Disinfection Cabinet King Combo: Industrial Expansion Into Complete Kitchen

In the just concluded the first half of 2008, “China Famous Brand” selected activities, Kangbao Xi was privilege to become one of the few areas of the kitchen appliances have the honor of the company. Identified as the time in the strict honor and authority, the brand value of the “pole” seems to “disinfect counters King” Herbalife has a more complete set of self-confidence to go into the kitchen appliances market.

“Disinfector King” Baodaobulao

“Got the title of our 20 years to nurture and develop the Disinfection cabinet industry recognition.” Herbalife chairman Luo said with a sigh.

It is reported that Herbalife as the world’s first electronic sterilizer, the inventor, the disinfection cabinet Product share of global production and sales for many years the first, this “Chinese Famous Brand” and win, it is long on Herbalife Disinfection cabinet leader in the field of recognition.

Relevant information, even in recent years, many other kitchen electric field of brand extension to the sterilizer, the sterilization container market, adding more competitors, Herbalife is still firmly occupy the market share of first place, his advocacy of “Two Star” sterilization indicators have also become a late-coming brand imitation.

Gonglue kitchen electricity market a foregone conclusion

“Just eat disinfection cabinet savings, inevitably one day rest on its laurels.” Luo did not cover up his A complete set of kitchen appliances into the market, hidden secrets.

Recent years, and Galanz into life by the small household electrical appliances, like microwave ovens, Herbalife also find a way for their own industrial expansion.

It is understood that started out as a professional disinfection cabinet kitchen appliances brand, Herbalife across the board in 2003 had set foot hood, gas stoves, water heaters and other fields, and has made remarkable achievements in these areas. Since 2003, into the hood, gas stove industry since Herbalife has maintained around 100% growth in the traditional kitchen has created a great impact on the market in 2006, Herbalife in the kitchen to achieve sales of 500 million yuan electricity, 2007 re-invested tens of millions of years, Herbalife, Herbalife was established appliance product development centers.

The Herbalife

and get the “China Famous Brand” title, in brand value to achieve a leap forward, tends to be more high-end brand image positioning.

Said, according to Luo A, Herbalife is vigorously building specialty stores nationwide, open up new marketing model, so far, Herbalife number of national specialty chain has more than 800 throughout most of the central city.

Healthy Kitchen

create a new label

Gradually into mature with the kitchen appliances, kitchen electric consumption is also faced with upgrading, it will bring opportunities to the enterprise.

And air conditioning energy consumption trends in the transition to health by the same current consumption of kitchen appliances is no longer considered only the price level and style of beauty.

Industry believes that, due to family living environment and quality of high demand, health spending has become the main theme of the modern kitchen, complete kitchen appliances consumers buy more time will take into account the health function. And the other by a smoke machine or cooker complete kitchen appliances started to extend the enterprise is different from the professional as disinfecting cabinet Herbalife field requirements in the field of health is far higher than the gas stove or range hood class, so more representative of the Healthy Kitchen concept.

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