks.

Place all items back on the dresser top. Arrange photos, jewelry boxes and trinkets so that everything can be seen. Launder all rags and towels used and put away any items used for cleaning.

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