Bar Faucet: The Kitchen’s Best Friend

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by suanie

It’s where you socialize, prepare food, watch the evening news, go over homework and enjoy family time. Oh, and eat meals, too.

The kitchen has evolved into a social center, study hall, family gathering hub and one of your home’s most important entertaining rooms.

The list of tasks we perform in the kitchen boggles the mind. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle and demanding schedules, it’s the little extras that can make the difference between stress and comfort. That’s where a bar faucet can really help.

What exactly is a bar faucet and how is it different from your kitchen faucet? What kind of handle options are available? The answers are here.

Accompanying bar sinks, bar faucets are designed specifically to perform the extra tasks your busy kitchen demands. Traditionally, bar faucets are svelte and smaller than a standard kitchen faucet, simply because the bar sink is typically not as large as your kitchen sink. But that won’t keep your this fixture from doing anything your kitchen faucet would do.

These fixtures typically have a bit more flair and decorative design elements, like more curves, stylish ingredients, and very often a higher spout for an eye-catching appearance. This might be a smaller fixture, but it still wants to be noticed.

Most are made of brass (for its resistance to soft-water corrosion and hard-water calcification), but metal faucets are also available. It shouldn’t be too hard to find one, either, since leading plumbing manufacturers like Kohler, Delta, Moen, Hansgrohe and Danze all have bar faucets of nearly every theme.

Like their kitchen faucet counterparts, bar faucets are available in various hole-centers and configurations.

And as far as handles, it can come with one or two handles. Handle styles vary, as well, from levers to cross to knobs.

While more and more families are filling their homes with environmentally conscious fixtures, bar faucets are also making their way into the eco-friendly realm.

Your bar faucet should be as dependable and hard-working as you are, while remain entertaining, functional and stunning. With a little planning and some imagination, it will help simplify your kitchen tasks-and your kitchen will thank you.

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Affordable Kitchen Appliances With Cuda Kitchen

Ever had your eye on those high-quality kitchen appliances they show on cooking shows? Everyone who watches these shows has entertained this desire at one point or another. Don’t we all wish we had that blender that seems to do its work without sputtering? Or perhaps that skillet that never seems to turn sticky when placed on high heat. And then we look at the state of our own kitchen and sigh. Some of us perhaps dream of being able to own kitchen appliances that will transform our most basic evening meals into top chef affairs.

Now, thanks to Cuda Kitchen, a Fort Lauderdale, FL-based online retailer of discount kitchen appliances, these dreams can become reality. With a stock of top-of-the-line kitchen appliances, available at reduced prices on the Cuda website, you can actually think of turning your kitchen into that magical place where people talk to a camera while chopping and stir frying. Of course, the only thing that will be missing is the camera. Everything else will be there.

Consider, for example, the single burner hot plate manufactured by Aroma. Perhaps you want to entertain large groups of people while cooking in your backyard, or you want to make that delicious home cooked meal in your office. Or perhaps, you live in a dorm. Either way, this die-cast metal appliance is the perfect piece of equipment to you. Now you can enjoy the flexibility that comes with mobility.

In addition, the hot plate comes with an easy-to-clean surface and an attractive black finish. Complete with durable, die-cast single burner, four temperature range settings, and compact design, this gem among kitchen appliances will certainly make a welcome addition to your kitchen.

However, the real beauty of this hot plate lies in the discount of 24.1 percent that the Cuda Kitchen website offers the buyer. And the good news doesn’t end here.

Maybe you once thought of meat grinders as a luxury. After all, why bother grinding your own meat when someone else can do it for you? Well, for starters, grinding your own meat saves you money. Secondly, you can control the parts of the meat you grind and be spared the knowledge that you might be biting into something unsavoury while eating that burger.

Now, thanks to Cuda Kitchen, premier retailer of kitchen appliances, you can have high-quality meat grinders at prices you won’t believe. An example is the CucinaPro Healthy Meat Grinder #8. Equipped with fine, medium, and coarse cutting discs and a table clamp that will attach to any table or counter ledge, the CucinaPro is made of durable, heavy-duty cast iron and comes with a 23.5 percent discount. You can now avoid having to eat burgers made from frozen patties ever again.

