Installing a Kitchen Unit

Personally I always thought that fitting a kitchen in is rocket science or that you had to be an absolute genius to do it. This is until I bought kitchen units the other week and decided to do it myself.


If you get a professional in to do it then yes the job will be done quicker, however if you do it yourself then you will have more pride in your work and you can usually do as good a job as a professional most of the time anyway. Now for people who have never installed kitchen units before I am here to help. I have done it myself, and it worked a treat. It is now all stocked up with food and utensils.


Right by this point you should already have all of your tools, and are ready to work.

Let me guide you around the maze of Kitchen Units:


Right, the first thing which you need to do is make sure that the flooring is thoroughly protected and that you have got the layout in your head of where every cabinet is going to go.


After this, you then need to build the units. To do this you must open the flat pack and take all of the materials out. To start yourself off, arrange your 2 side panels down onto the cardboard, then with the screws that came with the flat pack, fix the 2 corner braces, into what will be the ‘back section’ of the cabinet and use the cordless drill to screw in tight.


Next screw the 8 lock shafts into the holes provided, once this is done use a couple of drops of wood glue (which should be provided with the pack) into each of the dowel holes. Insert the 2 wooden dowels into the 2 upper supports and the base shelf. After this, you must ensure that you place 4 metal lock discs into the larger holes and then turn them with the screwdriver and so that the hole faces outwards.


The next few parts are easy.


Simply place the two upper supports on the side panel and give the lock disc a turn, so that you feel it tighten up.

Place the remaining lock discs into the base panel, and align it perfectly. Install the side panel to the base panel and tighten the lock disc, and then do the same with the other side panel.


Now comes the tricky Part!


Place the back cover on the back of the unit so that the white side is facing inwards and so that the big holes are aligned with the corner braces. Once it is in position, fix it there with small nails (these should also be provided) and make sure that you use all of the nails as we don’t want it falling apart do we.


When you have built all of your units align them all together and in place in your kitchen. Clamp two of your units together and drill a hole from one cabinet to the next (you need one hole at the top and one at the bottom.


Simply screw with your electric drill through the back of the cupboard and into the wall. Next put in the wall plug in each whole, and screw keeping the cupboard aligned with the holes. Do this with every cabinet and it is safely fixed to the wall.

I would recommend 4 screws to each cupboard.


To install the doors on your cabinet simply push the base of the hinge into the pre cut holes and push the lock plate of each hinge down into position, and you should hear it snap shut. Then fit the hinge mounts onto the side panel and screw into positions, and fit them at the top and bottom of the side panel.

Hold the door into position and push the heel of the hinge into the groove and press the back of the hinge to lock it into position.


There you have it a brand new kitchen unit, all installed!

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How to Use an Online Kitchen Planner

When it comes to improving the value and appearance of your home, there is nothing better you can do than to remodel your kitchen. Since families spend so much time in the kitchen, most buyers are looking for beautiful, updated cabinets, appliances, and counter tops in order to make their cooking more enjoyable. But redesigning a kitchen can be difficult, for it is sometimes hard to figure out just what it will look like when you are finished.

This is where the online kitchen planner is so helpful. Thanks to today’s Internet technology, an online kitchen planner allows you to explore changing the appearance of your kitchen from the privacy of your own home. Decisions about styles and colors can be made before going in to purchase your kitchen, saving both time and money.

An online kitchen planner is simply an online layout of your kitchen into which you can place images of cabinets, counter tops, flooring, appliances, and more in order to have a preview of what your finished kitchen remodel will actually look like. Typically, you begin using a planner by selecting a pre-made layout that conforms as close as possible to your existing kitchen. After the basic layout is selected, you can alter it to make it look more like your existing kitchen by lengthening the counters, moving the sink around, or adding those extra cabinets that are not the part of the basic template of the planner. Thus, you end up with a basic floor plan of your kitchen that matches what you have at home.

After the basic layout is selected, the online kitchen planner really begins to show its worth as a design help.

Generally speaking, you can drag and drop cabinets into your layout. The planner then adjusts the image to make it look as if you have really installed cabinets into the online kitchen planner. Many people have credited this feature with helping make their final decisions about the color and design of their cabinets, which is one of the hardest decisions to make when remaking a kitchen.

It is also difficult to make a final choice about counter tops. There is a vast array of counter tops available today, and most people are not sure at first whether Formica, granite, quartz, concrete, or solid-surface counter tops are the best choice for their home. Again, the online kitchen planner is helpful here because it allows you to drag and drop different counter styles into your floor plan and get a sense of how the final kitchen will appear. Similar features are usually available for appliances so that you can see the difference black appliances will make over ones made from stainless steel and so on.

Using an online kitchen planner is not difficult at all. Most online kitchen planners have clear directions and intuitive controls, making it easy for the novice remodeler to quickly and fully investigate what a redesign of their kitchen will look like. The best online kitchen-product companies will have their own online kitchen planners available on their sites, and they are tools that should not ever be neglected.

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Botox: King of Wrinkle Treatments

Botox is the King of Wrinkle Treatments, a title that has been supported time and time again by the millions of treatments performed every year worldwide (5.4 million in 2010 to be exact, according to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) – and the numbers are consistently rising. So many men and women have been treated with Botox injections that it is really is a common, household name for “wrinkle fighter”.


Do you want to witness the stunning results that Botox can achieve for you? Do you want to see how your wrinkles can disappear after a relatively short period of time for recovery? Are you a man or woman who is tired of seeing a tired face in the mirror that needs rejuvenation? Talk to your cosmetic medical pro about Botox!


