My Go-To – Daniel Patterson’s Go-To Summer Soup

This episode of My Go-To Dish features Daniel Patterson, chef-owner of Coi in San Francisco and Plum in Oakland. The best part of this video: getting to see Daniel in his home kitchen environment. Want to see what other chefs and celebrities are preparing in their own homes? Check out the My Go-To show page: For more recipes, stories and videos, visit CHOW on Twitter: CHOW on Facebook: ========================================================

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The Great Benefits of Organic Food

The Great Benefits of Organic Food

The benefits of eating organic foods are numerous. With it becoming more and more popular to eat organically, it is becoming easier and a little more affordable to purchase organic foods. Local farmers’ markets, health food stores, and even Walmart cater to those who eat organically.

Organic crops mean the foods are grown in safe soil, without any additives or alterations. Organic livestock means that the meats you eat have been fed organic ally and have had lived naturally (i.e., outdoor). While many foods are deemed “organic,” only those which meet the above criteria are stamped with the USDA approval for organic. In stores, you can be assured that foods with the USDA Organic sticker are at least ninety percent organic.

Support local farmers

Because most organic foods are grown and sold locally, it promotes and supports farmers in your surrounding area. With a drastic drop in people living on farms, this helps keep the remaining farmers in business. Supporting local farmers also encourages less government intervention in the foods you eat. By purchasing foods from organic farmers, it sends a statement that you are willing to pay a little more in order to be healthy and refuse to have interference on what is sprayed on fruits and vegetables and fed to animals.


Organically grown foods also benefit our environment in many important ways. One is it helps keep our water safe to drink. Water is the most important liquid on the earth, and it is vital to ensure its purity. When pesticides sprayed onto plants and medicated animals defecate, these harmful chemicals make their ways into the water system. With organic farming, this does not occur, and plays an important part in keeping water clean for our ecosystem.

It follows if our water is affected by chemical processes, then the soil is as well. If the soil is contaminated, then whatever feeds off of it or is grown in it has the likelihood of being polluted. This also means organic foods make it safer for wildlife.

Higher nutrient levels

Whether or not organic foods have higher nutrient levels than treated foods is a highly debated topic. However, many treated foods give the appearance of being more nutritious because they are bigger. Do not be deserved by size, though. Most treated fruits and vegetables are larger due to a higher content of water. While organics are smaller, they still are packed with nutrients-just minus the deceptive water size.

Absence of food colorings

Many treated foods have vibrant, healthy-looking colors. However, you bite into them only to find that they are either over-ripe or under-ripe. In these cases, food colorings have been added to the fruit or vegetables to make them appear healthy and convince you to purchase them. Organic foods do not have food colorings. What you see sitting in front of you is exactly what you are getting.

Better taste

If you are only going for taste, organically grown foods have a much richer taste than treated foods. Most organic foods are fresh because they are usually locally grown. The majority of people will agree that fresh foods are hands down significantly more lush and tasty than preserved foods. Plus, because organic foods do not have all the additives and are instead grown as they were originally meant to be, they taste better.

No pesticides

Even after you have washed or even peeled foods which have been previously treated with pesticides, there can still be a remnant of pesticides left which can affect you. The Environmental Working Group has studied the effect of pesticides on foods and has determined the top twelve fruits and vegetables which are the most effected by pesticides. In order from highest, they are apples, bell peppers, carrots, celery, cherries, imported grapes, kale, lettuce, nectarines, peaches, pears, and strawberries.

Pesticides build up inside your body and create health problems, which can progressively grow as you eat more and more non-organic foods over the years. Problems which can occur include birth defects, and headaches. Babies, children, and pregnant women are especially prone to pesticide-related health issues. Because pesticides add stress to already weak immune systems (such as in babies or pregnant women), the chance to get sick is much easier. Pregnant women also need to be aware that pesticide-treated foods which they eat can also be transmitted to their child while pregnant or nursing.

By eating organic foods, you can rest assured that they are free from pesticides.

No antibiotics

Antibiotics are commonly injected into animals. These antibiotics can then be transferred into your body when you eat the meat. A bombardment of antibiotics actually makes your body immune to the effects of antibiotics. Consequently, when you need to take antibiotics to fight disease, your body is unable to use them.

Organic farmers who raise cattle or chickens or other animals for meat feed their animals natural foods the way they were originally meant to eat, and they do no inject antibiotics. Consequently, meats coming from organic farms are free from antibiotics.

No hormones

To meet the high demand for meat, commercial, non-organic farms give their animals hormone-injected feed in order to make them grow bigger and faster. While this may work for production, it translates into your children’s hormones maturing faster.

As organic farmers do not use antibiotics, they also allow their animals to grow naturally. No problems with hormones with organic meat.

More antioxidants

Non-organic foods have fewer antioxidants than organic foods. This is because the longer foods sit out in the store, the less antioxidants left. Organic foods are fresh and must be eaten faster. Consequently, they are higher in antioxidants.

Antioxidants help boost your health, including fighting heart disease. There are even studies which seem to indicate that antioxidants can fight cancer.