Whether you want to replace a broken down refrigerator or start making your own fresh pasta, Cuda Kitchen has what you need, at prices youll relish.

For more information on premium kitchen appliances at non-premium prices, visit CudaKitchen.

For more information on premium kitchen appliances at non-premium prices, visit

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Open Plan New Kitchens

When the owner of a home likes their property and all the rooms in it, it certainly puts a smile on their face. The reality is that everyone is different, which means that each person’s wants, needs and desires are different; especially when it comes to renovating a home, or rooms within the home. New kitchens are not something we, as homeowners, install every day, so they are certainly worth taking particular time and consideration over.

For people that are looking to install new kitchens, they certainly have a mammoth task on their hands. It might look from the outside that this process is going to be easy, but there is a lot more to picking new kitchens than the majority of people think. Price, style, colour and the size all comes into play and it means that there are a lot of decisions for a consumer to make.

One of the things a lot of people do not tend to think about, is having an open plan kitchen. An open plan kitchen can make a whole house feel a lot more spacious. The fact of the matter is, opening up just one room in the home makes the whole place feel a lot less cramped and can put a home owner at a serious advantage.

The problem with a lot of people that make their new kitchens open plan, is that they do not think about where all the specifics and appliances in the kitchen will go. Home owners do not tend to realise that by opening up a kitchen to be completely open plan, they will have much more space, space that inevitably, will need to be filled.

Alongside filling the space, ventilating the space is certainly just as important. The smell of cooking can quickly spread through a house, something which is not really ideal. Previously, home owners would have probably opened a back door, and shut the door leading to the next room.

As there would be no doors with these new kitchens, they need to ventilate in some other way.

Looking around at the different types of ventilation systems is certainly a worthwhile procedure. Remember, a lot of venting systems are simply overpriced because of their brand name, so try and find a happy medium between high quality, and great value for money. The right ventilation can literally finish off most good open plan new kitchens.

For the best kitchen quotes around, search online where you will find the best way of improving your home by looking for a new bedroom and style to match your kitchen.

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Kitchen and Bath Show 2009 Highlights

After visiting the 2009 National Kitchen and Bath show a few months ago in Atlanta, anxious to discover any new “trends” in the industry, I was surprised to find the real trend is, well, the lack of any trends. Classic, timeless design and products, whether for a more modern aesthetic or for a traditional space is what seems to be most prevalent with manufacturers and designers alike. The continued focus on eco solutions and aging in place design were in some way a part of each companies presentation. Economic conditions and tight budgets downsized the vendor participation with some major players as noticeable no shows. Despite missing some of my favorites, it was a bit of a treat to walk the aisles with a little more elbow room and get the chance to speak to manufacturers without having to stand in line. Here are a few product highlights from the more than 500 national and international companies displaying their wares.

Toto-ally awesome!
Going against the grain, Toto’s booth at the show was the largest ever and featured many new designs for their fixtures, tubs and toilets. The introduction of the luminist series sinks allow an epoxy resin sink to be lit from underneath. The material is more often found on airplane wings than in high end baths thus making it a durable product as well as beautiful. This gem of a night light is going home with me! The Toto High Efficiency toilet, or HET’s as they are commonly referred to, offer a 20% savings in water consumption over the 1.6 gallon varieties and 60% savings over the older 3.5 gallon models. Toto’s dual max flushing technology (two different flush options to choose from) won a top 10 award from Building Green magazine for it’s superior water efficiency and stylish design.

If you can get excited about a toilet, this one is quite impressive.

Not your momma’s medicine cabinet!
Robern’s newest techno innovation is an uplift system that gets rid of the swinging door and replaces it with a door that lifts straight up and holds in position and provides a spot for hidden outlets, television space and great interior lighting. This uplift gizmo allows for placement of sconce lighting and faucets in front or to the side of the cabinet without any interference. Let me say, it is really, really cool!

“Wood” you look at this?
Grothouse Lumber is a small family owned company that has made a big impact in the wood counter top arena. With almost 60 different species of wood available, a myriad of edge selections possible and all sorts of configurations, these wood tops are works of art. This company continually impresses me with their craftsmanship and innovation and this year was no exception. Simply put, these counter tops will be a show stopper in your home.

