Kitchen Bar Stools: perfect and functional

Well,how about the idea of adding that 24inch barstools to your home décor to silhouette a stunning combination of comfort and style!Splendid,isn’t it? Yes,typically designed while keeping your style and comfort in mind the kitchen stools are indeed reliable and convenient to use in most of your home activities.

The best part is with the new age design of the stools which are now available; the barstools have gained a whole new facet while crossing the boundaries of all traditionalism.These days the style varies so much that it’s easy to dig out a one that suits your every requirement. First thing first;you need to decide upon where you want to use these.Well,this is because the stools are basically multipurpose hence you can use them in many rooms.

Once typically used only in bars and restaurant, today the barstools have broken all the tradition of pits and boundaries and have now become immensely popular in everyday households.In homes where space is a serious concern these stools stand as an answer to the eternal question of classy sitting arrangements.The kitchen stools are typically designed to accentuate the dull corner of your room while adding an atmosphere to the decor. It is now the time to be creative and to showcase your creativity amidst the new range of white kitchen barstools which are too perfect for seating next to your kitchen area,or also for extra seating at the game room or to let you sit cozily at the home bar.In fact,the kitchen barstools these days strike the major difference to the look,feel and to the function of your kitchen.

Well,the golden rule of the thumb is to leave at least 26 to 39 inches space in between the seats if you are planning a big event at you foyer or if you are realigning your commercial set up.Simply Bar Stool,UK’s largest retailer of bar stool offers you the incredible collection of stools and barstools at a competitive rate.Shop smart,shop online!In fact the stools are available in varied styles and diverse varieties and are also available in different materials so think about which of these options you want to make an informed purchase decision.


Get creative;unleash your imagination to add a bit of dash to your living space with the incredible range of the fiberglass bar stools.

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri gives us an inside look at his first NYC restaurant Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar.
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Cork and Bamboo: Kings of Green Flooring

Eco-friendly or ‘green’ living is gaining in popularity every month. As the planet’s natural resources dwindle and disappear, ‘green’ options use less fossil fuels to manufacture and often are recycled or recyclable material. Today, cork and bamboo are the two most common green flooring options available.


Using cork in floors is not new by any means. Commonly used in churches and libraries since the early 20th century, cork is gaining popularity as a renewable, eco-friendly and renewable flooring material.

Cork is a layer of bark of the cork oak tree, or Quercus suber, that is harvested only once every nine years. The inner layer of bark is left in place, allowing the tree to continue to thrive and grow another layer of cork.

The material used in floors is the remaining cork after bottle stoppers and bottle cap padding are produced, called post-industrial waste. The remaining cork is boiled and ground, then mixed with an adhesive and rolled.

Cork floors also aid sound suppression, naturally insulate and resist fire. Cork also provides natural padding; it sinks slightly under weight, helping to avoid shin splints and joint aches. Because of the stress relief it provides, cork is included in the two most often used floor materials in home and commercial gyms.

Cork can be used as a top or finished surface or as an underlayment to other surface materials. If intended as a finished layer, pieces of dried bark, wood chips and other color- and texture-contrasting materials are often included to present eye-catching designs and durability.

With proper care, cork can last four to five times longer than vinyl and continue to provide reasonable water-resistant properties handy in kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms.


Bamboo is another green flooring option.

Whether solid—all bamboo—or engineered—bamboo mixed with layers of plywood, bamboo is renewable, versatile and eco-friendly.

If the bamboo is fully mature, it provides greater water and mold resistance, but it is not naturally completely water-resistant. Care must be taken to promptly clean spills and avoid high-humidity areas, such as porches, laundry rooms and bathrooms. If exposed for long period or frequently to moisture, the bamboo can crack or buckle.

Bamboo is easily stained in natural wood grains and colors, called direct print bamboo, prior to pressing together, providing green flooring to any décor. Regular and direct print bamboo are harder materials than carbonized bamboo—that which is allowed to boil until the sugars carbonize, giving the bamboo a darker natural color.

This natural source also provides a variety of pattern installation options. Checkerboard patterns, diagonals or straight lines can create unique room atmospheres and appearances. A soft material, however, protect the bamboo floor from heavy furniture and high heels to maintain its longevity and quality.

