Backyard Kitchens

There are three factors which will determine how you go about designing your outdoor kitchen: the amount of space that can be devoted to this gathering area; the equipmentyou want to put into it; and the size of your budget.

The earliest versions were all custom designed and way too expensive for the average homeowner. Their growing popularity has led to several less expensive versions of backyard kitchens.

It takes 2 days or more to install the full array of appliances, cabinets, and other features that are typically a part of an outdoor kitchen.

You could include a refrigerator, a sink, a dishwasher, an island, gas grill and enough storage for plates, glasses and cookware. If you scrimp on the storage, you’re going to be frustrated later. Do it right. Now you can cook in the snow if you wish.

You can carry these things to the absurd, but I have to admit that I’ve seen a few backyard kitchens that were very well done. Your design options are unlimited.

You could create a sense of casual elegance, or an old-world European atmosphere – spacious, but enclosed for privacy. What you’d think a Tuscan veranda would look like.

Okay, stop dreaming about the European thing. It’s time to get back to more mundane issues. If you can’t spend much, you can probably do an outdoor kitchen for about $ 5000. The average costis around $ 12,000, and if you wish, you can blow next year’s salary.

Things like refrigeratorshave to be certified for outdoor use. This means they will be more expensive than your interior models. Sinks should be stainless steel because they will stand up to the weather.

If you’re a BBQ purist, you’ll stick with charcoal.

If you have an open mind, to go along with a large pocketbook, you can have a multi-fuel grill which can use gas, charcoal, hardwood, or any combination. And there are options available that fit between those two extremes.

Size is another choice. Men usually want huge grills. If you’re planning to entertain 10 or more people several times a year, that’s probably a good idea. If not…………

It occurs to me that you can’t cook hot dogs and hamburgers on these things. It has to be fillet mignons and lobsters or it just wouldn’t seem right.




Charles Gueli invites you to ask questions about backyard kitchens, and take advantage of the resources on , where guidance, information and support are always available – helping homeowners make better decisions.


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Using Glass and Crystal Cabinet Knobs in Kitchens and Baths

Glass cabinet knobs are a great way to add vibrancy and color to any room in your home. Glass knobs, in their many styles, were one of the first items to be produced in America during the nineteenth century. Originally the production of glass cabinet hardware required extensive manual labor as each knob needed to be cut, sanded and finally polished. With the invention of the glass press machine these knobs could be mass produced and quickly replaced the traditional cast and stamped metal hardware in the United States.

Glass cabinet knobs are timeless and welcome addition to any home. These design elements exemplify simplicity and beauty. Glass cabinet knobs come in a wide variety of designs and colors and can be incorporated easily into many architectural styles. From classic Victorian pressed glass patterns to Art Deco and Modern designs, glass knobs are a versatile way to redecorate.

Many glass cabinet knob designs are produced today and this allows you to incorporate their patterns into your kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and more. These glass knobs can transform a boring home into a showplace – but be sure to follow a few simple steps. First, use glass knobs and pulls throughout your for a more unified theme. Second, replace older and worn down furniture knobs with traditional glass knob styles. Note: The use of glass knobs will tie the look together for you. You can also incorporate glass into other areas of your home such as the lighting and doorknobs to further unify your theme. Use decorating magazines or ask an interior designer or other design expert for additional help if needed. By using glass knobs through the entire house you can vary the color or design – you do not need to use the same knob on cabinets, furniture, or drawers.

Glass cabinet knobs are readily available online as well as in many home decorating catalogs.

Search for glass or crystal knobs and make sure to ask questions. Will this knob fit on the cabinet or drawer? What is the best size knob for this application? Is it available in any other colors or designs? Many styles of glass knobs can be found online through LookInTheAttic & Company and they also offer free design assistance and help.

Kohn Coleman born in Michigan – received his Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 2000. He is president of LookInTheAttic & Company online at and authors numerous articles and publications on historical architecture.

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Kitchen Sink

Now days sink has become a common sight in every home. The sink is a very important accessory for the hygiene and maintenance of a home. It is the busiest place of the kitchen where each and every single job is started and ended. Hence kitchen sinks have been given top priority while building a new home or renovating the existing.