What You See After Treatment

After your relatively quick procedure, which typically lasts around 15 to 20 minutes, you probably won’t notice anything except for some redness, swelling and a bit of bruising that may come in a few hours afterward. Don’t be disappointed! Botox needs a bit of time to get really into the muscles to start working its magic. You’ll need about a week or so, a period of time over which the treated muscles will relax and then BAM…your wrinkles disappear! The process is gradual but it can be quite dramatic when you finally get to see the smoothness you’ve longed for all this time.


Results are temporary, as you probably already know, due to the naturally occurring protein Botox is composed of which the body reabsorbs.

However, most patients believe it’s worth it, especially when you consider the alternative: painful surgery involving knives and a longer recovery period.


Your Next Appointment

Your medical pro who performs the treatment will let you know when you should schedule your next injection, as this depends on your body, the extent of your concern and how you take to the injected Botox. On average, however, you should expect to schedule a subsequent treatment within a few months, especially if it’s your first treatment. It’s incredibly important to follow this schedule, since it will help maintain the desirable effects of treatment and keep you looking fabulous!


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Rachael Ray’s Cookware Collection

Everyone knows who she is by now. If you do not, then you are living under a rock. Best known for her 30-Minute Meals show on The Food Network, Rachael Ray has become one of the world’s best known cooks. She has a plethora of shows on the Food Network as well as a daytime talk show on CBS. She has appeared on Oprah many times, and it was Oprah who promoted the idea of her having a talk show. Rachael Ray has really come a long way since her days as host of 30-Minute Meals and $ 40 a day. She now has her own line of cookware, cookbooks, bake ware, DVDs, t-shirts, wines and a whole host of other things including dog food recipes!

Rachael Ray began on the Food Network with her world famous show, 30-Minute Meals. On that show she shows how to make delicious tasting meals in only 30 minutes. The recipes she has on the show were perfect for people with families who work all day and only have a short time to cook a complete meal. Many times her recipes were a modern day take on traditional Italian food. It is on that show where Rachael showcased her line of cookware and bake ware.

The cookware that Rachael ray has in her line are very appealing to the eye. They are very colorful and are able to brighten up any dull kitchen. Her cookware are durable and strong and can go from the stovetop to the oven in one easy motion. Her pot sets are some of the best rated cookware out there. The reviews are great with people saying they have not stopped using them since they first bought them. They are great for beginners as well as seasoned cooks and chefs.

Rachael Ray has hard-anodized, porcelain enamel, cast iron, stainless steel, and stoneware cookware. Her variety is what sets her apart from a lot of cooks with their own cookware.

One of the most distinguished characteristics of her cookware is the bright colored handles they have. They are silicone grips and they are available in different colors.

One of the famous kitchen gadgets Rachael Ray has is the Garbage Bowl [out] that she uses on the show. It was finally available for sale and it was sold out for the Christmas season in 2008. Rachael Ray has managed to create something that many people find to be such a great tool to have in the kitchen when making their meals. It takes the place of frequent trips to the trashcan because it can be placed on the countertop for all the waste, scraps and wrappers.

Overall, Rachael Ray’s cookware is top of the line. It is different from everything else out there. Her cookware offers a funky spin on traditional cooking tools. She has cookware, bake ware, utensils and, of course, the garbage bowl. If you want to have a colorful kitchen with great products that can be used both on the stovetop as well as in the over, then Rachael Ray’s cookware is perfect.

Elizabeth Dean is a freelance writer who contributes to various forums and writes content for various websites.

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Kitchen Islands

Kitchen island is the very important aspect required in the kitchen. It fulfills many different functions in the kitchen. These islands provide efficiency and convenience in the space available in your kitchen.

They are also used for various purposes such as chopping, cutting and baking. It is necessary to set the height of your kitchen island as per your convenience and should help you to easily undertake all the cooking functions easily in the kitchen. They are available in different shapes, styles and sizes. You can opt for additional features such as countertops and sinks which would be more beneficial.

Besides these you should also take into consideration the most important aspect of lightings in the kitchen. Make sure that adequate lighting is available in the kitchen island. Some popular options for lighting the area where your kitchen island is placed include pendant lighting, recessed lighting or focused lighting. It is essential to make all the necessary electrical connections on the side of the kitchen island.

There are two main categories of kitchen islands namely portable kitchen island and custom kitchen island. There are many different varieties of kitchen island designs which are available.

Select the best kitchen island design which will suit your requirements, persona and complement well with your kitchen. It should also contain the features and functions which would help in improving the work flow of the kitchen. Some important tips which are to be considered while selecting the best kitchen islands are described below:

The first and most important aspect is to consider your budget while selecting the kitchen island. You have to decide your budget as these islands are available in a wide range of prices. You can select the one which would best suit your requirements and your budget.

You should also take into consideration the space available in your kitchen where you can place your kitchen island. Majority of the people prefer to place these islands at the center of the kitchen as it facilitates easy moment to all the parts of your kitchen.

Another important aspect which is to be considering is your requirement such as top, availability of racks and drawers. Based on these considerations opt for the best kitchen island for your kitchen.

You can browse the internet and collect information about the different varieties of kitchen islands that are available and its prices. They will also provide some useful tips and photographs which will help you to purchase the best kitchen island.

It should complement well with your style of the kitchen cabinets as well as design of your kitchen. One should take care while selecting their kitchen island designs that it should as per the design of your kitchen.

This useful information about kitchen islands provided here will helpful you. It also provides useful tips which will help you in selecting the best kitchen island for your kitchen. So make your kitchen a pleasant place with best kitchen island.

Hi…I am Robert White. Looking for kitchen aid? We provide you contemporary kitchen ideas, kitchen designs to make your kitchen a pleasant place.

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