With proper moisture-related care, bamboo can last longer than many hardwood floors, simply because it’s flexible. Wood cracks and chips more easily than the flexing bamboo, and each impact point on wood can leave a permanent gouge much more easily than on bamboo.

Darrell Potter writes out of Vancouver about a variety home decor tips, and gives advice on how to maintain your home and keep floors looking sharp. Always looking for the highest quality flooring at the lowest cost possible, he tends to end up shopping at more often than not.

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New Kitchen Cabinets

If you were to survey homeowners and ask them what really annoyed them the most in their home, a great many of them would tell you it is their kitchen cabinets that are their biggest problem.

Perhaps they are a horrible shade of green, the doors are falling off or they are just too small to organize properly. People find all kinds of things to hate about their kitchen cabinets.

It is little surprise then that replacing the kitchen cupboards is a priority on many homeowners to do lists, even if they are not up for a full kitchen remodel just yet.

The cabinets in a kitchen are the first thing someone really notices when they walk into the room. Aesthetic appeal is, of course, very important and there are so many kitchen cabinet options to choose from it can be bewildering, to say the least, to try to make a choice between them all.

From the traditional classic beauty of custom made wood kitchen cabinets in maple, oak, hickory and more through the function and style of Thermofoil/Melamine stock cabinetry in a myriad of styles and finishes. Even stainless steel is finding its way into the world of kitchen cabinetry these days, further complicating the homeowner’s final decision.

Style considerations aside, kitchen cabinets also need to be functional. How many times have you had a stack of pots and pans fall on you (or your foot) because your kitchen cabinets have no organizational system at all other than closing the door and hoping for the best. When choosing new kitchen cabinets this, too, is a big issue to take into consideration.

Imagine for a moment how great it would be if your kitchen had one big cabinet with all the drawers and shelf space you need to organize all those tins and boxes in a snap so that finding the ingredients for dinner was not a ten minute adventure.

Or you had a mini pantry to store all your spices and sauces close at hand? All of these features and more are available today and, for many people, once they have these kinds of kitchen cabinet installed in their homes, they can hardly believe they ever survived without them.

Whether you are considering custom or stock cabinets, taking the time to find models that offer function as well as style may take a little longer than you thought, as there are so many options to choose from, but it really will be well worth the extra effort.

Do not be afraid to ask your kitchen remodeling contractor for suggestions either, as they may have come across a cabinet style you were unaware of. If you don’t have a kitchen remodeling professional lined up to install your new kitchen cabinets you may want to consider finding one.

Correctly installing new cabinetry anywhere in the home is trickier than it looks on TV and what is the use of that great new kitchen cabinet with the built in shelving and great glass fronting if it comes crashing down one day because it was improperly installed?

Ursula K Rose – Renovation Experts USA
You can find lots of helpful information about finding a suitable home renovation contractor at Renovation Experts and read our home Renovation with Renovation Experts Blog, which is updated several times a week with helpful home renovation articles.

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Classical Kitchen Furniture

One of the most prevalent trends over the past five years has been the increasing popularity of classical kitchen styles. As a result, many consumers are choosing more simplified designs such as Shaker flat panelled kitchens with less intricate doors and frames, compared to Victorian styles which were a popular choice in the late 90s.

However, the kitchen industry has had to ensure that classical furniture is suitable for modern demands and as a result it is often combined with up-to-date technology and fixings. This means that internal fittings, bins and hardware that are often seen in the more Germanic modern or minimalistic product ranges are often combined with classical furniture to provide the consumer with the most practical kitchen. In addition, the flexibility of classical handmade furniture means that bespoke designs are able to implement the use of wider and larger, popular American appliances, which is often not possible with other kitchen styles such as the Germanic cabinets.

Despite tough economic conditions, demand for high-end classical kitchens has continued . This could perhaps be attributed to the fact that people recognise the importance of quality and longevity in their purchases and are looking for a long term investment.

Shaker style doors remain the most popular classical kitchen design, with painted wood the most popular finish, although the current trend is to mix accents in
timber (usually Walnut or European Oak) with the majority of the kitchen hand painted. These kitchens are typically becoming grander in both size and design, with higher-end kitchens often combining contrasting hand painted and hardwood finishes, curved cabinets, chopping blocks, pantries and stone work surfaces, which help to add value to the kitchen.