You can find sinks of attractive shapes and sizes with professional as well as commercial look in the market. Regular marble or granite sinks have been ruling the world of sinks from a very long time, but now People are fed up with them. These traditional sinks easily accumulate fungus and cleaning them is really a messy job. Today’s world wants more beauty and luster in everything from stylish trendy garments to stylish housing.

Today you can find numerous type of kitchen sinks like stainless steel, porcelain, solid surface, brass, copper, soapstone or enamel that are so designed to suit the all time taste of the modern world. These new look sinks are versatile. Cleaning of these kinds of sinks is extremely easy. You can clean them with soap water or detergent and a scrubber therefore these are praiseworthy and highly complimented.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are highly durable as they do not crack. Therefore they are used extensively in homes with kids. You can find lots of varieties in the steel sinks.

If you are looking for a stylish sink for your kitchen then porcelain is the best with no comparison. It comes in gleaming surface with bright colors. You can choose the one according to your kitchen look and the color of its walls.

Soapstone is kind of a mineral substance which is available in numerous pastel colors so that you can match it with the interior of the kitchen. Their attractive look adds charm in your kitchen. They come in various shapes and the most elegant styles like wide apron fronts and deep farm sinks. Because of it sheer slender appearance and beautiful colors they are in the priority list of home makers.

There are other kind of sinks are also available like enamel, copper or brass sinks but they are not too much in demand as they are hard to maintain and cannot be as attractive as the latest models that are freely available in the market today. But if you love antique things then you can surely go for it. An exclusive sink bring difference not only for the cook but also for the entire family that uses it for cleaning and washing.

Among these huge varieties of sinks you can find a sink for your kitchen that not only completes your needs bur make it more attractive.

For buying best Stainless sink, Kitchen sink and Undermount Sinks, choose the best provider.

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Modern Kitchen Designs With Kitchen Solihull

kitchen collections
by j l t

Kitchens are amongst the most important parts of any home as the whole matters of food and diet depend on them. Kitchens have to be perfectly designed and built according to the health standards. Without an appropriate kitchen it is not possible to have a healthy family as the health depends on the food and healthy food can only be made in a clean and neat kitchen made according to the best standards and out of quality material. It is the foremost requirement of the modern kitchen designers to have the best kitchen designs in the home according to the latest health care standards.

With the passage of time the designing of kitchens have gained much importance. The old age kitchens having chimney and wood burning underneath, spreading most of the smoke inside the home, have now been replaced with the new modern kitchens Solihull having the specially designed chimneys and health standard compatible kitchen interior specially devised according to the modern era requirements. The kitchens have replaced the lounge and guest rooms and have become the center of the life in every home. The kitchens have gained the most importance now in the modern designing world. There are numerous companies in the town providing the kitchen designing facilities with modern equipment but the designs are not always up to the latest trends and modern equipment is not of the latest quality and standard. The modern era kitchen designing needs something more than what is in the market at the moment. There are now online designing companies like Kitchen Solihull that has offered the perfect designs for the modern kitchen in every home. With the latest designs and trends it is now possible to make the home look perfect place to live.

Modern and clean kitchen Solihull has become the need of every home now and this can be always achieved with innovation and modern techniques followed by companies like Wilson Fink.

Wilson Fink offers its valuable customers a complete range of modern kitchen designs that are available in the online collection and customers can select the latest designs from the online collection and place orders to get the product developed and installed at your home by the best kitchen designers at the earliest possible time available with the customers and the designers. The valued customers can visit us online and can place their orders there according to their choice and requirement. The designers will be developing the kitchen at the home place without any extra charges. In case the kitchen design is not according to the prescribed design, the customer can claim for the replacement or repair of the design and if the design is not made accordingly the customer can claim for warranty and get the products replaced. For further queries the customer can contact our customer care representatives.

JordanJohn is a Marketing Manager of WilsonFink. He is providing his services to promote their business. He has an eye on the latest Interior designing  trends in UK and also he loves to write about them. His reviews about kitchens Solihull and Kitchens Manchester are helpful and worth reading.

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