Dressers provide many uses in the modern bedroom. It can hold and store a variety of items, or serve as a decorative piece. But did you know that early dressers were designed for royalty during the medieval period? Dressers, then, were used to store items for big or extravagant dinners. In fact, the king himself was actually served out of the dresser during that time. From that, dressers have evolved into what they are now. Now, building a dresser can be simple or moderately complex. All you need are dresser woodworking plans to help you out.

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The basic tools you will need if you want to build your own dresser at home are the following: a table saw, tape measure, pencil, a corner/arc template, a miter saw, a power drill with plug cutter, a router with round-over bit, a kreg pocket hole system, a screw gun, bar clamps, a gripping clamp, and a belt sander or 120 grit sandpaper and a block.

As for the design, well, there are plenty of patterns that you can choose from. However, these patterns are unlikely to have the exact shape that you want. It is recommended that you look through a list of dresser woodworking plans, and then choose the one that you like best. Also consider the difficulty level with which you have to work, as well as the availability of your materials. You see, the hard part is making the wood furniture to follow the drawings.

So again, the first step to making your own dresser out of wood is to organize your tools and materials. Do not start unless you have everything at hand, in order for you to save more time and energy. The next step would be to obtain measurements. Remember to be careful when doing so because you do need accurate date. Also, be consistent with the measuring tool that you are using. Some woodworking plans found online offer help on how to obtain precise measurements for woodworking projects.

Without dresser woodworking plans, your do-it-yourself project may come out a disaster, especially for beginners. Get a plan, and build your own dresser successfully and beautifully.

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