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When it comes to your kitchen, you need to be certain you have a wonderul decorating approach. But what can you do when the room is quite small? Thankfully, there are different tricks you are able to use to make decorating a small kitchen a big success!First, you should plan to decide on an interior decorating theme that appeals to you but that will also improve a smaller room. Having too much clutter in the kitchen will make the place appear smaller so steer clear of design themes that clutter up the room. By applying a particluar decorating approach, you can insert elements which will make good use of the space in your kitchen. Keep in mind decorating schemes that allow for ample baskets and shelving since these can work as additional storage. No matter what you go with, don’t forget to be positive you like the look of it, this is the heart of your home. One important aspect of making your kitchen seem larger is the color palette. If you had always believed that you were supposed to paint your spacially challenged rooms white, then here is some great news for you. If you would rather have bright or deep colors in your kitchen you can have them without making the room seem cramped if you decorate with a monochromatic color scheme, or one where the colors are the same intensity. You might even use a blue decorating theme, or if you want more color try using green, purple and blue that all give off the same tone and intensity. To add depth to the room, plan for painting an opposing wall an intense, deep tone – this gives it the impression of being further away and also adds an interesting charm. A gray-blue paint color is very nice for decorative appeal and for also making the walls appear to recede, hence making the room seem bigger.

If gray isn’t your favorite paint color, you may also decorate with cool colors such as blues and purples which will yield the same appearance. Consider keeping your furniture in the small to medium size range. Instead of buying a big fixed one, try using a small roll away island which will allow extra counter space

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Real Men Surprise Their Dates

In a special Valentine’s Day surprise, a group of men accomplished the unexpected by showing their wives, fiancées, and girlfriends just how much they care. …

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The Best Dance Studios UK

Finding dance studios that are easily accessible by road and public transport isn’t always easy.  Maybe you’re filming a dance sequence or you just need rehearsal space before a big show, you need a space that is central, outside the congestion zone with ample parking.

The advantage of hiring a space is that you get the equipment you need for rehearsals, if you’re filming you can enjoy a screen on site to place your dancers in front of, later placing a picture or movie over the green screen to create dramatic effects.

When choosing your space you need to determine the size you will need.  Six hundred square foot is ample for a smaller dance group, but larger groups will definitely benefit from one thousand square foot.

Studios come with backline amps, PA systems and microphones so you are already set up with major equipment before you start.  There is also equipment rental and repairs available on site to ensure your rehearsal or filming goes quickly and seamlessly.

What’s more there should be storage available for your expensive equipment, especially if you are using the space over a couple of days.  You also need to take into consideration if the studios are easy to load heavy equipment, are they on the ground floor and how many parking’s they offer.

Choosing the right place for rehearsing and filming can make all the difference, you pay good money for the space and then your dancers start calling due to public transport problems or being unable to access the studio by car.  This won’t happen if you’re in the right location close to major motorways and public transport.

It should also be ideally located close to hotels and bed and breakfasts, so if you are rehearsing over a few days you can enjoy a good night sleep before starting again the next day.

The advantage with already prepared studios is that they are fully equipped and ready for your arrival, unlike if you were to try and put together a studio at your local hall or in your home.  You will have ample space including a kitchen and shower area to make the experience enjoyable.

If you intend using the control room you will enjoy a choice of microphones and a trained engineer on hand to assist you with all your recording requirements.  The easy to load parking’s and ground floor access make studios easy to use and you don’t have to worry about carrying expensive equipment up and down stairs.

You may think that hiring a dance studio is expensive, but you will be pleasantly surprised.  When you work out what it would cost you to hire a local hall, kit it out with all the equipment you need and transportation charges, you will find that already prepared studios are the answer.

You also have the option of hiring the space for one or more days, you are not required to hire space for extended periods, but should you decide to there is storage facilities available to give you peace of mind when you go to bed that night.

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Dance Studio London: – All singing and dancing facilities! No need to book separate Dance Studios rehearsals in London. At Soundstage studios London, with adjacent studios, simultaneous music and choreography can be run and perfected in totally separate studios

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{ I Made It Rain Stacks } by SHAWTY | @ShivasWare ‘s CLUB KITCHEN EP. 1

MUZIK By hometown artist, Shawty ~ EDITED By @ShivaWare Presenting, Classy ratchet behavior at its finest… Been inspired by my beginnings lately and this…

Harrahs Joliet - Paula Deen Kitchen Press Conference

Joliet, IL — December, 6, 2011 — Harrah’s Joliet Casino & Hotel is excited to announce a .5 Million renovation that will introduce Celebrity Chef, Paula …
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The First King of French Chefs

Careme’s incredible good fortune, some might say “destiny”, began with the doorstep on which he landed. It belonged to a Monsieur Sylvain Bailly, a famous patissier, with a shop near the Palais Royal, who gave the nine year old Careme bed and board in exchange for general kitchen work. More than just a kind soul, Sylvain Bailly, was in, fact, Careme’s first mentor. Encouraging his young helper to advance and learn.

This combination of encouragement and Careme’s talent, culminated in the opening of Careme’s own pastry shop – at the ripe old age of eighteen. On his own, Antonin Careme was “on a roll”. Owing to the fact that pastry, particularly innovative creations, were Paris’ flavour of the moment.