Reduce health risks

Obviously, if there are not pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics treated into your foods, the benefits of avoiding these products will help you avoid many debilitating-if not deadly-health risks. While many people will argue there is not that big of a difference in health risks between organic and treated foods, there have not been definite studies to show that the treated substances put into our foods are not detrimental in the long run. By purchasing organic foods, you steer clear of the possibility of harming your family’s and your health.


Knowledge is power. By knowing what we are purchasing, by what we are putting into our bodies, we have the ability to choose how to protect our health and lifestyles.

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How To Handle Long Cooking Recipes

If you are a beginner who is just trying out new recipes every day in the kitchen, then you must be getting flummoxed now and then when a recipe simply does not perform the way it should or when you actually forget to carry out certain important steps in spite of going through the recipe twice or more. It is true that cooking recipes can often be complicated, but long cooking recipes are generally detailed and simple, provided you get the hang of handling them. Some tips and tricks that will help you handle all kinds of cooking recipes and turn cooking into a successful and enjoyable affair for you are listed here.

Start With Simple Recipes: You might argue that this is besides the point when all you want to know is handle long recipes, but you need to remember that just like in every other discipline, with cooking too, we need to go one step at a time. Jumping too high up will often have you landing flat on your face. So if you just started cooking tomorrow, then do not start making lasagna that requires three homemade sauces, four cheeses and two types of meat. Start with plain old pasta! As you get the hang of smaller, simpler recipes, you will easily be able to handle long and complicated ones naturally within some time.

Go Through The Recipes A Number Of Times: Just reading through a recipe once, specially a new one is a recipe for disaster! In order to get a recipe right, you will actually need to go through it at least two to three times in order to understand the steps properly. And of course, you will also need to keep going through it time and again while cooking.

Assemble All The Ingredients Before You Start: You might have seen your parents assembling their ingredients after they put the pot on the stove, but even though it looks really easy to do, it can be tough for a newbie. If you do not want to mess up your recipe, go through the list of ingredients and assemble them before you start cooking. If you are using vegetables or meats, make sure that they are chopped in the right way and that the meat is washed and duly prepared to be tossed into the pan before you put the pan on the fire.

Use The Right Proportions: We often see chefs on TV and in real life tossing in ingredients by the fistful only to deliver gourmet delicacies within minutes and the carefully listed proportions in a recipe start feeling redundant. Trust me, they are not. Most beginners have a long way to go before they can start doing this, because experienced cooks do not “ignore” the proportions given in a recipe, but rather they know how much a fistful is due to years of experience. So whenever you try out a recipe, try and do justice to it by using all the ingredients in the exact amounts provided. Of course you can scale it all if you are cooking for a larger or smaller number of people, but following proportions is mandatory if you want your recipes to turn out well.

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A Variety of Free Outdoor Cooking Recipes

Free outdoor cooking recipes are there for everybody to enjoy and share besides providing the perfect opportunity for people to experiment and have fun while sharing jokes, recipe ideas and more by the camp-side.

While many people take up cooking as a hobby that is reserved for their spare time, others can also benefit from picking up the quick-and-easy methods of free recipes to have the confidence to participate in varied cooking events that occur on food network channels, online portals that advertise free outdoor cooking recipes besides other places.
For more details go to: The charm of entering a cooking competition online or in person is exciting and cannot be stressed enough; however, there is definitely something for everyone as contests can include styles like grilling or Dutch oven cooking, besides free outdoor cooking recipes that are easy and fast.

In fact, much of the popularity of these recipes lies in their simple techniques of cooking that minimize preparation time and use of few ingredients that cook fast too. The menu selection and the technique of cooking one chooses for preparing outdoor meals also determines the fun, ease and simplicity factors for a great outdoor activity that can be shared and two best bets include Dutch oven cooking and grill-cooking, because they both give fast and nutritious results to whatever is cooked!

A wide array of dishes can be prepared using free outdoor cooking recipes that can include food groups like veggies, meats, breads, chicken, fish besides kebabs and sweet dishes too! Hassle-free, quick and using little heat, the appeal of free outdoor cooking recipes spreads far and wide to incorporate mealtime decisions for breakfast, luncheon and supper that can be either light or filling.

Salads and desserts are included in the cooking recipes that are comprehensive meal planning tools besides also leaving enough scope for introducing the meal with a tasty starter snack like grilled salmon or tenderloins.
For help visit: Roast, grill or bake, there’s a cooking method that is ideal for every family and outdoor cooking makes this experience even more enjoyable when free outdoor cooking recipes are shared among guests who have enjoyed the outing too! While the preferred way to have outdoor fun and meals is no doubt grill-cooking that fixes healthy and hot hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken in a jiffy, there’s much more fun to be had when menu-planning is done as group activity.

Latest advancements in the products available for outdoor cooking have furthered eased the activity for many hobbyists and technology being used in barbeque-stands, cookware tools, support equipment for outdoor cooking has become safety-conscious that users can look forward to having a good time with great meals that make partying an all-time option for large families as well as small groups of friends. Thus, these easy recipes for outdoors increase the scope of creative fun for everyone.

