Dishwashers offer a variety of flexibility and capacity options. Consider the demands of your kitchen before you buy. If you are loading crystal vases, you need to run a cleaning cycle thrice a day: you will have to find the model that can respond well to your daily needs.

Size and configuration

Choosing the right dishwasher size, or capacity, for your kitchen needs will definitely help you save money, time, and energy. If your dishwasher is too small to accomplish your daily tasks, you will waste water and your time on running loads or re-washing dishes that failed to clean in the over loaded tub.

A tall or super capacity tub is a good option for high volume dishes. It is larger than a standard wash tub. It is capable of cleaning around fourteen five piece place settings at a given time. It may even hold tall or odd shaped dishes such as tall pots, vases, or cookie sheets. It is designed to fit standard height underneath countertops.

On the contrary, if you have light volume dishes, you may consider a standard tub configuration. It is capable of holding around twelve five-piece place settings at a particular given time. Standard size tubs are available as portable and undercounter dishwasher models and can easily fit in your kitchen needs.

In addition, the placement of spray towers and spray arms in the machine can increase or decrease the capacity of your tub. You won’t be able to clean your dishes, if you cover or block the rotation of spray arms with your dishes. For maximum flexibility and space, look for a dishwasher having direct feed spray system that is used to distribute water without a spray tower. The placement of silverware basket too makes a difference.

Simply, look for a model that allows maximum ease of usable space and accessibility.

Loading flexibility

Your dishwasher will definitely work harder, if you choose a particular model that is designed to hold different types of dishes you wash most often. Whether wine glasses, baby bottles, or tall pots and pans, you can always find a model that will accommodate your washing requirements easily. Removable and adjustable racks can customize tub space and offer features such as cup shelves, stemware holders, fold down tines, and silverware trays for special sizes and extra capacity.

If you are doubtful that the size and shape of the tub will not work best for your household, take few dishes to the store. Load a tall pot you most often wash into a store model. Place a silverware piece in the silverware holder to see if it falls through the bottom grid or not. This will help in determining if the rack and tub configurations that you are considering will provide a good fit or not.

Remember: When shopping for dishwashers, it is very important to look for features that can minimize maintenance and make your appliance efficient and reliable. Consideration of above discussion and referral to dishwasher ratings will help you choose a more energy efficient model for your kitchen.

Dishwashers are important for a busy kitchen. They offer high capacity and flexibility. Know more about their capacity, flexibility, and other important features at that provides best dishwasher ratings to help you make right decision.

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