And Careme’s creations were innovation on steroids. In fact, Careme was essentially a sculptor, using icing sugar, nougat and marizan as his materials. Inspired by architecture and famous monuments, Careme created and re-created pyramids, helmets, and waterfalls. Never intending that that they should be actually be eaten.

Happily Parisian Society was “eating up” Careme. He was truly the “Big Man on Campus.” And, his campus to boot! Clearly the teen-age Careme was the toast of Paris. Whether or not that was the height of his ambition, is open to speculation. No matter. Young Antonin was about to have, as the saying goes – “greatness thrust upon him.”

Careme’s talent and accomplishments had come to the attention of the man who would become his second, last, and most influential mentor. Prince Tallyrand. The consummate diplomat who survived  all that era’s political upheavals. Tallyrand was, or at least considered himself to be, a gourmet. He invited Careme to be his Chef.

On the condition that he prepare a year’s worth of menu’s without repeating himself. Dare I say – “a piece of cake” for Monsieur C?

His association with Tallyrand elevated Careme to the highest strata of European Society and Royalty. After Napolean met his Waterloo, Careme decamped for England, where he cooked for the Prince Regent. Later to become King George the Fourth. His culinary carousel continued with an invitation to St. Petersburg.(The one in Russia folks.) Although, for whatever reason, he never actually got to cook for the Tsar.(Preparing for the next revolution?) So – back to Paris. Firing up his stove for banker J.M. Rothschild.

Without a doubt – Antonin Careme was the first “Celebrity chef.” But it is his contributions to the art of French Cuisine that has (justly) earned him the title : “King of Chefs.”

Here they are:

1.His book on pastry -  Le Patissier Royal Parisien.

Only the third book of that time to be devoted exclusively to the patissier’s art. And the first one to have extensive engraved plates.  Careme’s designs for these engravings resemble more elaborate architectural constructions, than pictures of food.

2.His book on Cuisine – L’art de la Cuisine Francaise au XIXe siecle. Here he extends his wild, wacky, weird, and way out imagination to the preparation and presentation of meat, poulty and seafood.

But, he also did some more serious stuff – like giving future chefs the ability to create an almost unlimited variety of dishes by utilizing a series of basic prepartions Careme developed. He also classified all sauces into groups, based on four main sauces.


Careme is credited with ending the practice of serving all the dishes at once(“Service a la Francaise”), and replacing it with the one we know today. (“Service a la Russe”) Where the grub arrives in the order on the menu. Careme also gets a “tip o’ the hat” for inventing it. The chef’s hat(toque) that is.

Sorry to say – no happy ending for Antonin Careme. After blazing across the culinary heavens, rubbing shoulders with the high and the mighty of nineteenth century Europe, and leaving an enduring legacy – he joined his pal La Varenne at that big stove in the sky – at the tender age of forty eight.

Better to burn out than fade away? (as Neil Young would, and did, say)







Christopher Strong(The BICYCLE GOURMET) is the Creator/Director/Host of the
Multi-Media Lifestyle/Adventure series – “Bicycle Gourmet’s Treasures of France“, and the Author of “Gliding to the Bonheur.” His behind the scenes story of that filming.

Share more of his incredible French Adevntures HERE

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Day in the Life of a Kitchen – early 1960′s – The Stay Home Mom

‘A typical day in modern kitchen. Mom is “operations chief” – she creates and prepares in the kitchen.” In the early 1960′s – an era of valium addiction to c…
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Looking for good country music right in the down home kitchen

This guy is really good, writes songs and sings other artists songs very well!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Have you ever heard someone talk about getting a “country kitchen sink”? What is a country kitchen sink anyways?. In this video we’ll talk all about it. What…

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Commercial Dishwashers

These days it is not unusual for people to have a dishwasher in their home. In fact the price of these has come down so much that many people who would not have had one before now do have one. You only have to go back a few years and you would have found a dishwasher in the home very rare.

When we think of dishwashers we usually think of the ones for the home, however there are also commercial dishwashers available.

If you work in the catering business then you will know that there is usually a lot of washing up to do. In the past it was tradition to hire people to take care of the dishes for you. The problem with relying on other people to do them is that sometimes standards can slip or the person can be off sick and you are left trying to find another way to get your dishes clean.

It can also be expensive to hire someone every day just to get plates clean. When it comes to looking at commercial dishwashers you will probably find that they seem quite an expensive investment. However even just looking at the hours it will save you in wages, you can easily see that it shouldnt take too long to re-coup your money back.

When you add this to the fact that a dishwasher washes to perfect standard every time which means you dont have to stress about them being clean enough for your customers.

Commercial dishwashers come in a range of shapes and sizes, which means that there is something to suit every need and business size. This is ideal because it means you dont have to spend money out on one that is too big for your business or struggle with one that is too small. You can stack everything together in the dishwasher, which means that everything gets washed at the same time. You even stack them in much the same way as you would your dishwasher at home, so you know that it is easy and doesnt take up too much of your time, has a range of services, including Commercial dishwashers. If youre looking for Second hand catering equipment; visit our site for more information

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Kitchen Design Ideas – Country Kitchen Island – Before and After

Kitchen Design Ideas  - Country Kitchen Island - Before and After

In this video of Kitchen Design Ideas we makeover a kitchen island with a fresh coat of paint. Please Visit Thank…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 French country kitchen cabinets are a few things that you will never possibly be dissatisfied from after you set up. For more info pleas…
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