Classical kitchens are set to remain a popular choice amongst consumers as they stand the test of time, provide a comfortable living space rather than just functional food preparation area and are often more flexible, providing the owner with more design choices.

Article submitted by Richard Davonport, Managing Director at Davonport who offer handmade kitchen cabinetry with practical design features and can be tailored exactly to your needs. Founded almost 20 years ago, Davonport combine the latest technology, with traditional woodcraft and finishing skills, to create cabinets of the highest quality. CBS News segment that teaches you how to do two cool science experiments right from your kitchen! Put out candles with carbon…
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Installing New Kitchen Cabinets

There are few home improvement projects that can be done which will add more value to your property than a kitchen makeover. The price you pay for new kitchen cabinets can be recovered when you go to sell your house. Stock cabinets which are sold at all home improvement stores can be installed by do-it-yourselfers and they will even provide you with a computer design on how to best utilize your space.

Before you purchase cabinets and even think about installation it is important to give a great deal of thought to the new design for your kitchen. Since you are ripping out the old cabinets, you have the ability to start with a clean slate and change all of the things that have bugged you about your current kitchen for years. Do you want more counter space or storage? Is the sink too far from the refrigerator or do you want to hang the microwave over the stove? These are all things that can easily be incorporated into your design.

Once you have figured out where the new cabinets are going to be placed, you can begin to prepare for installation. After the room is gutted, repair any damage to the walls and paint the area that will be visible behind the cabinets. It is much easier to paint before the cabinets are put up and then, if necessary, you can go back and do any touch up work that may be required. With a pencil, draw in where the cabinets are to be installed to serve as a guide for securing them in place. You also want to mark where the studs are in the wall so you know where to place the screws to hold the cabinets in place.

It is best to start by installing the wall cabinets first. Since they are being placed above the base cabinets you will have more room to maneuver. You will need a level for installation, a power screwdriver, dry wall screws, a hammer, shims and a plumb line. Start by using the plumb line to mark a line across the bottom of the wall where the bottom of the wall cabinet will be placed. Next, you want to make a T-brace out of two by fours which you will use to hold the cabinets in place while you are securing them to the wall.

Start installing the upper cabinets in the corner and work your way towards the middle of the room. Each wall cabinet should be secured to the studs in the wall with two screws on top and two on the bottom of the cabinet. Check each cabinet to insure that it is level from side to side and from front to back. If it is not level use shims to balance it out. In addition to securing the cabinets to the wall, each wall cabinet should be screwed into each other. If necessary, use a clamp to hold the cabinets together until the screws can be installed. After finishing on top, work on the bottom cabinets. Once again, it is extremely important to make sure that they are level before securing them to the studs in the wall.

Shawn Hickman is the Search Marketing Manager for Sears Home Improvements.
You can find more information on kitchen countertops, kitchen cabinet refacing, and kitchen remodeling at

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Hair Dressers Scissors

If you were caught using a regular pair of scissors in a salon and on someone’s hair you would probably be immediately fired. Hair dresser’s scissors were invented for a reason, and that means they are meant to be used on hair. After all, you can’t expect regular scissors to cut at all well, can you? If you still think so, then prepare to find yourself another job!

Hair dresser’s scissors are specialized tools and have features that allow them to style hair correctly, and it’s important to have a pair of these around to cut hair because of all the benefits they offer.

The first of these benefits is durability. Hair dresser’s scissors are made with corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, high cobalt stainless steel or titanium which may be more expensive but allow you to work faster and smoother. These materials require little maintenance and last a lot longer than the cheaper, coated aluminum used in mediocre hair dresser’s scissors found at discount stores. Cheaper scissors won’t be as durable as hair dresser’s scissors and will rust quickly if not kept in a suitable place.

Another benefit of hair dresser’s scissors is sharpness. The blades of these scissors can deal with heavy workloads without becoming blunt and are able to snip cleanly through with precision. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can just leave the blades as is haircut after hair cut, they do need some maintenance now and then to stay good as new. With mediocre scissors, expecting sharpness is hopeless and you can only enjoy what little sharpness they have as soon as you buy them.