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Make Nice Meals with Dietary Cooking Recipes

Whipping up unique and healthy cooking recipes has turn out to be quite simple because the advent of the internet and its elevated usage. Persons are increasingly indulging in attempting out new recipes that they discover on the internet for his or her friends and family. Just like the frequent term ?health buff? there is now a term ?cooking buff? in use for those people who are diligent cooking enthusiasts. Owing to the simple accessibility to recipes, earlier unknown, people don’t shrink back from experimenting with them. An individual from a small city may try out an unique dish frequent to a far-off land and a person from a big, trendy metropolis may attempt the delicious earthly style of some conventional village food. There are countless options for a foodie at a worldwide level.

Amassing Recipes
At the moment, it is rather easy to find a good recipe which is able to cater to your need. Chefs and housewives alike, all over the world, have large collections of recipes collected from magazines, cooking networks, internet, even their very own discoveries! An individual can discover a cooking recipe in accordance with their lifestyle, schedule and their taste. As an illustration, these in search of quick and wholesome cooking recipes with nominal hassle and effort can discover infinite recipes in a wide range of online cooking recipe websites. These recipes could possibly be from someone who has tried it in their own kitchen or from any famed chef. To many individuals such recipes are like a prized possession.

Potentialities to Be Explored With On-line Cooking Recipes
The modern world had turn into a global village where there’s a profusion of diverse cultures and plentiful traditions which have their very own distinctive character. Each tradition has its personal distinctive tastes and dishes, the secrets to which at the moment are easily accessible over the internet. There are quite a few possibilities that one can come across on account of this. Some of them are as follows:

These recipes are very helpful when there’s a special occasion. They help in producing a superb feast to your beloved ones. So,we should proudly call them as healthy cooking recipes.
One can host gatherings or cooking teams where members can cook and exchange their very own signature recipes. This fashion folks educate and learn to cook numerous dishes. Every person can convey their recipes either written down or they’ll cook dinner one in all their favorite dishes and bring it for everyone to taste.
There are cooking videos available on-line which is definitely more helpful than written recipes.

Advantages of Online Recipes
There was an awesome enhance in the number of cooking recipes and movies available online. The benefit right here is that there has been a development in the variety of nutritional dishes. At the moment persons are very well being conscious and are always on the lookout for recipes which is able to teach them what to cook for a low calorie yet tasty meal.
Thus, it can be safely stated that lots of the online recipes help in fulfilling the craving of the taste buds and likewise offering you with a nutritional meal. They help in pleasing your loved ones and friends in everyday life or particular parties. So just discover an thrilling recipe and begin cooking!

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Cooking Recipes on Internet

Nowadays finding cooking recipes on internet is quite popular. Most of the women search their interested cooking recipes on internet rather than getting from cooking recipe books. You can find your favourite recipe in different styles on internet. All of the chefs posted hundreds of their cooking recipes on their blogs /sites so their followers find them easily. Every kind of cooking recipe is available on internet; you can find Chinese cooking recipes, Indian cooking recipes, Italian cooking recipes, Urdu cooking recipes and several other recipes.

Chinese cooking recipes are the most popular recipes among all. Most of the people like Chinese very much. You can find a lot of stuff regarding Chinese cooking recipes on internet. You don’t need to buy cooking recipe books or any thing else.

Finding cooking recipes from internet is heaven for housewives and for those who never learn cooking before. It is also useful for the guys/men who live alone and no woman over there.

Internet is the best source for Chefs who want to promote them and their cooking recipes

You can find the cooking recipes from the top chefs of the world. Also their cooking shows are also available on the internet to see and get your favourite cooking recipes.

A lot of different sites are available to provide you the best cooking recipes of the top chefs from different regions of the world. If we talk about Pakistan a lot of Chefs are providing their delicious cooking recipes on internet. The most popular are Chef Zakir, Zubaida tariq, shereen anwar, Chef Asad, Chef Rahat, Chef Mehboob, Chef Maida and a lot more. Their fans are in millions and they always looking forward for their latest cooking recipes.

We are giving you the recipe of Chinese fried rice try it must, we hope you will like it very much.

Chicken fried rice


4 cups cold cooked rice
8 ounces cooked chicken (or substitute cooked turkey, etc.), chopped
2 eggs (more if desired)
1/2 cup green peas
1 medium onion, diced
1 green onion, diced
Seasonings (add according to taste):
Light Soy Sauce
Oyster sauce
Oil for stir-frying, as needed

Beat the eggs lightly with chopsticks, add a dash of salt (Add a bit of oyster sauce if desired).

Chop the chicken meat and dice the onion and green onion.
Heat wok and add oil. When oil is ready, pour 1/2 of the egg mixture into the wok and cook over medium heat, turning over once. Cook the other half the same way. Cut the egg into thin strips, and save for later.

Stir-fry the onion on high heat for a few moments, remove and set aside. Do the same for the green peas.

Add oil, turn down the heat to medium and stir-fry the rice. Add the soy sauce, salt, pepper and oyster sauce. Add the chicken, onion and green peas and combine thoroughly. Serve chicken fried rice with the strips of egg on top and the green onion as a garnish. (Alternately, you can mix the green onion and egg in with the other ingredients).

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