Bling, Bling for over your range
Elica Hood designs combine harmony and aesthetics with great function in what can be a mundane appliance, the exhaust hood. Each product in their line up is a specialty item. Hoods designed to look like chandeliers ( I would not want to clean it though) and objects d’art can be found hanging in your kitchen exhausting fumes and lighting your cook top. Elica’s “Star” hood won the popular award voted on by K/BIS attendees. Granted, you have to have the right space for this product but we can all dream can’t we?

An alternative to stainless
Dacor Appliances has always been a wonderful company and they have set the bar high with their Preference line offering six different colored glass fronts to entice you. I like the anthracite gray but they also have blue water, slate green, titanium silver, black and sterling gray. The refrigerator is what caught my eye across the show floor. The clean look of the glass front was a breath of fresh air after looking at stainless and even more stainless.

Believe it! A shower drain can be exciting design!
Here is yet another commercial application jumping over to work in the single family home. A linear shower drain from Quick Drain that can be used with any tile size and can be installed as a channel drain under the shower door or against a wall. This is a terrific product and can be very useful when designing an ADA accessible shower. It is easy to install and makes the round center drain obsolete.

Even with the scaled back nature of this year’s show and less attendees, plenty of great product information and exciting new ideas were available for those willing to forge ahead and travel down the aisles searching for the next big thing to hit the industry.

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Kitchener Painting Company renovation Kitchener

As all the fields have undergone tremendous changes, the field of painting has also undergone vast changes and is still changing with time. The earlier concept of painting only for maintenance purpose or protection purpose has given way to painting for presentation, decoration and artistic purposes. This has given scope for the raise of a huge business arena. Many people are taking up painting as profession which includes Kitchener painters, Waterloo Painters, Kitchener Painting Company.
The history of painting dates back to 20 to 25 thousand years for which there is evidence in the ancient caves in France and Spain. At those times, paint was made from naturally available materials and colors were limited to only the natural source of colors available. Some wood pieces have been found with painting which belongs to middle age. During this age, resins were boiled with oil to make pant. Thereafter synthetic paints were invented which is ruling even now. The machinery used to manufacture paint has also changed with time and the modern machinery is fast and gives quality product. The limitation of the color is gone and now you can get the paint of any color of your choice. You pick any color and the manufacturer will make the paint exactly the color of your choice. All this is done with the help of computers using perfect proportions to get the required result. Sometimes quality of paint will be water soluble and come in the powder form and this can be mixed with water to form paint of any consistency. There are also strainers available and these strainers can be mixed to the white base to get the requisite color which can be done manually also as per the choice of the consumer.
With the changing trend in manufacture and utility of the paint, the painting industry as a whole has seen huge development and this in turn has given way to development of many ancillary units which manufacture and sell the accessories required for painting.

Painting was being carried out with a brush earlier manually. The method of application of paint has also changed to a huge degree and machines like spray painters have been invented to facilitate painting. These machines apart from reducing the labor involved also give a better finish for the area. Spray painting is used to paint walls, buildings, furniture, automobiles and all machinery items. It gives an excellent smooth finish for the surface and elegant look. Painting has become a work of art rather than just a labor oriented work. It requires skills and application of thought to give a good finish. There is lot of scope for creativity and improvement. The painters have the responsibility to be creative and impress the clients with good workmanship.
All these developments have created many job opportunities in all the places of the world like Kitchener Painters, Waterloo Painters and many companies like Kitchener Painting Company have taken birth including renovation kitchener. This development has opened up many career opportunities and has given livelihood to many people.

To know more about us please visit: painting contractor

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Popular and Spectacular Modular Kitchens

Cooking has become a joyful experience with the advent of modular kitchens. These kitchens have transformed the complete décor of a home with its amazing designs and styles. Today such kitchens have become so popular that most of the people prefer to install them in their homes regardless of their prices. The dual advantages of both modular kitchen designs and convenience have escalated the demand for modular kitchen.