Hair dresser’s scissors can be sharpened every few weeks, but cheaper scissors have to be constantly sharpened to be able to cut properly and even then they tend to rip through hair instead.

Hair dresser’s scissors are also more comfortable to use day in and day out thanks to their convenient and ergonomic designs. Your hand need not feel the strain of every day styling when you use a good pair of hair dresser’s scissors. Plus, since they are so sharp and function so smoothly, you will have your work done much quicker. You can expect the same with mediocre scissors unfortunately, as these come in a standard size and tend to tire you out faster, since they’re not exactly sharp to begin with either.

To do a professional job and not feel the strain, buy hair dresser’s scissors and enjoy the benefits!


Kristy is a professional stylist with 5 salons and full time writer for Safrons. Safrons offers Top Curling Irons, the Best Hair Dryers and the best selling Thinning Scissors by Saki Shears. Free Shipping on orders over and same day shipping.

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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Kitchen and bath remodeling can be an exciting time for you. You may be a new homeowner and want to fix up your kitchen and bathroom. You can start with the bathroom. Bath remodeling can start with the paint on your wall. Do you want to change it? You can update your bathroom with a fresh new color.

Next when remodeling your bathroom you can change the lighting on the ceiling or hanging from the ceiling and/or wall. Choose light fixtures that will match the style you are going for. For example, if you are looking for something Italian, wrought iron is a lovely choice for both your kitchen and bath remodeling.

When kitchen and bath remodeling is being done to your home and your kitchen and bathroom flow into each other, you want to choose the same flooring to make the rooms look larger. If you are going for all wood or laminate wood flooring, your rooms will gracefully welcome your family and guests into them.

While kitchen and bath remodeling take a good look at your cabinets. Are you still pleased with them or are you looking for another style? Maybe you want to replace your kitchen cabinets with cabinets that have glass in the front. You will be able to see all of your dishes when you choose this option. Make sure you keep your kitchen cabinets neat and organized so you do not give your kitchen a cluttered look. You may also choose to have only two or three of the kitchen cabinets with a glass front and the rest are solid wood.

A professional can help you choose the lighting, paint, cabinets and flooring in your house so that you are ecstatic about remodeling your kitchen and bathroom(s). A professional can also help you by letting you know if the items you choose will look good together.

The professional can share ideas he or she may have to get the most out of your kitchen and bathroom.

You may have a huge job that a professional can complete when you are kitchen and bath remodeling. You may decide to knock a wall out of your house to enlarge your kitchen. If you have children that are growing up quickly you may decide you need to open up the kitchen so that you and your family have more room. A professional can let you know if this is possible by the way your home is built. Make sure you consult a professional before you and your family and/or friends decide to grab a tool and start to smash your wall down.

When kitchen and bath remodeling make sure you call a professional so that the job gets done correctly and you are very pleased with the look of the rooms in your home.

Shawn Hickman is the Search Marketing Manager for Sears Home Improvements . If you would like more information on Kitchen and Bath Remodeling, visit the Kitchen Remodeling section of the Sears Home Services website or call 1-866-238-5142.

Norwex Kitchen and Bath Towels – Buy Norwex Online at
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Kitchen Planners to Ensure the Perfect Design of Your Kitchen

Without proper planning, it would be useless to remodel a kitchen. Everything from the design of the look, the appliances, and the finishing touches are all important aspects and ones that need the full attention of the homeowner to ensure the success of the project.

Because there are so many mistakes that can be made the best solution, when planning to remodel or build a new kitchen, is a Kitchen Planner. A kitchen planner will help you to avoid many mistakes that can be made such as an improper route around your sink, fridge, freezer and oven, a jutting island or counter corner, an island that is the wrong fit or wrong shape for the kitchen, poor lighting and so on. They will also help you to improve on stylish looks and storage.

What to Consider When Planning a Kitchen

The actual size and shape of the room is your first consideration and will help you to determine the choices in designs for your kitchen. You will also need to consider your plumbing. Do you have existing plumbing or will you need to install new plumbing. The same goes with your electrical sockets.

Another thing to consider is the number of family in your home. Do you have a home with young children that are going to be running in and out of the kitchen? Does your kitchen seem to be a gathering place when you have company? Do you spend a great deal of time in the kitchen cooking? The answer to all these questions will help you to determine the best suited style design for your kitchen.

You will also want to consider the flooring for the kitchen.

Are you planning on tiles or laminate? If you are changing the flooring when remodeling your kitchen, then the best time to install the new flooring is when you have cleared out the old units of the kitchen and have the most room to ensure that all areas of the floor are accounted for.

You will also want to consider your windows, If you are completely remodeling the kitchen, windows are something that you might consider adding, depending on the remodeling job. Ventilation in a kitchen is a big thing, as well as, natural light, and you want to not only make certain that you have the proper extractor fans installed in your kitchen, you also want to make sure that you have the proper amount of windows, ideally located so that you can ventilate your kitchen, when necessary.

When choosing your appliances for your kitchen, you want to ensure that they are energy efficient appliances. This will help to reduce on your monthly utility bill. You also want to ensure that they are easy to clean appliances. Also, make sure that all paint, tiles and grout that are used in the kitchen are suitable for kitchens. Kitchens are a great source of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus, as well as, stains, and you should have materials that are designed for a kitchen.

Planning a kitchen does require a tremendous amount of detail, and having the right kitchen planner will ensure it is done correctly.


A Kitchen Planner will help you to design the perfect kitchen and avoid costly mistakes. For more on kitchen planners visit Tesco Kitchens at

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Kitchen Cabinets- Oak and Maple Kitchens

Hardwood has long since been a household name when it came to home construction of the yesteryears and is still a favorite in today’s remodeling and interior design industry.  With the evolution of kitchen use from merely being a cooking mess area to the new heart of homes, the luxurious warmth in both look and feel became a mainstay.  Aside from the great value that this choice of material offers, hardwood also offers a timeless appeal that is long lasting especially for the building blocks of kitchen- the cabinetry.  This article lays out details about Oak and Maple kitchens which fall among the top two most popular hardwood options for kitchen cabinets.


Oak Kitchens


With this wood specie found in abundance in North America, it is no wonder that this has become a common face in the heart of homes.  Oak kitchens brandish a façade that is naturally large grained, making up for distinct patterns that change throughout for an exquisite overall look to your kitchen cabinets.  The surface also has mineral streaks of black, green and other colors that create a more interesting feel to it.  Being porous, this wood type absorbs stains and glazes well helping create a richer look that highlights the display or beautiful grains.


Available in many regions, oak kitchens vary in color from white, red to yellow.  Oak kitchen cabinets will look exceptional whether you are remodeling in traditional, casual, country, rustic, and even modern design.  Other than this stylish advantage of being versatile, oak is a heavy and proven durable choice for busy kitchens that can efficiently withstand the spills, and humidity changes.  Works great in resisting scratches and dents, this choice can even prove ideal for countertops.


Another unique character of oak kitchens is that direct sunlight can cause the surface to fade and darken through time.  But this is not really a downside as many homeowners prefer the patina that it offers, and doesn’t mind the changes in their kitchen cabinets.


Maple Kitchens


The strongest contender of Oak when it comes to popularity is Maple kitchens.  Maple kitchen cabinets are the exact opposite of Oak when it comes to grains.  The tight, even grains of maple makes up for a fluid finish that is as smooth in looks as it is to touch.  Naturally light, the cabinetry collection for wood-toned glazes that you can choose from ranges from honey to cinnamon.  This can also be stained to brandish a darker looking timber such as espresso, painted any color you desire, or even finished to look like other hardwood choices such as mahogany and cherry.


Maple kitchen cabinets also offer the same stylish versatility making them ideal for practically any design from traditional to contemporary, transitional to eclectic, and anywhere in between.  Such cabinetry choice also works great at withstanding the everyday use and abuse in kitchens efficiently contesting with the common mess, and changes in temperatures and humidity levels.


Maple kitchen cabinets will not darken as they age and will not be affected by direct sunlight.  This will make lay outing your cabinetry much easier.

Realize the kitchen of your dreams with our premium line of RTA cabinets including the luscious Oak Kitchen Cabinets that boasts of superb quality for an easily affordable price. Planning on a kitchen remodel? Visit us for more on Maple Kitchen Cabinets


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