Reasons Why These Kitchens are So Popular

The modular kitchens are far better in comparison to the ordinary kitchens. These kitchens appear modern and chic and can be fitted even when there is space constraint. There are many advantages of using these fitted kitchens and some of them are:

* Trendy and chic: these fitted kitchens appear quite chic and stylish with a variety of contemporary designs and colors. A huge variety of colors can be obtained including blue, green, red, orange, birch and hues of gold and cedar.

* Maximum utilization of space: the modular kitchens are ideal for even small spaces as with a proper design and plan, you can obtain maximum storage facilities.

* Easy to clean: these kitchens are quite easy to clean and maintain.

* Variety of designs and colors: You can choose from a variety of designs and attractive colors. Kitchens with simple designs are also in vogue these days.

* Quick installation: it takes very little time to install these kitchens as most of the fittings are readymade.

* Maintenance: it is also easy to repair individual components of the kitchen separately.

* Durable: the kitchen accessories and components last for a longer period of time if all the materials installed are authentic and of superior quality.

Accessories in Modular Kitchens

A well equipped kitchen requires a number of accessories but the modular kitchens are inclusive of some of the best accessories which make cooking a fun activity.

Some of the essential accessories include:

Cooking range or hob: electric stoves and gas stoves have been transformed into a new compact unit which can be engraved into the granite countertops. Such hobs are clutter free and leave ample space for cooking. It is a single unit which has multiple burners for quicker cooking.

Units or pull out drawers: the units are the best features of modular kitchens as it helps in storing many items like utensils, food items and so forth. There are different storing capacities for different units. You can choose them according to your requirements.

Cooker hoods: cooker hoods are essential in eliminating smoke from the kitchen. Electric cooker hoods are efficient and used in many modular kitchens.

Adjustable shelves: these shelves have handles for sliding drawers which can be used for storage facilities.

Shutters: Shutters are widely used in modular kitchens as it is best way to store crockery like plate and bowls safe and clean.

A variety of modular kitchen designs are available online where you can select the best among them according to the space available in the kitchen and the estimated budget. These fitted kitchens prove to be a style statement with its contemporary designs and functions.

Author has wide knowledge of B2B Marketplace and Business industries. For more information on modular kitchens and modular kitchen designs, visit online products directory

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Shaker Kitchen

Finding the best providers of shaker kitchens or painted kitchens online

Shaker kitchens have an established heritage, and can be dated back to the Shakers, who were well known for a style of furniture that was unornamented, simple and functional, as well as finely crafted.

There are many good reasons to take a look online for a bespoke shaker kitchen or painted kitchen. The Internet offers a wide range of different companies offering bespoke shaker kitchens and painted kitchens, and certainly offers way more choice than you could hope to get by simply picking up a phone book or asking your friends for recommendations. The other big advantage of using the Internet is its sheer convenience. The Internet offers you a great means of finding providers of shaker kitchens at any time of the day or night, whenever it suits you.

What to look for in the best providers of shaker kitchens

If you are looking for the best provider of shaker kitchens, you are likely to have several key priorities. The right company will offer bespoke kitchens that combine traditional joinery with a design that is clean and modern, with the result of beautiful and functional woodwork.

The right company will work closely with clients at every stage of the design process, in order to create practical solutions that complement your space. The right firm should also show its environmental awareness by ensuring that its timber is sourced only from well managed forests.

When designing you a shaker or painted kitchen, the right company will consider every aspect of your kitchen from design and cabinet construction to lighting, tiling and flooring, ensuring that the perfect practical space is created.

Its features may include beautifully hand built cabinets and centre islands, chunky wooden worktops crafted out of selected European hardwoods and handmade accessories and storage details for extra user friendliness and efficiency.

The best company may also incorporate such features as FSC rated timber, ultra-low energy LED lighting, energy, and water efficient water appliances, zero VOC natural paints and recycled materials into its kitchens to ensure maximum eco-friendliness. The right company will also offer all of this quality and bespoke design for a price that is competitive. if you’re looking for Shaker Kitchen or Painted Kitchens look no further than It Wood Work; we’re specialists in our field. Visit us today for more information

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